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Lapointe Guy

Project Coordinator


Currently looking for a new and challenging position within any sector, growing within the company where I can continue to learn and take on additional responsibilities and enhance my existing skills and acquire new skills.


  • Project Management
  • Mentoring and leadership
  • Problem solving and Communication

Work Experience

Learning Center Coordinator

YUVA Association

Jun 2018
  • Carrying out the Learning Center’s  project implementation, monitoring and reporting (internal and to GIZ, funder association)
  • Develop and improve contents of trainings with coordination of consultants, create a pool of volunteer trainers  and coordinate implementation of  trainings about migration awareness and ecological literacy
  • Carrying out administrative tasks of the Learning Center
  • Maintaining regular communication with stakeholders


Senior Project Coordinator

Cash for Work Project, YUVA Association

Aug 2017
  • Project coordination including planning, implementation, monitoring and financial & narrative reporting cycle (internal reports and reports to funder, GIZ)
  •  Coordination of project staff in 5 different project sites, relations with municipalities as local partners. Managing project budget of 2.500.000 Euro
  • Supporting related proposal development and fundraising activities in coordination with Field Manager and Grants Management Department

Teaching Assistant

Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Communication

Aug 2015
  • Supporting the administrative and academic management of affairs

Field Coordinator

Community Volunteers (Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı)

Sep 2014
  • Supporting the university clubs of Community Volunteers in various cities
  • Supporting them to create and implement sustainable projects
  • Raising their awareness of volunteerism
  • Supporting their adoption of respect to diversity, teamwork, principle of causality and rising their awareness on gender issues
  • Supporting Foundation’s nationwide organizations and trainings by means of content and organizational arrangements

International Education Consultant

ELT International Education Consultancy

Aug 2011
  • Consultancy on international university education, language schools, and work and travel programs
  • Supporting the management of affairs after registration


Association for Solidarity with Refugees (Mülteci-der),

Feb 2011
  • Supporting the administrative and operational affairs of management of the Association
  • Collection of refugee applications by means of phone calls or face-to-face meetings, registration and processing of applications, provision of support and referral services


Games Operator

Six Flags Great America Theme Park, Chicago

Sep 2007
  • Operations of various games and carrying out money transactions that the administration of the funfair consigned to self


*PHD Media and Communication Studies

San Jose State University


*M.A Media and Communication Studies (English)

Northeastern University

Sep 2015

GPA 3.71/4

*M.A International Migration and Ethnic Relations

Arizona State University


Courses taken, thesis not written.

*B.A International Relations and EU (English) (%100 Scholarship)

University of South Florida

Jun 2008

GPA 3.44/4


Routes of Difference–Migration in Artistic, Academic and Media Discourses

Presented paper; Alteration of Othering Styles in Ekşi Sözlük: The case of Syrian asylum seekers

24-25 November 2017 Lisbon, Portugal


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Project Coordinator Resume?

Writing a strong resume as a project coordinator is essential to getting the job you want. Employers often receive a large number of applications for project coordinator roles, so you will need to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd.

When writing your resume, include all relevant information about your experience, skills, and qualifications. Make sure to include information about your successful previous projects and any awards or certifications that you may have. Additionally, be sure to highlight your problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and any software or program expertise you may have.

It’s also important to include a section devoted to your education in your project coordinator resume. This should include the degrees you have received, any relevant training or workshops you have attended, and any certifications you may have. If you have recently graduated, you can also include information about any extracurricular activities or positions of leadership you held in school.

Finally, make sure to include any references you may have as well as contact information. This will give employers the ability to reach out to people who can speak to your qualifications and experience.

By including all the relevant information on your project coordinator resume, you can ensure that you will make a lasting impression on potential employers. With the right resume, you’ll be sure to land the job you want.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Project Coordinator?

As a project coordinator, you’ll need to possess a wide range of skills and abilities to be successful. To make sure your resume stands out from the competition, you should highlight the skills you possess that are specifically relevant to the position. This might include experience in project management, communication, time management, problem solving, and more.

When it comes to project management, you should include any experience you have in planning, budgeting, delegating, and overseeing projects. Make sure to provide examples of successful projects you’ve overseen in the past and any strategies you used to ensure that the projects were completed on time and within budget.

Communication skills are also essential for project coordinators, as they need to be able to effectively communicate with project stakeholders and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can include writing reports, emails, and other documents, as well as giving presentations. Highlight any experience you have with written and verbal communication.

As a project coordinator, you’ll also need to be able to manage your time effectively. Include any experience you have with multitasking, prioritizing, and delegating tasks. Additionally, make sure to include any examples of how you’ve been able to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Finally, problem solving skills are a must-have for project coordinators. When issues arise during a project, you need to be able to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions. Highlight any experience you have with analyzing problems and coming up with innovative solutions.

