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Justin Edward

Social Media Strategist




I enjoy planning and executing unique digital and social media strategies to help reach and exceed set growth targets even with tight budget. I communicate effectively and also excel at developing key online systems and structures relevant in executing specific projects all geared towards achieving organisational goals. Highly skilled and experienced in advanced ad targeting which has enabled me help several companies to reach their specific audience online with their services and products.



  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Growth Engineering
  • Planning and Strategising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Partner and Client Acquisition
  • SEO
  • Data Analysis
  • Javascript Proficiency
  • Project Development and Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Google Analytics
  • Ms Excel Expert
  • Google Adsense
  • Hubspot Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing


Work Experience


Founder and Project Manager

Win Advertising Group



  • Acquisition of Clients
  • Responsible for developing and executing the organisation’s overall digital strategy
  • Managing online presence of organizations across multiple social media platforms
  • Planning and Strategising publicity and on-ground activation campaigns for clients and other partners
  • Handling Data Analysis of digital marketing campaigns
  • We have worked and partnered with over 100 companies in the last 7 years
  • Some of our notable clients and projects worked on are listed under “PROJECTS” further below

Cell Leader

Tech-crunch Solution



  • Organising Cell meetings
  • Performing general administrative tasks
  • Facilitating discussions during small-group meetings
  • Marketing/Sale of Ministry Materials
  • Training and raising other leaders




Biological Science – Psychology Major

San Jose State University

May 2012


General Science

Northeastern University

Jun 2008





Massive Campus Customer Acquisition Campaign

Lead Planner and Organiser

Jun 2018


  • Carried out a massive activation campaign for Cellulant Ghana on two university campuses namely Univeristy of Ghana and UPSA
  • We developed a unique and accountable management structure to help regulate over 400 students that worked on this project
  • 30,000 new customers were acquired through our work in the month of March alone through leveraging social media and on-ground activation campaigns
  • Assisted Country Manager with Data Analysis, Visualisation and Reporting
  • With our assistance from ideation to launch, Cellulant Ghana developed a digital referral reward system for their customers which resulted in thousands more customers

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Oct 2019


  • I was hired by the Tranis branch to help carry out digital and social media marketing activities for their sales executives
  • This resulted in a steep increase in the number of loan applications within that period

International Campus Business & Consumer

Business Developer and Digital Marketer

Oct 2018


  • Hullmark Links – Organisers of the ICBC Expo partnered with Rhemaworld Consult to assist them with Business Development, Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • I assisted with generating leads and acquiring sponsors and advertisers
  • Handled all digital advertisements for the exhibition
  • Handled Data Analysis, Visualisation and Reporting

Quick Topup

Project Lead and Partner

Dec 2018


  • In collaboration with One4All (Prymo Limited), we developed a totally offline Airtime recharge android application that runs on USSD
  • Handled all digital marketing and online promotional activities for the app
  • The app sold over 27,000 cedis worth of airtime in 2018 alone
  • It was the first of it’s kind in Ghana. An airtime recharge app that doesn’t require internet to function



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

How to write a Social Media Strategist Resume?

For the companies and employers who want to hire a Social Media Strategist, the job entails managing multiple social media channels for marketing purposes. You will be in charge of promoting your company’s products on all aspects of social media, with an emphasis on content strategy, segmentation, and audience engagement. Your resume should highlight your skills in all areas: writing/editing; event planning; project management; coordination; problem-solving; and collaboration. Below are some tips on how to write a resume that will wow employers.

What to include in the Social Media Strategist resume?

Social Media Strategist resume is a combination of general and specific skills. You should include your career history, education background, and relevant projects in your resume.

You can also include specific elements for each job that you’ve held. For instance, if you have worked primarily in social media management during your brief career, then you can include information about the projects that you worked on and the implications of their success or failure on the company’s bottom line.

Your goal is to demonstrate how your experience is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Remember, your resume should be a summary of your relevant career and educational history. It should also demonstrate that you have the skills that are necessary for the job that you are seeking.

Social Media Strategist Resume Writing Tips

Make sure to include your full name, street address, phone number, and email address on your resume. Make sure that all of your contact information is accurate and easily accessible. You don’t want a potential employer to have to use more of their time trying to reach you.

Use bullets, not paragraphs, for each section of your resume. The exception would be for your career objective, which should be stated in a short paragraph at the beginning of your resume. You should also use bullet points when describing each position that you have held–especially if there are numerous positions listed.

Include specific results that you accomplished in each position. It’s also important to include any academic accomplishments, as employers are very interested in hiring college students and recent graduates.

Do not make your resume overly long. If you include too much information, it will be difficult to read and will have the opposite effect that you want. Keep it concise; a resume should only be two pages at most.

Where to Summarize Your Experience?

If you have held many positions in your career, summarize your experience by listing the job title, company name, and the date that you started and ended your position. But don’t include every project that you worked on from each position. You can also include a table that is similar to a resume bullet point list. You should also include your work history as a short paragraph.

How to Write a Social Media Strategist Summary?

The Summary section is a good place to highlight your most important skills and the experience that you have gained that will help you to excel in the position that you are seeking. This portion of the resume allows you to be creative and list specific accomplishments, projects, awards, honors, and courses that you’ve taken. Make sure that everything listed summarizes your most relevant work experience. Be sure to keep this section short; you should only have a few sentences.

Your professional summary is similar to your career summary in that it should include a short paragraph. It can be just a few sentences. Include your technical or specialized skills, but also any coursework that you have completed at the college or university level in addition to the degree that you received.

How to Include your Education?

You should include your education in reverse chronological order, which means that the most recent level of education should be listed first. You should include your college and university name, a degree that you received, the city and state of your school, as well as the date that you graduated or completed the program. If you completed any degree programs online, you should include the city and state where the school is located as well.

Top 15 Must-have Social Media Strategist Skills:

  1. Marketing, Sales, and Communications
  2. Leadership and Influencer Relationships
  3. Teamwork and Collaboration
  4. Management Skills and Organizational Behavior
  5. Time Management Skills 6. Research
  6. Education and Training
  7. Persuasion
  8. Writing
  9. Social Media
  10. Design
  11. Analytics
  12. Problem Solving
  13. Related Skills
  14. Customer Service

Social Media Strategist Cover Letter writing tips:

Include a cover letter in your application package to demonstrate that you are interested in the position that you’re applying for and willing to be contacted by the employer. Your cover letter should be a brief, introductory note written in a professional manner.

Cover letters should never exceed one page, so don’t include any fluff or personal information. You can briefly introduce yourself, but highlight your qualifications in terms of what you believe is important for the position that you’re training for.


This guide will help you whether you are entering the field or looking for a position in the social media management arena that is right for you. Remember to use a clear and concise resume that highlights the skills, abilities, and experience that you have and that will benefit the company. If you try out these tips, your resume will be of a much higher caliber than before, which will lead to better interviews.