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Kevin Frank

Senior Accountant




Experienced Accountant with nine years record in billing and collections combined with solid understanding of legal procedures and legislation. Proficient with wide variety of software applications, including QuickBooks, Odoo and custom accounting software.



  • Misrosoft Office
  • ERP Systems, Peach tree, Comsys.
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Skills
  • Documentation
  • Poised under pressure


Work Experience


Senior Accountant & Customer Reference

Mediterraneo Group For Importing and Exporting



  • See the contract between the company and the customer and review the terms of payment and guarantees and any other conditions and save the contract files.
  • Following up the opening of the insurance file and paying the insurance percentage for the contract.
  • Recording the value of the contract assistants and customer reports as a guide.
  • Issuing an internal memo to the bank accountant to issue the letters of guarantee related to the terms of payment, if stipulated in the contract.
  • Follow-up of the cash collection or check of the submitted abstract and review the deductions on the check (insurance, taxes, fines, etc.) and to ascertain the percentage of value added taxes on the contracting, whether the supply of installation / rental equipment
  • The work of a daily manual and entry to the daily value of the extract and deductions in case of deductions
  • Record the abstract on the American Journal and the assistants.
  • The work of the settlement restrictions required to prove taxes and deductions manual or through the program
  • Reducing the customer’s indebtedness to the value of collection and proof of the assistants and the work of daily hand-held restrictions according to the attached documents from the treasury or the bank accountant.
  • Prepare daily and weekly reports on customer attitude
  • Review the accounts of customers and work with customer approvals for periodic reconciliation of the account.

Bank Accountanat

Mediterraneo GROUP For Importing And Exporting.

Dec 2019


  • Prepared journal entries, complete general ledger operations, monthly, year-end closings and draw up financial reports.
  • Reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts
  • Ensured proper recognition of revenue and expenses for departmental cost center activity.
  • Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable from our banks and treasury
  • Handled our account in banks and confirm the balances with our system
  • Monitored and resolved bank issues including fee anomalies and check differences account/bank reconciliations
  • Assisted preparation and coordination of the audit process ,implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures
  • Reconcile and examine statements to ensure accuracy, organize and maintain financial records

Accountant for Contractors

Al Shams For Contracting

Aug 2018


  • Receipt of a copy of the (subcontract) from the project management or technical office and prepare a database for the subcontractors (file) and review the terms of the contract, payments and fines and the contracting surface – lump – diary – etc.
  • Receiving the original extract of the subcontractor from the accountant of the site after being approved by the project manager and matching it with the contract technically and financially.
  • Receipt of an asset from the warehouse owner’s permits for the contractor at the site from the warehouse controller (contractor withdrawals).
  • Receipt of the original assets of the equipment and diaries from the accountant of the site after being approved by the operating officer and project manager to ensure financial compliance.
  • Receipt of any documents concerning site discounts to the contractor from the website accountant.
  • Preparation of the entry of the daily Journal and Post Journal and his deportation in the notebook of the subcontractors’ consultants, the analysis of the contractors, and to ensure that the site’s sergeants and the exchange permissions are in line with the abstract technically and financially.
  • Receipt of a copy of the cash permit from the treasurer – or the official in charge of the sites in the case of cash payment – and a copy of the check permission checks and a copy of the check in the case of payment checks by the Issuer of checks to prepare the payment and transfer it to the analysis of contractors.

Bank Accountant

Al Shams For Contracting

Apr 2015


  • Make special files for each bank separately and include the following (bank statements, bank reconciliation, checkers, issuing bank, bank account, etc.)
  • Preparing bank reconciliation and preparing weekly reports.
  • Preparing daily limits for bank reconciliation.
  • Follow up the opening of banking facilities of all kinds and conditions and thepreservation of documents in the files.
  • Issuing letters of guarantee (primary / batch / final) and keeping them in their files.
  • Preparation of daily restrictions on the issuance or cancellation of letters of guarantee.
  • Refund of letters of guarantee or letters of guarantee and the preparation of restrictions.
  • Preparation of the supporting accounts (analytical book) for each of (. Banks – – Checks under collection) and prepare their reports weekly.
  • Follow up statements of account and collections and seals with the bank official (daily – monthly – monthly)
  • Review and follow-up issuance of checks and technical and financial compliance before being approved by the authorized signatory.
  • Review and follow-up receipt of checks and save copies of checks in the files for that.
  • Preparing the restrictions for the issuance and receipt of checks.




