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James Kevin

Web developer




Have a good experience with computers, programs and coding from childhood. Last 2.5 years working at home on different web-projects around the world.



  • Linux, Windows
  • Most of all: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS
  • Node.JS, Python, Django, Vue
  • Kotlin (at the start of the path)
  • CMS: WordPress, OctoberCMS, ModX, Webasyst, Shop-Script, others
  • LAMP, Visual Studio Code, git, MySQL


Work Experience



Info Tech LLC



  • Full time backend developer (frontend if needed too)
  • Laravel-based solutions for companies
  • Working with external and internal API
  • Developer in DigiByte global team (DGB cryptocurrency)
  • Solutions based on Digi-ID QR identification
  • Cryptocurrency projects on Node.JS + PHP base
  • Audit of UX/UI, project control
  • Admin of groups and channels
  • Developing of WordPress plugins


Delta Technologies

Aug 2017


  • Client relations by phone and making orders
  • Software installation
  • Technical support of software
  • Get certification of production Microsoft, Kaspersky, DrWeb, other vendors
  • Support of sales
  • Writing and supporting web-sites


Martin Soft Solution

Jun 2006


  • Assembling computers and change computer configuration
  • Software install




Computer Science

San Jose State University

Jun 2005


  • Speciality “applied computer science”,
  • Specialization “Information sphere”,
  • Qualification “Informatik-analyst”




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

How to Write a Killer Web Developer Resume

There is no doubt that developing web applications is a skill in high demand, but finding a job in this area can be difficult without the proper credentials. So, if you are tackling the daunting task of building out a new resume or updating an existing one, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

What makes an effective resume?

Every job posting will have different requirements for the applicant’s experience and education. Some employers will have a specific program they’d like you to mention. Other jobs will be more general and are looking for a certain type of individual with your experience to fill the role. If you’re applying for a job that is not listed, then follow these guidelines:

  • Create the basic resume first. This includes any programming or design experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP or any other technologies. Make sure this information is included to the greatest extent possible.
  • Create a second version of your resume. This should be tailored to the job you are applying for. Think about what the employer wants from you, and make those points clear on your resume.
  • Look at their job requirements and make an updated copy with even more information regarding how you will benefit them in the role.
  • Upload a new version to more than one source, like LinkedIn, Indeed or Monster Resume.
  • Follow the specific guidelines for that job application.

Setting your resume apart from others is key to obtaining a successful position. Doing so will enhance your chances of being hired, but also help you stand out from the crowd of other candidates who are seeking the same positions. You can’t expect employers to take their time sifting through resumes when there are so many to choose from. In addition, the right information in your resume will make it easier for them to decide whether you’re a good fit for their team.

Web Developer Job Description:

A developer needs to have detail-oriented, attention to the smallest point, and extremely brilliant in Computer Science, which is an inevitable requirement for the position.

This position needs not only be highly educated professionals but additionally also has excellent communication skills. A developer must be able to communicate well with technical fellow engineers and managers of various teams in order to successfully complete his tasks.

The web developer will work on creating new technology or improving existing technology by developing both technical systems as well as their clients’ products.

Web Developer Responsibilities:

  • Developing new technology or improving existing technology by developing both technical systems as well as their clients’ products.
  • Ensuring that all projects meet the requirements and are technically feasible.
  • Work closely with a team of software professionals, focusing on web technologies.
  • Performing web research to come up with new and better ways to implement customer features or components.
  • Working with marketing, business analysis and product owners to create long-term product ideas.
  • Creating technical designs from marketing or client requirements.
  • Using both web development tools and programming languages to create new components or systems for clients.
  • Helping to troubleshoot technical problems on existing projects and suggesting solutions.
  • Building prototypes of website components.
  • Identifying potential security threats in new and existing systems.
  • Working closely with a team of software professionals, focusing on web technologies.

