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Justin Nathan

Finance Manager


Accomplished and commercially focused Chartered Global Management Accountant with 8+ years experience working in both large corporations and SME’s. Areas of expertise cover forecasting & budgeting, P&L and BS management, cashflow, process improvement and project management. Also possesses great communication skills and business acumen. Reponsible, passionate and motivated with a drive for excellence and continous improvement.


  • Accounting
  • Financial Modelling
  • Project Management
  • MS Excel
  • SAP
  • Xero

Work Experience

Business / Finance Manager (Part Time)

L&H Building & Groundwork Ltd

Sep 2019

• Setting up of financial and business processes for new limited business.

• Building new supplier network to unlock cost savings for the business which delivered a materials cost reduction of ~5%.

• Meeting with potential clients to understand project objectives and provide quotations while successfully winning £140k worth of business in the first 3 months of trading.

• Responsible for all facets of the finance function with emphasis on cash flow and management accounts.

• Human Resource management and processing of payroll/pensions including reporting to HMRC.

Finance Manager (Part Time)

SLS Metalworks Ltd

Sep 2018

• Responsible for all facets of the finance function including banking, payroll and tax reporting to HMRC.

• Cash flow management and forecasting for the business during a difficult trading period.

• Weekly reporting and day to day management of aged debtors/creditors.

• Preparation and reporting of monthly management accounts.

• Investment appraisal/business case on new machinery purchases.

Marketing Controller

L’Oréal UK – Professional Products Division

May 2015

• Controlling and reporting of the division’s marketing investments of £6m and management of sales deductions with input from key commercial stakeholders.

• Monitoring and reporting of media investments as well as key user of the media expenditure system.

• Successful implementation of a new global budget/forecast/reporting tool for the division.

• Posting of accruals/prepayments and reporting of monthly expenditure to marketing teams to ensure they are working within budget.

Assistant Financial Controller

L’Oréal UK – Professional Products Division

Feb 2014

• Controlling and reporting of the division’s operating expenses to the FD and key budget stakeholders.

• Budgeting and forecasting of operating expenses.

• Approval and tracking of staff expenses versus budget while ensuring policies are understood and followed.

• SAP Key User responsible for enhancements, projects and end user training for the NSP (Purchase Orders) module.

Commercial Officer

Siemens Plc UK – Corporate Information Technology

Jan 2013

• Analysis and execution of business inputs into the reporting, budgeting and forecasting process. Monthly Profit/loss and cost centre reports to management.

• Provide inputs into the accounting and controlling process for the business area, including postings and cost analysis.

• Management and control of the commercial supplier contracts for the business area.

• Initiative demonstrated with the introduction of a new customer reporting tool in which I received a recognition award for innovation.


San Jose State University

Chartered Global Management Accountant

Northeastern University

BSc Mathematic with Economic (2:1)


Arizona State University

Mathematics (B), Physics (B), Computing (B)

General Certificate of Secondary Education

University of South Florida

10 GCSE’s (A-C Grade)


Property Development

Property Developer


• Undertake investment appraisal and analysis to identify whether the project is feasible and highlight areas of risk and opportunity.

• Successfully negotiated and acquired land within budget and obtained planning permission.

• Liaise with all stakeholders such as architect, engineers, planning department, building control, suppliers, contractors, solicitors, brokers and local residents

• Management of project finances with particular attention to budget and cash flow

• Project managing the development and overseeing any construction work to make sure it is delivered on time and meets building regulation.

• Successfully delivered projects while achieving the budgeted profit margin.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What should be included in a Finance Manager Resume?

A finance manager resume should include a variety of information that can help to demonstrate the candidate’s qualifications and skills. This includes a summary statement that highlights the main qualifications and skills that the candidate has to offer. This statement should also present a clear idea of the type of job that the candidate is seeking.

The resume should also include details of the candidate’s workplace experience, with particular attention to any relevant finance-related roles. It is important to include any relevant qualifications, such as a degree in finance or accounting, and any professional certifications that the candidate has obtained.

It is also important to include details of the candidate’s work history, noting the length of time spent in each role and the level of responsibility. Moreover, the candidate should list any awards, honors or other recognitions that they have received for their work in the field of finance.

Finally, the finance manager resume should include one or more references from professionals that the candidate has worked with in the past. These references should be able to speak to the candidate’s work ethic, qualifications and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. A finance manager resume should also include information about any clubs, associations or other activities in which the candidate participates. This can help to demonstrate their commitment to their profession and their interest in staying current on industry news and trends.

What skills should I put on my resume for Finance Manager?

When it comes to crafting a resume for a finance manager position, it is essential to highlight the skills and experience that make you an ideal job candidate. A finance manager is someone who is responsible for the financial health of an organization and must be able to analyze and manage financial data accurately. A successful finance manager should also possess excellent communication and organizational skills as well as the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

When writing your resume, it is important to highlight the qualifications and skills that you possess that make you the ideal candidate for the position. If you have experience managing budgets and financial data, it is important to include this information on your resume. You should also include any certifications or degrees that you have obtained in finance or accounting.

Other skills that you should include on your resume for a finance manager position include problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical skills. Having the ability to think on your feet and make quick decisions is essential for a finance manager, as is the ability to analyze financial data and draw meaningful conclusions from it.

