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Justin Edward

Human Resource Professional


A qualified  Canadian  HR,  and  Business  Development  professional  with an  Extrovert,  Open, Agreeable, and conscientious personality to deliver optimal results in most challenging environments through playing a strong role and utilizing my 20+ years (UAE & Canada) experiences in assisting Management and Corporate in achieving their vision, strategies and objectives with reference to people’s structure and culture.


  •  Analytical, Creative, forward, and conceptual thinking
  •  Excellent Communication
  • Interpersonal Awareness and Relations
  •  Flexibility & Decision Making
  •  Leadership & promoting strategies to achieve a common goal.
  •  Evaluation & Empowering Others
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Project Management
  •  Computer Competency

Work Experience

HR and Admin Manager

Advanced PyroTechnics

  • Implements new employee orientation and coordinates other staff training;
  • Responsible for supervision and operation of the HR & Administration Department;
  • Coordinates development, production and implementation of policy and procedure manuals pertaining to area of responsibility;
  • Manages grievance & disciplinary per company policy
  • Responsible for maintaining and revising staff handbook and job descriptions
  • Coordinates performance evaluation program providing guidance & advice when appropriate
  • Updates leave management, health & life insurance
  • Handles the separation of employment (exit, clearance, end of service, etc.);
  • Monthly Payroll Management using ERP system “Sage/Pastel HR & Payroll”
  • Prepares, monitors and audits the payroll register and year end closings
  • Review and make recommendation to management on changes or amendments required to the visa policy to ensure best practice or most efficient methods are maintained;
  • Manage the support staff such as PRO, Drivers, Catering and related party services
  •  Counsels staff regarding problems, retirement, health and insurance benefits, promotional possibilities and  transfers
  • Operate and implement all online applications (intranet & extranet) that are related to company use (Hayakum, Amer, etc.) and our registrations with all government and semi- gov. bodies such as ADCC, MOI …etc.
  •  Develop the HR flow charts and process maps, forms, templates, meeting’s agenda, action sheets, MOM, and documentation management/ external document register as per classification
  • POC/ Point Of Contact for “EDGE” project, to attend all meetings related to the cluster to prepare all prerequisites, data, reports, and presentation for rebranding and launching the new entity.
  • Work with Quality Management team for reviewing all company systems and procedures for quality certifications requirements “ISO9001/2015”
  •  Review the NSRS requirements/ work placement in- take plan with NCEMA as part of APT branding plan
  • Monitor and assess inventory for the marketing collateral supplies as well as admin related purchases, auditing the RFQs and assist Supply Chain team in sourcing new suppliers/best prices for cost saving analysis
  • Lead the APT Website development project for revamp requirement and rebranding, preparing the evaluation sheet for the project to reflect all features and functionalities with scope of approaches and commercial offers for top management approvals
  •  Support the Operation team by arranging and delivering the APT products training courses to the Officers from GHQ and other military entities; through translating the course materials as well as executing the sessions in a live translation.

Sr. HR Associate – Capability Development

British Educational Institutes

Dec 2017
  • Focuses on the development of the individual/ team through offering a range of strategies and activities that aim to achieve current business goals, meet future challenges, and build capacity for change.
  • Implements and advises supervisors and staff regarding system wide personnel policies and recommends appropriate changes;
  • Manages performance, training and career development process;
  • Handles the separation of employment (exit, clearance, end of service, etc.);
  • Conducts the induction sessions for new employees; and
  • Reviews health & life policy and provide recommendation for service enhancement.
  • Keeps up-to-date of laws, decisions and trends affecting company personnel and informs appropriate staff

Outcome Accomplishments

•   Provides  leadership  in  clarification  and  reporting in  the Human  Resources;  organization  of  recruitment processes, including drafting job description and provision of input to job classification.

•   Identify training needs through job analysis, appraisal schemes, and regular consultation with HR as well as business managers through evaluating the training and development programs.

•   Expand training development programs based on the needs of the organization and individuals by reviewing, searching, amending and supporting talent development plans.

Sr. Analyst – HR & Business Development

TOES Niagara – Ontario, Canada

Oct 2015

Tools of Empowerment for Success (TOES) is about empowering and promoting the interests of new immigrant women in Niagara Falls Region, Ontario- Canada


As the Sr. Analyst – HR & Business Development:  Compile  analysis and data related to Human Resources functions, including workforce planning, job analysis, metrics, recruitment, on boarding, compensation, benefits , employee performance & appraisal, training & development, talent management, disengagement/exit procedures, employee relation, EOSB,, Employee wellbeing as well as payroll/annual holidays, and other HR/Admin related tasks

Outcome Accomplishments

  • Participates in HR projects, providing analytical support, on boarding, compensation evaluations, staff KPls, systems expertise, and input on continuous process improvement of staff and volunteers.
  • Follows published policies related to health and safety rules to promote health and safety within the workplace  by  reporting any  potential  hazard  or unsafe  situations  to  supervisors  and/or  senior management.
  • Plan and organize all kinds for visas (residence, employment, visit, transit etc.) for the staff and dependents within the org. through the relevant Embassies & Consulates ensuring timely availability of all documents. Responsible for all obtaining visas for all suppliers, customers and their family members ensure that the best customer service is provided;