Bachelor Of Commerce

San Jose State University



Masters in Business Administration

Northeastern University

Jan 2020





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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How to write a Senior Accountant Resume

Are you a senior accountant and looking for a new job? Here we bring you the best senior accountant resume sample to help you to write a senior accountant resume.

In this article, we would like to share with you the best strategies that will help you create a perfect resume for an accounting job. There are plenty of people who compete for each accounting position, and it is very important for recruiters or employers to understand why you are better than the rest. A resume is an amazing tool as it allows employers to get an idea about what type of candidate they can expect from a particular applicant.

What should a senior accountant put on a resume?

A senior accountant’s resume must include a lot of key elements like job objective, skills, work experience, and education. In this post, we would discuss all these topics in detail so that you can make an amazing senior accountant resume for your job application.

Tips to Write Senior Accountant Job objective:

When writing a senior accountant job objective, you should think about your main goal. The job objective can give you an idea of the employer about what type of experience, skill, and education you possess. It’s important to mention the skills required by a senior accountant in your resume.

The job objective is an excellent way to grab the recruiter’s attention. It gives them a summary of your accomplishments and also tells them more about what you want to do in the future. A well-written job objective will help you get recruited by top employers fast and can also help add extra value to your resume. It’s very important to include accounting skills on your resume if they are related to the position that you are applying for.

Tips to Write Senior Accountant Skills:

The skills of a senior accountant are very important for employers and also for applicants. Employers are looking to see what kind of expertise you have in different areas. One of the best ways to show your skills is by attaching a detailed resume that highlights all your work experience and education.

The most important things to include on your resume are accounting-related skills such as accounting software, non-profits, payroll, CPA, etc. It’s also fine if you have some additional skills that can help you in doing your job such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc. It’s recommended not to go beyond three lines in your career summary section so that the recruiter can get interested in reading the entire resume easily.

List of Top Senior Accountant Skills:

  1. Accounting: a senior accountant must have good accounting skills that include understanding of different financial reports, budgeting, managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, tax planning and strategies, preparing financial statements, etc.
  2. Communication Skills: verbal communication skills are very important when it comes to accounting because most of the job involves talking with different stakeholders such as other employees, clients, etc.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills: problem-solving skills are very important for any accounting position because he/she will have to deal with several challenges that come while working on complex financial problems.
  4. Business Acumen: is important for accounting professionals because they will have to deal with various stakeholders like investors, clients, suppliers, etc.
  5. Financial Reporting: it’s very important for a senior accountant to understand the financial reporting process so that he/she can prepare accurate reports.
  6. Research Skills: research skills are also very important on the part of a senior accountant because they will have to do a market analysis and also keep themselves updated on the latest industry trends in their job role.
  7. CPA: if you have to become a senior accountant, then it’s very important for you to have CPA certification because it will prove that you are able to work independently and also understand financial reports.
  8. Accounting software skills: if you want to get a senior accountant job, then your resume must have good accounting software-related skills so that the employer/recruiters can imagine how they can use them in their company.

Tips to Write Senior Accountant Work Experience:

A senior accountant’s resume must include the work experience section, in case of any numerical data, you can easily cite the figures from your resume. While working as a senior accountant, it’s also okay to include the previous job-related experiences on your resume if they are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Your work experience must be represented by:

  • Workplace history: listing out all the job roles performed by you in various firms or companies.
  • Responsibilities: stating the responsibilities of each role that you held.
  • Skills and competencies: listing the technical skills and data analysis skills of each role that you have performed.
  • Education history: mentioning any training that you have received or attended in previous years.
  • Additional information: sharing any other information relevant to your work experience.

Final conclusion:

If you want to get a senior accountant job, then you should know how to write a senior accountant resume. To get the attention of employers, you need to make sure that your resume is well written and error-free. In order to make an ideal resume for a senior accountant position, you have to learn about the skills required by an employer and also what kind of work experience is good for them.

Use our resume builder to customize a resume template. Our resume samples can be modified to make it the perfect fit for you.