French Teacher Resume

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French Teacher Resume Sample

Blake Clarkson
French Teacher


An accomplished professional with 25 Years of experience and proven knowledge of classroom management, course design, and curriculum development. An enthusiastic educator who guides students to outstanding achievements in learning World languages, understanding cultures and diversity, and finding their inner voice as global leaders.  Looking to contribute my knowledge and skills in an institution that offers a genuine opportunity for career progression.


Work Experience 

US French Teacher & MS Spanish Teacher
University Preparatory Academy- Seattle, Washington

  • Curriculum Designer for new & intensive courses
  • The developer of the Social Emotional Learning curriculum
  • Leader of Global-Link group to Samoa
  • Advisor

French Teacher & English Teacher
Columbus IB School, Zaragoza, Spain

  • Curriculum designer and developer of Professional English & French courses
  • Leader of interactive workshops for professionals
  • Observation, mentoring, & performance assessment
  • Developer & Administrator of ESL courses and testing  (A0, B1, C1)


Masters in Literature (French-Russian)
Bourgogne University, France ​​​​

Bachelor’s degree (English)
Haute Bretagne University, France, 1991


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

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French Teacher Resume Writing Guide & Tips

Tired of not getting the attention you deserve for your experience and skills? Want to give yourself an extra edge in the competitive job market? Consider networking with professionals in the field who have excellent talent management and hiring experience. They can provide you with guidance on how to tailor your resume for better results.

To help get started, we’ve put together this French Teacher Resume Writing Guide & Tips page complete with helpful resume writing tips from industry professionals.

A professional resume is an essential part of a job search and can stand out to employers by offering details on professional experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Prior to building your resume, consider all the important elements first. They include your education level, work history, and work or volunteer experience. Next, use the information on your résumé to give it a personal touch by applying your personal experiences that relate to the job you would like.

How to write a French Teacher Resume:

1.Contact Information for French Teacher Resume:

Your contact information should be easy to find and tell potential employers about your commitment to the profession. List your mailing address, work phone number, e-mail address, and fax number on your resume.

2.Summary for French Teacher Resume:

For a teaching position, it is important to have a crisp, no-nonsense summary on your resume that highlights your knowledge of the subject area. This is not the place for flowery language. You do not want to lose the reader’s interest at this point. A bold subheading should be used for this section and should include one or two sentences at most.

3. Work Experience in Your French Teacher Resume:

The work experience section of your resume is where you should make as many connections as possible to the position you are seeking. You will have more success in this section if you focus on skills, such as teaching methods, which are transferable between positions, and other factors that interest the employer, such as cooperative or extra-curricular activities. A resume that lacks this type of information may be rejected outright without even being read.


This is the single most important piece of information in your resume. A prospective employer knows little or nothing about you if he cannot get in touch with you. The more education you have, the better; but you need to customize the content of your resume for each position because no two schools are alike.

5.Professional Skills in French Teacher Resume:

An employer receives a large number of resumes for every job opening. He needs to know why you are the best person for the job and what qualifies you to do it. Your resume should tell him three things:

6.References in French Teacher Resume:

If you served as a class officer or on any committees, list the names of your fellow officers and the committee chair(s). This shows that you can work with others, communicate and set goals.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a French Teacher Resume:

  1. Teaching of French
  2. Assignments and coordination of homework
  3. Maintain student grades and attendance records
  4. Plan and administer projects, programs, field trips, etc.
  5. Maintain an accurate account of the school’s inventory of books, films, supplies, and equipment
  6. Classroom management: classroom setup (where to place students), discipline techniques (butterfly effect), seating arrangements, etc.
  7. Ensure that all students are treated fairly, with respect, and in accordance with the school’s policies
  8. Assess student progress, recommend programs and materials, monitor and evaluate students’ learning
  9. Administer tests, including standardized tests (e.g., MAPs), grade tests, maintain records of testing results
  10. Analyze student assessment data to determine the next steps in the curriculum improvement process

Tips to write a French Teacher Resume Summary:

This is one of the most important things you should do when writing any resume. Your resume will need to be specific about your experience and qualifications. The Summary will allow others to quickly see what you have done, and what type of experience you can offer.

The Summary section is usually one to two paragraphs and is where you’ll want to cover the most important points of your education and career. You can also include specific job responsibilities, tasks/skills, and accomplishments. If you want to use an experience in your summary, be sure to mention the type of work you did for that specific job.

Top 10 Must-have French Teacher Skills:

  1. Ability to work as part of a team, yet take ownership of specific tasks where required.
  2. Ability to motivate, manage and mentor others.
  3. An exemplary personal work ethic and integrity.
  4. Professionalism, with a positive attitude that exudes self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  5. Excellent communication skills when dealing with colleagues, parents, and students on a daily basis; professional appearance is also essential.
  6. Broad knowledge that covers the French language, history of France, its culture, and lifestyle (art, literature, cuisine).
  7. Knowledge of teaching methods, pedagogical and educational strategies that are age-appropriate.
  8. To be able to adapt to different situations, including cultural diversity (intercultural competence).
  9. Basic knowledge of the French language is essential in order to deal with students one-on-one.
  10. A university degree in French, education, or a related field.
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How to write a French Teacher Cover Letter:

  • Use the standard cover letter format; r two to three paragraphs in length
  • Name and address of school: write down the name of your school as well as its address
  • List the skills you possess: if you want to be considered for a job, you should mention specific skills you are qualified to use. For example, for a French teacher position, make sure to mention your knowledge about teaching French or your experience teaching French.
  • Describe what you have done before for your school: once you have introduced yourself, talk about what you have done for the school. List things like teaching a specific class or participating in a charity event as well as leadership roles in your school’s activities and sports teams.
  • Research the school: after writing down what you did before and how you would contribute to the school, explain why this is so important.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your resume should show your skills, experience, and education in a format that is easy to read and understand.
  • For resumes and cover letters, you should make sure that you include your contact information, the type of position you are applying for, and the most important knowledge and skills you have.