Restaurant Manager Resume Example

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Jessica Brandon

Restaurant Manager




A talented individual who has had a life long interest in quality food, the hospitality industry and the latest culinary trends. An experienced host who works hard to cultivate a high profile with guests, and possesses a strong understanding of financial margins and controls. considers himself to be the beating heart of a restaurant’s success, and as a hand’s on manager is personally involved in rallying staff, serving customers, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. Currently looking for suitable managerial position with an exciting and reputable restaurant.



  • Well presented
  • Problem solving
  • Hospitality management
  • Customer service
  • Planning menus
  • Food hygiene
  • Staff scheduling
  • Events management
  • Cost Control


Work Experience


General Manager

Gold Fish



Ensuring the highest standards of food Responsible for operational efficiency and creating a relaxed environment where service delivery and product quality is second to none. Leading from the front & in charge of maintaining high levels of hygiene and enforcing strict compliance with all health and safety legislation.

  • Being highly visible and the face of this business.
  • Ensuring the correct use of cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Supervising the shifts of kitchen, waiting and cleaning staff.
  • Meeting and greeting customers and organising table reservations.
  • Advising customers on menu and wine choice.
  • Recruiting, training, managing and developing a team.

General Manager

The Water

Feb 2017


Managing a high volume restaurant & improving all controllable costs thereby maximising financial performance.Also responsible for effectively developing, managing and leading the restaurant team to provide excellent service.

  • Ensuring the highest standards of food and beverage service.
  • Keeping control of food and labour costs. Ensuring Health & Safety and also hygiene procedures & standards are maintained.
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of all menus.
  • Responsible for recruiting, training & developing restaurant staff.
  • Dealing with and resolving customer complaints.
  • Maximising all business opportunities to drive sales.
  • Liaising with the Head Chef to discuss and develop the menu.
  • Overseeing client bookings & reservations. Organising the daily and weekly rotas for the Restaurant’s staff.
  • Purchasing stock, supplies and negotiating best prices with trade suppliers ability to create a great atmosphere & be a inspirational host.




Hotel Management

San Jose State University

Jun 2000





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Restaurant Manager Resume?

When writing a resume for a restaurant manager position, there are certain elements that should be included to highlight your skills and experience. The most important aspect to consider is how to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the right combination of leadership and hospitality skills to be successful in this role.

In your resume, you will want to showcase your experience managing restaurants, such as years of experience, the type of restaurant, and the type of management role you held. It is also important to highlight your knowledge of food safety, customer service, and inventory management, as these are all essential skills for restaurant managers. Additionally, showcase any training or certifications that you may have that demonstrate your commitment to the role.

In addition to your work experience, you can also highlight any relevant soft skills that you have developed throughout your career. Skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and organizational skills are all important in restaurant management. Showing that you have the ability to self-manage and lead a team of employees will also be beneficial.

By including these key elements in your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have the qualifications necessary to be an effective restaurant manager. Be sure to tailor your resume to the specific job posting to ensure that it stands out and shows that you are the right candidate for the role.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Restaurant Manager?

When crafting your resume for a restaurant manager role, it is important to include the right skills and qualifications that demonstrate your ability and experience. Your resume should reflect your ability to lead, manage and motivate a team, as well as your knowledge and passion for the restaurant industry.

It is beneficial to include any qualifications you have for food safety and hygiene, as well as your knowledge and understanding of the restaurant industry. This can include having a food hygiene certificate and any other qualifications which demonstrate you have the necessary skills and knowledge.

You should also include any customer service skills you possess, as a restaurant manager will be in charge of ensuring customer satisfaction. This could include listening to customer feedback, resolving customer queries and ensuring that the customer experience is satisfactory.

If you have experience in developing and executing marketing strategies, this should also be featured on your resume. This could include creating promotional campaigns, managing social media accounts for the restaurant and introducing new marketing initiatives.

Finally, your resume should feature your team management skills. This could include leading a team, developing team structures, and providing guidance and support. It is also important to include your ability to manage time, prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities.

By including the above skills and qualifications on your resume, employers will be able to see that you possess the necessary skills to be an effective restaurant manager.

What Is The Job Description Of The Restaurant Manager?