Senior Recruitment Officer

Tawazun Economic Council

Oct 2010

Activities:                                                              Work closely with HR Director/manager to develop department goals, objectives, and systems; to ensure timely and  quality  response to  recruitment  requests from  the  Divisions/subsidiaries for filling up vacancies with  the  right candidates  at  the  right time for fulfilling  joining formalities  as  well  as  talent Management,  Succession  planning,  Job Analysis,  manpower/budgeting  planning,  employee  welfare and mentoring  for UAE fresh  graduates  (Emiratization), and Expat.  (On-boarding and induction of new hires)

Outcome Accomplishments

  • Creates, develops and implements various HR policies and procedures as per UAE labors’ laws within the group (organizational development) acted as a liaison between subsidiaries.
  • Ensures  that  organization  chart  is  consistently  maintained   and  updated  to  reflect  all  organizational changes and assists in developing the needed manpower and recruitment plans for OBP/subsidiaries
  • Negotiated    approximately    250    salary    offers/employment    contracts    and    dozens    of    sign-on bonuses/relocation   packages annually at both the exempt and   non-exempt level and assisted with preparing succession plans and coordinated staff movement to ensure proper transfer procedures.
  • Advises senior management of issues regarding and arising from  performance and service improvement as well as disengagement formalities for employees/execute all exit procedures
  • Researching   and   preparing   occupational   classifications,   job   descriptions   and   salary scales as well as employee manual after benchmarking the same.

As an ILYAH Ambassador and Work Stream Team Member (April – December 2009) Contribution in ILYAH Project (OFFSET/TAWAZUN Restructuring & Reorganization):

  • Heavily involved as a member to perform data-collection interviews for talent acquisition, benchmark, Emiratization, sourcing profiles, on boarding; set assessment methods and measurements systems.
  • Recruited  to  help  guide  the startup  and  management  of a  full  spectrum  of  HR  operations, systems and  programs.
  • Worked with senior management to create HR policies and  procedures; recruit  employees;  create  group  benefits  databases;  and  develop  orientation,  training,  and incentive  programs.
  • Manage leave-of-absence programs and personnel records, administer benefits enrollment and programs, administer HR budget, and handle HR workplace issues.
  • Heavily involved in the embedment auditors


CHRE – Certified Human Resources Expert

San Jose State University

Global Master of Business Administration – Global (MBA)

Northeastern University

Post Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management

Arizona State University

Cambridge International Diploma – Interpersonal Business Skills & Customer Care

University of South Florida

Bachelor Degree in Economics and Social Studies

University of Khartoum


Workplace Communication

Participated as Internationally Educated Professionals


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

What Should Be Included In A Human Resource Professional Resume?

When writing a resume for a Human Resources professional, there are certain key components that should be included in order to make sure the resume is effective. First and foremost, it is important to include a professional summary that outlines your qualifications, strengths, and experience. This is the first thing a potential employer will see and should be written in a concise, clear manner. It should also include any certifications or credentials that you may have.

Next, it is important to include a detailed list of professional experience in the human resources field. This section should include job titles, descriptions of job duties, and the length of time in each position. Make sure to include any awards or recognition that you have received in each position.

It is also important to include any education or certifications that are pertinent to the Human Resources field. List any degrees, specializations, or certifications that you have obtained, as well as the institution or organization that issued them.

Finally, list any volunteer experience or extracurricular activities that you have undertaken in the Human Resources field. This can demonstrate your commitment and passion for the subject area, and can be a great way to stand out from other candidates.

By including all of these elements, you can create an effective Human Resources professional resume that will help you get noticed by potential employers.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Human Resource Professional?

When writing a resume for a human resources professional, there are certain skills that you should be sure to include. The most important skills for a human resources professional are communication, problem solving, customer service, and organization. Communication skills are essential for any HR professional, as they need to be able to communicate effectively with employees, other departments, and other people when on the job. Problem solving is important to be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the workplace. Customer service skills are important to be able to handle customer inquiries or complaints. Finally, an HR professional must be organized and able to manage multiple tasks at once.

These skills should be showcased prominently on your resume, and it is important to include concrete examples of times when you used particular skills. For example, if you have excellent communication skills, you could include a time when you successfully negotiated a contract or collaborated on a project with another department. Additionally, you could describe a time when you used creative problem-solving to come up with a solution to an issue in the workplace. If you have strong customer service skills, include an example of how you handled a difficult customer situation.

Your resume should demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience necessary to succeed as an HR professional. Highlighting your skills will show that you have the qualifications to handle the job. If you include concrete examples of times when you used particular skills, it will help the hiring manager to see how you could use those skills in the workplace.

What Is The Job Description Of The Human Resource Professional?