Web Developer Education Requirements:

  • There are no specific formal education requirements for this position but usually, there is some college-level education with several years related work experience in the field OR a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or another related field of study plus several years of related work experience.
  • College-level courses in computer networking, operating systems, computer software, databases, and internet technologies are helpful.
  • Web development certifications (i.e. Associate of A+ Certification or Microsoft Certified Professional) may be helpful but are not required for this position.
  • Proficiency with HTML and CSS is usually required and proficiency with JavaScript, Json, and relational databases is always a plus.
  • Experience with various web development tools.

Guide to Write a Web Developer Resume Summary:

  • Briefly describe your background.
  • List your technical skills and abilities at the top of the resume.
  • Make sure to include any certifications you may have or other noteworthy awards or acknowledgments.
  • Don’t forget to add a professional photo and a well-written objective statement.
  • End with an impressive list of references that will back up what you’ve claimed in the rest of your document.
  • Make sure to proofread your resume and keep it fresh.
  • Send your resume through a third-party source such as Monster or Career Builder or directly to the company you are applying for.

Top 15 Must-have Web Developer skills:

  2. Web Server Administration (IIS, Apache, Nginx)
  3. Web Application Development (PHP, ASP.NET, Node.js, etc.)
  4. Server-Side Programming (Perl/Python/Ruby/Java etc.)
  5. Databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  6. Software Development Lifecycle / Processes (Agile) are mandatory for Front-End developers. (Waterfall)
  7. Project Management (JIRA, Redmine, etc.)
  8. JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON
  9. Linux/UNIX Systems Administration
  10. Angular, React,
  11. NodeJS
  12. Semantic Markup Languages (SEM)
  13. Unit Testing
  14. Continuous Integration (CI)
  15. Agile (scrum)

Tips to Write a Web Developer Resume with no experience:

  • Remember that many companies prefer candidates with previous experience. However, if you have no past experience, do not hesitate to include a summary of your activities from high school and college, and include the name of the student or employee as an example on your resume.
  • Determine the related job titles of your skills on online job boards such as Monster or Careerbuilder.
  • Use your skills in your resume title and summary statements.
  • Do some research to determine which web developer jobs are more in demand or easier to pursue.
  • Try to find out what types of web developers the particular company you are applying for needs. You can also call the company and ask if they have any positions open that require those skills you possess.
  • Catch readers’ attention with a title and summary that show what you’ve accomplished.
  • Include keywords in your experience, skills, and education sections.
  • Choose an easy-to-read typeface and font size on your resume if you are submitting it electronically. Avoid using italics.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your qualifications for each job you’ve held, especially if they are not directly related to the position you’re applying for.

Tips to Write a Web Developer Cover Letter:

  • Be professional in your tone and language.
  • Your cover letter should include a summary of your relevant experience, skills, and education.
  • Always end with a call to action such as “reply”, “contact” or “follow up”.
  • Proofread and edit your resume before sending it to the company.
  • When sending a resume, try to include contact information such as your name, an e-mail address and the name of the company you are applying for on the cover letter.
  • Keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression and you have only a few seconds to catch the recruiter’s attention.
  • Use proper spacing and alignments.
  • Stick to one page of the resume.
  • Mention your salary requirements at the end of a cover letter, not in the cover letter.
  • Avoid spelling or grammar mistakes and inconsistencies as these can be very disruptive to a company’s reading experience.
  • Include keywords that match the job description in your resume section.

Key takeaways:

  • Companies want candidates who they know will be a good fit, so you will need to show that your skills match up with the job description you apply for.
  • When listing your skills, make sure to match up to any acronyms with definitions from the Web Developer’s Skills Matrix online. This will help you avoid confusion about whether certain skills are transferable for a particular job.
  • If possible, include actual numbers and statistics in your resume to add credibility to your claims regarding experience and accomplishments.
  • If you are seeking a job in a specific geographic location, try to include additional information about the city or area you are looking for in your resume.
  • If possible, include actual numbers and statistics in your resume to add credibility to your claims regarding experience and accomplishments.