As a restaurant manager, you are responsible for the daily operations of a restaurant. Your primary duties include supervising staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maximizing restaurant profitability. You will be expected to make sure the restaurant runs smoothly, from scheduling staff to managing inventory and handling customer complaints. You must also be able to stay organized, set goals to ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

You must possess strong leadership and communication skills, as well as the ability to think strategically and solve problems. You must also be knowledgeable in the food industry and have a good understanding of the restaurant business. Additionally, you must be able to think on your feet and manage multiple tasks at the same time. It is also important to have excellent customer service

Additionally, you will be expected to create and maintain a budget, while also creating marketing plans to attract more customers. Restaurant managers must have excellent communication and problem-solving skills to ensure smooth operations and staff morale. Your job may also include interviewing potential hires, training staff, and ensuring health and safety standards are met. The most successful restaurant managers will have strong leadership and management skills and an understanding of the principles of customer service.

What Is A Good Objective For A Restaurant Manager Resume?

A Restaurant Manager needs to have an effective resume objective in order to secure a job in the restaurant industry. An effective objective should clearly state the job title and highlight your qualifications, skills, and expertise that make you an ideal candidate for the position. It should also include details regarding the type of environment and management style you are looking for.

When writing a Restaurant Manager resume objective, make sure to include the type of restaurant you are interested in, such as fine dining, casual dining, or fast food. This information will help employers understand the type of management style you prefer and the atmosphere you would be most comfortable in. Additionally, it is important to include any relevant experience, such as food preparation, customer service, or kitchen management.

A good objective for a Restaurant Manager resume should also demonstrate a desire for professional growth and development. This can include a commitment to continuing education or a desire to learn new management techniques. Additionally, it should also highlight any certifications or awards that you have received in the past. This will show employers that you are dedicated to advancing your career and up-to-date with the latest trends in the restaurant industry.

Finally, make sure to include any other pertinent information that makes you stand out as an ideal candidate for the position. This could include any special training or certifications, particular knowledge of the restaurant industry, or any unique skills you possess. By including this information in your resume objective, employers will be able to quickly and easily assess your qualifications and decide if you are right for the position.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Restaurant Manager?

The job of a restaurant manager is both challenging and rewarding. With the right skills and qualifications, a career as a restaurant manager can be a great way to start a successful and lucrative career in the culinary industry.

Restaurant managers have the responsibility of running the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, and they must have a wide range of skills to be successful. These skills include excellent customer service, knowledge of food preparation and serving techniques, knowledge of food safety and sanitation, and the ability to create a pleasant and efficient work environment. Additionally, restaurant managers must possess strong organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to lead and motivate their staff.

The career prospects for restaurant managers are promising. There is a growing demand for restaurant managers in most cities and countries, as well as opportunities for advancement. With the right qualifications and experience, a restaurant manager can move into positions such as head chef, kitchen manager, or operations manager. Additionally, restaurant managers can use their experience to start their own restaurant or move up the ranks in existing establishments.

Overall, restaurant managers have a wide range of career prospects, ranging from working in an established restaurant to starting their own business. With the right qualifications and experience, a career as a restaurant manager can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Key Takeaways for an Restaurant Manager resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task, especially if you’re applying for a Restaurant Manager position. Your resume is the first impression you make to a potential employer, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one. Here are some key takeaways for writing a great Restaurant Manager resume:

  • Highlight your experience in the hospitality industry. Restaurant Managers need to be knowledgeable in all aspects of running a restaurant, from food service, to customer service, to financial operations. Make sure to include any experience in the hospitality field, including any training or certifications you may have received.
  • Emphasize your leadership skills. A Restaurant Manager must be able to lead and motivate a team. Make sure to showcase your leadership capabilities by listing any prior experience managing staff, as well as any awards or recognition you’ve received for your leadership abilities.
  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Restaurant Managers must have the ability to think quickly and make decisions in difficult situations. Include any experience you have in resolving conflicts or addressing customer complaints.
  • Showcase your multitasking abilities. Restaurant Managers need to have the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. Include any experience you have managing a team while also overseeing day-to-day operations.
  • Highlight your customer service skills. Restaurant Managers need to be able to provide excellent customer service. Include any customer service experience you have, as well as any customer service awards or recognition you’ve received.

By following these tips, you’ll have a better chance of getting your resume noticed by potential employers. When crafting your resume for a Restaurant Manager role, remember to highlight your experience in the hospitality sector, emphasize your leadership skills, and showcase your problem-solving and multitasking abilities.