Procurement Executive Resume

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Jessica Brandon





I am a hardworking and motivated person, can work under pressure and complete all tasks given efficiently. Good interpersonal skill with good team leadership and a team player. I have significant experience with accreditation process, audits and service improvements.



  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel & Access
  • Medica Plus Electronic System for Hospitalization
  • Hospitalization System (KCIS SYSTEM, HITS SYSTEM, Electronic System for Hospitalization)


Work Experience



Global Medical Centre



  • Oversee all operation related activities at each hospital entities. This includes Purchase order generation for inventory & non inventory stocks sourcing for quotations of material & services
  • Oversee the execution of any contract/agreement and maintenance / renewal of existing contracts under the purview of the Materials department.
  • Participate actively in cost-saving activities by negotiating with vendors, sourcing alternative product or vendor for best value supplies.
  • Coordinate with vendors on the delivery of items or services ordered where situation warrants.
  • Evelopment and renewal of all procurement related agreements or contracts are coordinated, planned and executed appropriately,on-time and on-spec
  • Assists Procurement Executive in getting new quality vendors to expand vendors’ database to improve competitive bidding exercise.


Hope Specialist Hospital

Jul 2018


  • Lead the project for policies and process improvement for MSQH 5th Edition and IMS Audit
  • Setting framework for implementation and Maintenance of thorough and effective disaster plan for Purchasing Services
  • Collects, analyzes, and reports data on a periodic basis to monitor the performance of the purchasing function. Ensures the efficient day-to-day operations of the PURCHASING
  • Participated in interdepartmental, services area, and regional meetings and on committees and task forces to develop and implement programs and processes to achieve current and future goals and objectives
  • Involve in all department Audit appropriately like hospital’s quality management initiatives





San Jose State University



  • Faculty of Information Management (Hons) Records Management
  • CGPA: 3.34


Northeastern University



  • CGPA: 3.05




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Procurement Executive Resume?

A good Procurement Executive resume should demonstrate the candidate’s extensive understanding of the procurement and supply chain management process. It should highlight their ability to manage the procurement lifecycle, their knowledge of market trends and their ability to negotiate with suppliers and vendors.

The resume should include a summary of the candidate’s qualifications and experience, as well as relevant certifications, education and training. It should also list any noteworthy achievements or projects the candidate has completed.

The objective of the resume should be tailored to the specific Procurement Executive position the candidate is applying for. It should communicate the candidate’s relevant skills, industry experience and career aspirations.

It is important to use metrics and examples to demonstrate the candidate’s success in the role of Procurement Executive. This could include things like successful negotiations with suppliers and vendors, cost savings, improved efficiency and successful project management.

The resume should also outline the candidate’s industry knowledge and understanding of the procurement and supply chain process. This could include a comprehensive list of the relevant software and technologies they are familiar with, as well as any industry awards they may have received.

Finally, the resume should have strong communication skills and the ability to interact effectively with suppliers and vendors. This could include a demonstration of their negotiation and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Procurement Executive?

When crafting a resume for a Procurement Executive role, it’s important to highlight the skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate for the job. A Procurement Executive is responsible for finding the best deals on products and services and negotiating contracts with vendors to meet the company’s needs. This requires a comprehensive understanding of purchasing processes, contract law, and negotiation strategies.

When listing your skills, focus on both technical and interpersonal attributes. Technical expertise should include familiarity with software like Microsoft Office, the ability to analyze data, and the ability to interpret contracts and ensure quality assurance. Interpersonal skills should include customer service, communication, and negotiation.

It’s also important to highlight any certifications or specialized training. This could include certifications in supply chain management, purchasing, or logistics. A professional network or even a degree in business administration can be beneficial.

When applying for a Procurement Executive role, it’s important to showcase your ability to develop relationships with vendors to achieve the best deals for the company. An effective Procurement Executive must be detail-oriented and organized to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Be sure to include any past successes in identifying cost-saving opportunities and negotiating favorable contracts.

By highlighting the right skills and qualifications on your resume, you can be sure you stand out from other candidates. With the right skills and experience, you can be confident in your ability to land the Procurement Executive role of your dreams.

What Is The Job Description Of The Procurement Executive?

The job description of a Procurement Executive typically involves overseeing a company’s purchasing activities and inventory control. They are responsible for ensuring that a company obtains the best value for its products and service offerings. To do this, they must ensure that all purchases are properly researched, negotiated, and purchased. They must also oversee inventory levels and ensure that the company is not overburdened with excess stock. Additionally, they must ensure that the purchasing procedures are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Procurement Executives must possess excellent communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. They must be adept at monitoring and controlling budgets, as well as developing and following purchasing policies. They must also possess strong analytical and organizational skills to ensure that the company is getting the best value for its purchases. Additionally, they must possess excellent decision-making skills to ensure that all purchases are within the company’s budget and are beneficial to the organization.

Procurement Executives must also possess strong customer service skills and be able to build relationships with vendors and other stakeholders. They must be able to remain professional and courteous in their interactions with vendors and ensure that the best interests of the company are kept in mind. Additionally, they must be able to research and evaluate vendors and suppliers to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable. Ultimately, the Procurement Executive is responsible for ensuring that the company is obtaining cost-effective products and services and that the purchasing procedures are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

What Is A Good Objective For A Procurement Executive Resume?