When it comes to showcasing your skills for a project coordinator position, it’s important to focus on the abilities that are specifically relevant to the role.

What Is The Job Description Of The Project Coordinator?

A project coordinator serves an integral role in the success of an organization and its projects. As the name suggests, a project coordinator is responsible for coordinating the different projects within a company or organization. The project coordinator works closely with the project manager, department heads, and other key personnel to ensure that the project is running smoothly and on schedule.

The job of a project coordinator is to assist in the planning and execution of each project, help ensure that all aspects of the project are running smoothly, and provide resources and support to the project team. This includes creating timelines, scheduling meetings, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. They also help ensure communication between different departments and personnel and ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed of progress and changes. In addition, they monitor and report on project progress and provide guidance to the project team.

Project coordinators must have excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as a strong understanding of project management principles. They must also have the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at the same time. As such, project coordinators need to be highly organized and self-motivated, and have the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Project coordinators need to be detail-oriented, have excellent problem-solving skills, and must have the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately. In addition, project coordinators should be familiar with project management tools and processes and have the ability to think critically and creatively. Finally, they need to be able to work with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that the project is completed in a timely and successful manner.

What Is A Good Objective For A Project Coordinator Resume?

A good objective for a Project Coordinator resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for. It should demonstrate your qualifications and highlight your ability to successfully manage projects for the company. Generally, a Project Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation, and completion of projects.

When writing a resume objective for a Project Coordinator, focus on the key skills and strengths that you possess that make you well-suited for the job. Examples of skills include organization, multitasking, communication, problem-solving, and the ability to prioritize tasks. Be sure to mention project management software, such as Microsoft Project or Smartsheets, if you are familiar with them. Additionally, you should include any other software you are familiar with that may be applicable to the position.

It is also important to show that you understand the scope of the job and have the ability to take on more responsibility. For example, you can mention that you are a ‘seasoned Project Coordinator’ or that you have the ‘skill and ambition to take on any project’. This communicates to the employer that you have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of projects.

Overall, crafting a strong Project Coordinator resume objective will show the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job and that you can be relied upon to manage projects efficiently and effectively.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Project Coordinator?

Project coordinators are in high demand in the business world, and these professionals can be found working in a variety of organizations – from large corporate entities to small nonprofits. There is a wide range of career prospects available to those with a skill set that meets the requirements of a project coordinator.

Becoming a project coordinator is an excellent way to gain experience and knowledge in a variety of fields. This role involves working with different stakeholders and managing multiple projects. Project coordinators are responsible for setting and maintaining deadlines, identifying potential risks and issues with projects, as well as ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

The job outlook for project coordinators is very positive and the demand for experienced professionals is expected to remain strong. To become a project coordinator, you need to have a combination of technical and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to multitask. The job market for project coordinators is growing,and the salary for experienced professionals is quite competitive.

Project coordinators can expect to be able to work with a wide variety of people, as well as develop and maintain a portfolio of projects. Project coordinators must be able to understand the dynamics of teams and have excellent people skills. They must be able to develop and manage complex projects, while ensuring deadlines are met, and budgets are managed.

Project coordinators also need to have the ability to troubleshoot problems and provide creative solutions. They must have an eye for detail and have the ability to work well under pressure. Project coordinators must be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, track progress and provide updates on project progress.

In conclusion, a project coordinator is essential to any organization and offers a variety of career prospects and opportunities. To be successful in this role, they must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, the ability to troubleshoot problems and provide creative solutions, an eye for detail, and the ability to work well under pressure. Additionally, they must be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, track progress, and provide updates on project progress. This role requires a person who is highly motivated, organized, and capable of multitasking, and ultimately, it is the project coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that projects are completed on time.

Key Takeaways for an Project Coordinator resume

Writing a resume as a Project Coordinator can be a daunting task. The key to a successful resume is to ensure that it is tailored to the job you are applying for and highlights your skills and experience that make you a great fit for the role. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind when writing a Project Coordinator resume:

First, emphasize the core skills that are most relevant to the role. This can include your ability to manage multiple projects at once, your knowledge of project management best practices, and your ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders. Make sure to include specific examples of how you have utilized these skills in past positions.

Second, highlight any certifications or qualifications that are related to project coordination. This can include certifications in project management, business analysis, or related fields. Having these qualifications can help demonstrate your commitment to the position and can give the employer confidence in your abilities.

Third, detail any projects that you have successfully completed in your past roles. This can include any projects that you have managed or participated in, and it should be stated in a way that makes it clear that you were responsible for the successful completion of the project.

Finally, make sure to include any relevant awards, honors, or publications that you have earned. This can show that you have the skills and experience needed to be a successful Project Coordinator, and can help set you apart from other applicants.

By following these key takeaways, you can create a compelling Project Coordinator resume that will help you stand out from the competition and get the job you are looking for.