Being a Human Resource Professional is an important job in any organization. It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to effectively manage the recruitment and development of personnel. The details of the job may vary depending on the organization, but the basic job description of a Human Resource Professional includes recruiting and interviewing prospective employees, coordinating onboarding and training processes, and managing employee relations.

Recruiting and interviewing prospective employees is an important part of the job. The Human Resource Professional must be able to identify the best-suited candidates for the job and determine if they are a good cultural fit. They must also ensure that the candidates meet the requirements of the job and have the necessary skills and qualifications.

The Human Resource Professional is also responsible for onboarding and training new employees. This involves providing orientation, explaining company policies and procedures, and teaching the new employee the skills required for the job. They must also ensure that the new employee is comfortable and understands the company culture.

Finally, the Human Resource Professional must manage employee relations. This includes resolving conflicts, dealing with grievances, and ensuring that the employees are happy and productive. They must also be able to assess performance, provide guidance, and make sure that employees are properly represented in the organization.

Overall, the job of a Human Resource Professional is an important one. They must possess a great deal of knowledge and experience to effectively manage the recruitment and development of personnel and ensure a positive work environment. With the right qualifications and attitude, the Human Resource Professional can be a valuable asset to any organization.

What Is A Good Objective For A Human Resource Professional Resume?

.For human resources professionals, having an effective resume objective is essential for landing a job. In most cases, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates who have demonstrated experience in the industry, are organized, and understand the complexities of the job. Your resume objective should highlight these traits in order to make it stand out among the rest.

When crafting a human resource professional resume objective, it’s important to make sure it is specific and concise. Try to include a few of your strongest skills and qualifications in your objective, such as your experience in the industry, strong organizational skills, and knowledge of industry best practices. You should also mention your desire to contribute to the success of the company and your dedication to the job.

In addition to a strong objective, your resume should also include a summary of your qualifications. This is where you can go into more detail about the qualifications and experience you have that makes you the best candidate for the job. It’s important to be specific when describing your qualifications and to provide examples of your work.

Finally, make sure to include a list of references. This will give the recruiter or hiring manager an idea of the people you have worked with and will be able to provide a better overview of your experience.

By designing a well-crafted resume objective and including a summary of your qualifications and references, you will be able to effectively market yourself and stand out from the competition. As a human resource professional, it’s important to make sure your resume reflects your dedication to the job and your commitment to the success of the company.

What Are 5 Responsibilities Of A Human Resource Professional?

  • As a Human Resource (HR) professional, you will be responsible for a variety of different tasks and duties. Some of the most common responsibilities of an HR professional include recruiting, hiring, training, and managing employees; ensuring compliance with employment laws; creating and maintaining employee records; handling employee grievances; and administering benefits and compensation programs. Additionally, many HR professionals are also responsible for developing and implementing organizational policies and procedures, conducting research, and providing strategic guidance to the organization’s senior leadership
  • Recruiting is an essential component of an HR professional’s job. This involves identifying, interviewing, and selecting qualified candidates for vacant positions. Additionally, HR professionals must be aware of labor laws, as they must ensure that their organization is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Managing employee records and maintaining personnel files is also a key responsibility of HR professionals. This includes keeping track of attendance, vacation time, performance reviews, and employee benefits, as well as any other pertinent information. HR professionals must also be knowledgeable about employment laws, so that the organization remains in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Training and development is another important responsibility of HR professionals. HR professionals must ensure that employees are adequately trained in their roles and develop and implement effective training programs for staff. Additionally, HR professionals must also be able to provide guidance and feedback to employees who may not be performing to the organization’s standards.
  • Finally, HR professionals are responsible for administering employee benefits and compensation programs. This includes ensuring that employees are provided with all applicable benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other forms of compensation. Additionally, HR professionals must also ensure that the organization’s compensation policies are in compliance with applicable labor laws.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Human Resource Professional?

Having a strong background in Human Resource (HR) can open up a world of career opportunities. From recruiting and interviewing to payroll, benefits and employee relations, HR professionals are essential to the functioning of any organization. As a Human Resource Professional, you will be responsible for managing and developing a team of HR professionals and providing strategic advice to ensure that your organization meets its needs.

The career prospects for a HR professional are extremely positive and job security is relatively high. Depending on the organization, there are many opportunities for growth and promotion. In addition, HR professionals often have the chance to gain experience in a variety of industries and develop skills that are transferable across different sectors.

The salary for a Human Resource Professional is generally quite lucrative and is often supplemented by bonuses and other forms of compensation. The salary levels will depend on the particular role, the organization and the experience of the individual. Furthermore, HR professionals can expect to receive benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations.

For those looking to break into the Human Resource field, there are a number of courses and certifications that can help individuals become more qualified and knowledgeable. A degree in Human Resources or a related field is also beneficial, and most organizations will prefer candidates with relevant academic qualifications.

Overall, the prospects for a career in Human Resources are positive. With a combination of specialized knowledge, experience and qualifications, HR Professionals can secure a position in a wide variety of organizations.