Mobile App Developer Resume Example

Are you looking for a Mobile app developer job? Here we have the best recommended professional mobile app developer resume sample. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job.

Mobile App Developer Resume Sample

Arnold Morrison
Los Angeles, California


  • Experienced Mobile Application Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
  • Skilled in Android Native, Ionic Framework, MongoDB and Core Java.
  • Excellent problem solving, communication and collaboration skills.


  • Technologies: Android, NDS, Unity, Ionic1
  • Languages: JAVA, Kotlin
  • Database: Oracle, MongoDB
  • IDE: Eclipse, Intellij idea, Android Studio
  • Agile Tools: JIRA, Zoho, Redmine


Senior Software Engineer
Broadcom – California Feb 2018 – Present

Lead Engineer
Micron Technology Dec 2014 – Feb 2018

Game Developer
Electronic Arts – California Dec 2013 – Aug 2014

Game Developer
Walt Disney – New York Jun 2011 – Nov 2013


WSSD (Water Supply & Sanitation Department)
Senior Developer
Technology: Android.
This is an android application for the employees of the Water Supply & Sanitation Department for uploading reports for Ground Water Observation Well Reading, Survey’s conducted, Water Sample Collection, Water Scheme Asset Status, Sanitation asset functional status etc.

Morses Club Limited 
Senior Developer 
Technology: Android, Ionic1, MFP server
MCL is a Home Collected Credit and a microfinance company. It is a doorstep loan provider were in loan Agents associated with MCL do the sale and weekly collections from customers. Loans as low as £100 and up to £1000 and repayment up to 78 weeks are provided thus providing an affordable loan sell system suiting the needs of end customers across the UK. The Mobile application is created using Ionic1 using which

Board Meeting
Senior Developer
Technology: Android, Firebase.
This is an android application for members of Mastek attending the Board Meeting. Using this application, members of the Board Meeting can order services from IT, Admin or Cafeteria. Orders placed by members will be directed to admin login and admin can update the status of OPEN orders as IN_PROGESS, COMPLETED & CLOSED based on the order status. Members can view the status of their orders as well on their respective logins

Lead Developer
Technology: Android
This is an android application for customers of clients of Novice. Using this application customers can track there orders and view details and status and location of their Orders dispatched from the client. Also, Customer can acknowledge delivery for market vehicles using this application.

Lead Developer
Technology: Android.
This is an android application for in-plant tracking of Vehicle and Driver status at different stages like yard, plant, etc. Users of the app at different stages will have a checklist for both drivers and vehicles which they have to get cleared from the user to be fit for going for delivery.

Lead Developer
Technology: Android.
This is an android application used for Proof of delivery. It constantly communicates with a beacon device fitted in the vehicle to check whether the driver is in a vehicle or not. The driver can provide POD by Uploading Chalan Image after OTP confirmation from the customer.

Lead Developer
Technology: Android.
This is an android application used for POD (Proof of Delivery).It consists of two logins Dispatcher and
Driver. Dispatcher login is used to create and assign trips to vehicles. Driver login is used to provide POD
confirmation, status, location and time.


Masters of Computer Application
University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Alabama – Jun 2010
Percentage : 8 2 . 4 %

Bachelors of Computer Science
North Carolina State University – Raleigh, North Carolina – Mar 2005


  1. Playing TT
  2. Badminton
  3. Traveling
  4. Reading Books

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Mobile App Developer Resume with Writing Guide

If you’re a mobile app developer and want to land your dream job, then it’s time to put your skills on display. With this guide, you’ll learn how to create the perfect mobile app resume that will make your experience stand out from other candidates.

The mobile job market is booming, so it’s a great time to get in on the action. The number of open positions for mobile developers has increased 70 percent since 2013, according to a recent article. With so much demand for your skills and experience, it’s easier than ever to find a job in the field of your choosing.

But with several million other applications vying for the attention of human resources departments all over the world, you’ll need to make sure yours stands out from the competition.