Additionally, you should include any experience that you have in financial planning and analysis, as well as any experience you have in forecasting or budgeting. It is also important to demonstrate your ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines, as this is a key responsibility of any finance manager.

Finally, it is crucial to include any relevant software experience that you have. If you are familiar with financial accounting programs, spreadsheet programs, or other software packages that are used to manage finances, make sure to include this information on your resume.

By including these essential skills and qualifications on your resume, you can demonstrate to employers that you have the knowledge and experience to effectively manage finances. This could include experience with financial accounting programs such as QuickBooks, spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, or other software packages used to manage finances. Additionally, experience with customer relationship management (CRM) software, data analysis tools, or budgeting software can be beneficial in demonstrating your financial skillset.

What is the job description of the Finance Manager?

A Finance Manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues in the company. They manage the company’s financial plans, budgets, and investments. The Finance Manager is also responsible for analyzing financial data and producing financial reports. They monitor the company’s financial performance and make adjustments to ensure the company remains financially sound.

The job of a Finance Manager requires excellent organizational skills, analytical and problem solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. They must also have strong knowledge of accounting principles, be familiar with financial tools, and understand the implications of financial decisions. The Finance Manager has a responsibility to provide accurate and timely financial information to the company.

The Finance Manager must be highly organized and detail-oriented, able to handle multiple tasks at once, and able to keep up with changes in the industry. They must have a working knowledge of financial software and the ability to interpret financial data. The Finance Manager must also be able to develop financial models and analyze the results of these models.

The Finance Manager is also responsible for the development and implementation of financial plans and policies, as well as the evaluation of current investments and the identification of potential investments. They must be able to identify and solve financial problems and make adjustments to the company’s financial plans to ensure the company remains financially sound. The Finance Manager must also be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients to ensure the company remains in compliance with laws, regulations, and regulations.

What is a good objective for a Finance Manager resume?

The objective of a finance manager resume is an important part of the job application process. It should be a clear statement that illustrates your value, skills, and experience to potential employers. It should also be tailored to the job you’re applying for, so it’s important to research the job description in order to create an effective objective.

A good finance manager objective should include essential information like the job title, the company’s name, and the desired skills and qualifications. For example, an objective for a finance manager position at a large organization might read: “Seeking a challenging and rewarding finance manager position at ABC Corporation where I can utilize my five years of experience in the financial services industry and my proven ability to develop innovative solutions to complex financial problems.” This statement effectively outlines the job title, the company, and the skills and experience that you have to offer.

When crafting your finance manager resume objective, make sure to use language that is concise, clear, and easy to understand. Your objective should also be specific and demonstrate that you understand the job requirements. For example, if the position requires a specific expertise, such as budgeting or accounting, be sure to include that in your objective. Lastly, make sure to use strong action verbs to demonstrate your experience, such as “developed”, “managed”, or “analyzed”.

Overall, a good finance manager resume objective should be tailored to the specific job and demonstrate the value and experience you can bring to the company. With a well-crafted objective, you can make yourself stand out from other applicants and increase your chances of landing an interview.

What are 5 responsibilities of a Finance Manager?

Being a finance manager is an important role and requires a great deal of responsibility. The core responsibilities of a finance manager are to ensure the financial health of a company, manage and maintain the financial records, and prepare financial reports. Here are five of the key responsibilities of a finance manager:

1. Financial Planning and Reporting: Finance managers will typically be responsible for the financial planning and forecasting of the company. They will analyze the financial situation of the company, develop strategies to improve the company’s finances, and also construct financial reports.

2. Budgeting: Finance managers are responsible for developing and managing the company’s budget. They will monitor the budget to ensure that the company stays within its budget and that financial resources are being used efficiently.

3. Accounting and Bookkeeping: Finance managers need to ensure that the company’s financial records are accurate and up to date. This involves managing accounts receivable and payable, preparing financial statements, and reconciling bank statements.

4. Risk Management: Finance managers need to identify and assess any potential financial risks that could impact the company’s finances. This includes monitoring currency exchange rates and interest rates, as well as developing strategies to manage any potential risks.

5. Tax Compliance: Finance managers need to be familiar with the company’s tax obligations and filing deadlines, and ensure that the company is compliant with all applicable taxes. They will also be responsible for preparing and filing tax returns.

What are the career prospects in the Finance Manager?

Finance managers play a vital role in any organization. They are responsible for managing the financial activities of the company, including budgeting, cash flow, investments, and financial analysis. As such, the career prospects of finance managers are very good.

In a finance manager role, you will be expected to possess a wide range of skills, including financial analysis, accounting, operational planning, financial reporting, and monetary policy. You must also be able to interpret financial data and make decisions based on the results. The ability to think strategically and make informed decisions is critical.

In addition to this, you should be able to build strong relationships with other departments and stakeholders. A good finance manager is able to identify potential cost savings and develop strategies to increase profits. They must also have excellent communication skills as they are often required to present financial information to various audiences.

Finance managers typically report to the chief financial officer or the CEO. In some cases, they may even be the head of the finance department. Working in a finance manager role can be highly rewarding, as you are at the forefront of making critical decisions that affect the success of an organization.

Overall, the career prospects for finance managers are very strong. With the right qualifications and experience, you can expect to land a competitive salary and secure an exciting job in the finance field.