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Jessica Marsh

Project Coordinator




Education and Society Projects Manager with over 5 years of work experience in both national and international organizations. Interested in life skills, social entrepreneurship, and civil society projects. Skilled in life skills training, non-formal education, and project management.



Work Experience


Project Coordinator

Society of Youth Workers, NGO

Dec 2019


  • Responsible for ensuring the efficient, smooth implementation of the youth community service project.
  • Designed, planed and managed events, projects, workshops and training programs within the project.
  • Practical and technical support for youth initiatives participating in the project.
  • Responsible for Small Grants Program and grants allocation.

Education and Society Project Manager

Union Council

Jun 2019


Social Enterpise project fully funded by Rev Corporation.

  • Managed the implementation of the “I-SEED: Innovations – Social Entrepreneurship and Education” project
  • Managed delegated project budgets.
  • Built and maintained effective relationships with local authorities and project partners, consultants and networks.
  • Monitored and managed risks.
  • Managed project monitoring and evaluation.
  • Contributed to the development and implementation of the Marketing and Communication plan
  • Line management of the Project Coordinator, based in Atyrau
  • Ensured that all the project’s activities values and adhere to its Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Policy.

Trainer of National Pool of Trainers on Youth Work

National Research Center “Youth” and UNICEF



Designed educational program and delivered following trainings:

  • Principles of non-formal education
  • Youth participation in public life at local level.
  • Principles of youth work
  • Youth work and youth participation (webinar)
  • Training on youth work and youth policy
  • Training for Heads of Youth Policy Departments and Directors of Youth Resource Centers
  • Master class for Youth Policy Committees

Trainer-facilitator / Master-trainer

Info Center, NGO

Aug 2017


Life skills project fully funded by Rev Corporation.

  • Equipped with life skills more than 200 youngsters of Atyrau.
  • Supported 20 life skills trainers to strengthen trainer skills by coaching them.





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Project Coordinator Resume Writing Guide & Tips

Looking for a Project Coordinator job? planning to write a resume for a Project Coordinator job? In this article, we will talk about what should you put in your project coordinator resume and how to write a good one.

Project coordinator job description summary:

A project Coordinator (PC) is a professional responsible for managing a project from start to finish. They are in charge of assigning tasks, monitoring the progress of the project, integrating resources from stakeholder management to execution of tasks, coordinating activities with team members, and managing the course of events. PC is primarily focused on tasks that require collaborating with numerous teams and individuals. Also, focus on customer service point-of-need and meeting deadlines.

Project Coordinator job description:

Have you noticed that one of the most common words on your resume is “coordinator”? Everyone loves to write “coordinator” on their resumes. Why? You will find many job positions in this category, like project coordinator, business coordinator, project management coordinator, etc. You can also see these job positions are very common as a change management specialist or change management professional in several other countries. Therefore, if you are looking for a job search focus on the role of “coordinator”. It is easier for you to get a better job position.

What to put in a Project Coordinator resume?

In order for the Project Coordinator’s resume to stand out, the Project Coordinator should be willing and able to distinguish themselves in a competitive industry, project, or job market. The Project Coordinator should also be prepared for any job search and interview questions that may arise. A strong Project Coordinator resume will do the following:

  • Demonstrate why they are qualified to be a Project Coordinator.
  • Be specific in job duties and responsibilities. Have the Project Coordinator receive tasks that they are well-qualified for.
  • Show that the individual has initiative and is willing to work with others and seek out opportunities.
  • Convey the knowledge of how to get involved with things that interest them, as well as learning skills such as time management, leadership, written communication, presentation skills, etc.

This article will address each of these aspects of the Project Coordinator position.
First, let’s address the relevant skills that make an excellent candidate for this type of employment.

1. Project Management Skills.
2. Teamwork Skills.
3. Communication Skills
4. Leadership Skills
5. Time Management Skills
6. Organizational Abilities (organization skills)

Each of these skills should be detailed, supported, and projected in the resume itself as well as the interview process, the first part of which is a cover letter and resume submission.

Tips to Write Project Coordinator Skills and Qualifications:

The project coordinator is a professional who acts as an intermediary between the client and the team. The main role of the project coordinator is to organize and supervise various tasks under a contract with the client. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable in this field.

There are a few skills that you should have in order to work as a project coordinator. The first one is the ability to do research in case you are monitoring projects and programs. It is essential for you to be updated with the latest trends. You should also be able to maintain relationships with clients, especially when you are handling different projects at once.

List of Important Project Coordinator Skills:

Here is the list of Project Coordinator skills that make you more valuable.

  1. Strong Organizational Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to manage, prioritize and coordinate the work of various teams and volunteers in order to achieve effective project completion and delivery.
  2. Excellent Written & Oral Communication Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to effectively communicate with all members of the project team through written & oral communication, in order to coordinate workflow and ensure appropriate coordination among team members. –
  3. Excellent Problem Solving Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to identify and effectively solve problems, whether they are original problems or created by the actions of other team members. [i.e.: Before a problem occurs, it is important to identify the problem.] –
  4. Good Organizational & Time Management Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to manage and organize time for all team members while also ensuring that all deadlines are met. –
  5. Good Teamwork & Collaboration Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to work well with all members of the team in order to coordinate their work. –
  6. Good Resolve All Issues Prior to Failure:
    The Project Coordinator shall ensure that all issues are resolved before the project is terminated and that any unacceptable outcome is avoided.
  7. Risk Management Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to identify and extensively manage all project-specific risks, both in the short and long term.
  8. Good Negotiation Skills:
    The Project Coordinator shall be able to negotiate effectively with all parties involved with respect to project execution, deadlines, budgets, etc., in order to ensure that all parties are working towards achieving the best possible outcome for both sides.
  9. Task Management:
    Task Management is the process used for: Managing, organizing, and prioritizing tasks. Tasks are identified, scheduled, and completed.
  10. Teamwork:
    Tasks are assigned to team members, who then agree upon a timeline for completion and delivery of their respective portion of the project.

The education qualification of the Project Coordinator:

Every project coordinator must possess a bachelor’s degree to apply for this job. You can find the list of recommended qualifications that most companies have. However, some companies will also consider other education qualification if it is higher than the required education qualification they have.

Final conclusion: Project Coordinator is a profession that has a great future. There are many job vacancies available for Project Coordinator online in various fields. You just need to find the right job according to your skills and qualification and apply for it.

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