We recommend you to go through our article “how to write a resume“. We assure you will get the best of your knowledge to build a job-winning Mobile App Developer Resume or curriculum vitae. In case if you want to know about the types of resume formats used in the current job market. We are happy to give you the full details about the “resume formats” for your next job.

Mobile App Developer Resume Writing Guide:

1. Format and Layout

The mobile app development field is one that can get very technical, especially if you’re working on iOS or Android applications. Make sure to include technical writing in your resume to demonstrate your background in both programming and design.

Developers who want to create native apps should include a section on their resume explaining the specific coding languages they are familiar with. Coding languages such as Java or Objective-C will be more relevant for those applying for mobile developer positions involving iOS applications, while Java is more popular for Android development jobs.

Make sure to include additional information on your design skills by including an emphasis on the specifics of UI apps. You should also highlight your strong understanding of the principles behind user experience design.

2. Subjects Involved

Mobile app developers and designers often work on a wide variety of projects, so you’ll want to make sure that your resume includes as many relevant skills as possible. It’s best to include a list of all projects for which you have designed or created solutions, such as iOS applications, websites or Java apps.

3. Relevant Skills

If you’re a mobile app developer or designer, you may be asked to create applications for many different types of writing to satisfy the needs of various clients. You should include relevant skills such as web development, graphic design or music applications.

4. Additional Qualifications

Some employers will want to see additional qualifications and credentials on your resume, so be sure to include additional information in the “other” section about things like certifications or awards you’ve received.

5. Education

Employers typically put more emphasis on education when they are reviewing mobile app developer resumes, so it’s important to include your education information at the top of your resume. Include all relevant information about your college or university—including the name of your degree and major.

6. Professional Experience

While you should include all employment experience in a chronological way, including professional experience in mobile app development is especially important.

Mobile App Developer Responsibilities:

  1. Develop mobile apps using the latest programming languages and frameworks such as Objective-C or Swift, Java, PHP, etc.
  2. Create UI designs for mobile apps (iPhone or Android)
  3. Test iPhone/iPad apps with real devices
  4. Maintain applications to ensure they work well in all conditions and formats
  5. Integrate and develop new features into app
  6. Create and maintain documentation on the various coding languages and platforms as they are being used in the app development process
  7. Create and maintain various resources such as API documentation, wireframes for the various versions of the app
  8. Create, edit and design marketing collateral such as company logo/branding, videos and photos
  9. Identify new features to add to applications
  10. Maintain application code quality standards

Top 10 Must-have Mobile App Developer Skills:

  1. SQL: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language. It is used to retrieve data from relational databases as well as manipulate the data. This includes adding, deleting and modifying data in the database.
  2. Java: Java is a programming language that can be used to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS apps. Java allows you to use code that can run on all platforms which means you can write one code and it will work on all systems that support Java app development.
  3. Objective-C: Objective C is a programming language that can be used to develop mobile applications for the Apple devices.
  4. HTML5, CSS and Javascript: HTML5, CSS and Javascript are all programming languages that can help you build apps that run on your mobile device. HTML5 is the best because it uses less data.
  5. Android and iOS: Android is a platform which makes it easier to develop Smartphone apps compared to iOS.
  6. Objective-C: Objective C is a programming language that can be used to develop mobile applications for the Apple devices. It is easier to learn than Java and allows you to use code that can run on all platforms that support iOS app development.
  7. Android and iOS: Android is a platform which makes it easier to develop Smartphone apps compared to iOS. Unlike Android, iOS limits the number of apps approved by Apple which means you have less freedom when it comes to choosing the type of app you can create.
  8. C++: C++ is a programming language used to develop applications for the Apple iOS system. C++ is easy to learn and allows you to use code that will run on iOS devices.
  9. SQL: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language. It is used to retrieve data from relational databases as well as manipulate the data. This includes adding, deleting and modifying data in the database.
  10. Java: Java is a programming language that can be used to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS apps.