Writing a procurement executive resume can be a daunting task. It is important to ensure that your resume is well-crafted and that it effectively communicates your skills, experience and qualifications as a procurement executive. One of the most important components of your resume is the objective statement. This statement should clearly articulate your career goals and demonstrate your commitment to the procurement executive position.

When crafting your objective statement, it is important to be specific and to focus on the job you are applying for. Be sure to tailor your objective to the particular position you are applying for. This will show the hiring manager that you are serious about the job. Additionally, make sure to include keywords that are related to the position such as “strategic sourcing” and “cost savings”.

When deciding on an objective statement for your procurement executive resume, make sure to focus on your skills and abilities. Take the time to think about the unique strengths that you possess and how they can help the organization achieve their goals. Highlight your skills in negotiation, cost-saving initiatives and supplier relationships. You can also mention the types of projects you have worked on and the outcomes you achieved.

It is also important to include a clear timeline for your goals. For example, “Seeking to leverage my experience and skills in strategic sourcing to drive cost savings for an organization within a two-year period.” This will show the hiring manager that you are serious about your commitment to the position.

By crafting a clear and focused objective statement, you can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are the right fit for the position. Your objective statement should be tailored to the job you are applying for and should focus on your unique skills and abilities

What Are The Career Prospects In The Procurement Executive?

The demand for skilled procurement executives is on the rise. As companies look to streamline their operations, they are increasingly turning to experienced professionals in the field to manage their procurement needs. A procurement executive is responsible for researching, evaluating, and selecting the best suppliers to fulfill their company’s needs. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a keen eye for detail.

Working as a procurement executive is an exciting and challenging role. It requires a combination of managerial and analytical skills. As such, the job offers a variety of career prospects, from entry-level positions to more senior management roles.

At the entry-level, a procurement executive is typically responsible for researching potential suppliers, evaluating them for quality and cost-effectiveness, and selecting the best ones for the job. They may also be expected to negotiate contracts and manage the ordering, delivery, and storage of materials. Additionally, they are typically involved in managing supplier relationships and resolving any associated issues.

At the more senior levels, procurement executives typically handle more complex tasks, such as budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning. They may also be responsible for developing and implementing procurement procedures and policies, as well as designing and managing supplier performance management systems.Closely monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations.

A successful procurement executive must have excellent communication and negotiation skills. They must be able to quickly identify opportunities and risks in the procurement process and develop strategies to mitigate those risks. They must also have a strong understanding of the supply chain, be able to analyze data, and have an understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.

The career prospects for a procurement executive are vast. As more and more companies are recognizing the importance of effective procurement management, the demand for experienced executives is expected to grow . They may be employed in a variety of industries, including government, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. Additionally, the role may involve working with international suppliers, negotiating large contracts, and managing complex supply chain networks. In addition to the traditional duties of a procurement executive, they may also be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with suppliers, negotiating prices and terms.

The duties of a procurement executive include planning and sourcing goods and services, negotiating contracts and ensuring competitive prices, monitoring and maintaining inventory levels, ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations, analyzing data to develop strategies to optimize cost and lead-time, and having an understanding of legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, they must be excellent communicators, able to build strong relationships with suppliers and coordinate activities across the organization.

Key Takeaways for an Procurement Executive resume

When writing a Procurement Executive resume, the key takeaways should be: highlighting your ability to source the best products and services, negotiate deals, and manage supplier relationships. Your resume should demonstrate your experience in the procurement field and should highlight your ability to drive down costs and maximize profits. It should also showcase your ability to construct, maintain, and track procurement contracts, as well as your experience with creating and implementing procurement policies and procedures.

  • It’s important to emphasize the specific skills that make you an effective Procurement Executive. Make sure to discuss your knowledge of supply chain management, contract management, and vendor management. You should also demonstrate your ability to analyze costs and budgeting, as well as your ability to develop and manage your team.
  • When writing your resume, remember to include a summary of your qualifications, as well as any accomplishments that you can highlight. You should also include a section dedicated to your education and certifications. Finally, be sure to list any relevant software experience and your knowledge of industry trends and regulations.
  • They must also have a strong understanding of the supply chain, be able to analyze data, develop strategies to optimize cost and lead-time, and have an understanding of legal and regulatory requirements. They must also be excellent communicators, able to build strong relationships with suppliers and coordinate activities across the organization.
  • A procurement executive is responsible for overseeing the procurement process for their organization. This includes planning, sourcing, selecting, and managing the supply of goods and services. The role involves working with a variety of internal and external stakeho- lders to ensure that the organization is getting the best value for its investments.
  • To be successful in this role, the executive must have excellent negotiation and problem-solving skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the products or services that their organization needs. Additionally, they must have a strong grasp of the competitive landscape, be able to conduct market research to identify the best available resources, and possess a keen eye for detail in order to spot any discrepancies in the budget or contracts. They

The procurement executive must also be a strong leader with the ability to motivate and manage a team of staff and suppliers. They should also have excellent organizational skills and an aptitude for data analysis. Finally following these key takeaways for a Procurement Executive resume, you can ensure that your resume stands out from the competition and showcases the skills that make you a great Procurement Executive.