Tips to write a Mobile App Developer Resume Summary:

A resume summary is the first thing a potential employer will see and it should be written in a way that tells the employer why you are the right person for the job.

Mobile App Developer Resume Summary Example:
Mobile app developer with extensive experience building high performance applications using Java, Android SDK, and C++. Over 5 years developing custom web interface development technologies and managing project teams of 10+ engineers. Skilled at developing user friendly interfaces while reducing errors and implementation time.


  1. Keep your resume short
    A resume is only 1/4 of a page, so try to keep it as short as possible to appeal to the reader.
  2. Keep it concise
    In order to tell the employer how great you are, you need to tell them in just a few sentences, not pages and pages of experience or education.
  3. Use action words and be specific
    Use action words like built, created, developed, tested and managed which will get the employer excited about your skills and experience.
  4. Be specific when describing your experience
    Talk about what you did and not how long you worked. They are different but instead of saying software developer for 6 years, state that you worked as a software developer for 6 years.

How to write a Mobile App Developer Resume with No experience:

  1. Take a look at all the software development resume templates out there.
  2. Edit each and every one, including the following:

  • Cover Letter Needs (update to reflect your experience and add a section about how to get into mobile app development)
  • Work History Additions (add specific info about your current role in the organization)

  1. Research and write your own version of a resume that matches you, your resume archetype, and your experience.
  2. Build your cover letter that reflects your strengths and skills.
  3. Edit and improve your resume until you are finally happy with it.
  4. Print out both versions so you can choose which one to use!

Tips for creating a mobile app developer resume

  1. Use keywords from the job title in the space provided at the top of the template, or create a keyword list that includes all relevant keywords used in the software development industry at your company, industry, position level, and seniority level (i.e. Senior Software Developer, Junior Software Developer, Entry Level Software Developer).
  2. Use the work experience section to build up your technical skills and related knowledge through specific accomplishments in the workplace.
  3. Create a section that reflects how your abilities will help you positively contribute to the company’s goals or future plans (i.e. are you able to create mobile apps for iOS 6? What about Android 5?)
  4. Build a top-of-your-resume section for your most relevant skills and accomplishments.
  5. Create a placement history section so that you have shown your commitment to the company through past work history.
  6. Write a section about how you want to contribute to the company (i.e., can you help us grow our mobile app development business or get more clients?).

How to write a Mobile App Developer Cover Letter:

A cover letter is a great way to sell your skills and experience on paper. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds glancing at each resume, and the cover letter can be the deciding factor between you and another candidate.

Your cover letter should be unique to each application you submit, and needs to emphasize the “why” behind each job application.

Every detail of your cover letter should be targeted towards the precise requirements of your target opening.


  1. Have a copy of the job posting handy so you can look up the exact requirements. Whenever you don’t know something, just ask.
  2. Use contrasting colors and fonts so that recruiters will be able to spot your message quickly and easily in a sea of resumes.
  3. Proofread your cover letter carefully, and have someone else proofread it as well.

Section 1: The Basics
Personal Information: List your contact information with a heading that includes both first and last name. This differs from the heading on the resume, which is only your first name with the last initial.
Education: List your educational background, starting with the most recent. List degrees in reverse chronological order (i.e.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ‘Mobile App Developer Resume Example’ below provides a detailed breakdown of how to write your resume and cover letter for the mobile app developer job, so you can tailor it just for them.
  • This is a good template that you can start from or expand upon. But remember that there is no one size fits all resume. A perfect resume for one job may not be a fit at another job. You have to customize it to your needs and skillset.
  • Some of the tips we offer are to help you determine what information to include on your resume when you are not sure. You do not need to add everything we suggest. Only include the relevant and applicable information.
  • Unless you’re applying for a job that requires or suggests a certain style of resume, use whatever style you feel is the most effective and gets the most positive response from hiring managers. This is why its a good idea to prepare more than one version of your resume.

I hope you are ready to create the Mobile App Developer Resume that helps you to land your dream job?

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