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Justin Frank

Account Manager




Proven account management professional with demonstrated communication skills. Analytical, strategic planner and accomplished team leader. Detail- and goal-oriented with 10+ years of experience in the industry. Able to handle and deescalate high-stress situations.



  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A polite, friendly and diplomatic manner
  • Good negotiation skills
  • The ability to prioritise and manage several different tasks at once
  • Identifying potential new clients and business opportunities
  • An excellent understanding of client care
  • Good organisational skills


Work Experience


Account Manager

Dell Technologies (NL)


Mar 2018 – Present

  • Managing Swiss Enterprise Accounts
  • Pipeline building and driving through the whole sales cycle
  • Building and developing local channel landscape
  • Participation on presentation and sale of a value proposition
  • Negotiate and close strategic complex deals


Sales Executive

crossinx GmbH


Mar 2015 – Dec 2016

  • Development of the Swiss Market
  • Market- and competition analyse

Account Manager

VTX Network Solutions AG


Aug 2011 – Feb 2015

  • Managing the existing medium-, large- and key accounts
  • Acquisition of new customers

UPC Cablecom

Sales Professional

Jul 2011


  • Sales and consulting of the whole UPC portfolio
  • Sales and product coaching to new hires

Costumer Consultant

Swisscom Schweiz AG (CH)

Feb 2010


  • Communication solution consulting
  • General call center costumer care responsibilities

Telesales Outbound

Callpoint AG (CH)

Sep 2008


  • Acquisition of new customers and lead generating for Orange Business Solutions AG

Retail Business Specialist

Dosenbach – Ochsner AG (CH)

Mar 2007


Retail Business Specialist – Apprenticeship (CH)

Dosenbach – Ochsner AG

Jul 2006





Sales & Marketing Expert

San Jose State University


Marketing Communication Exam

Northeastern University


Retail Business Specialist PLUS

Arizona State University


Several Internal Sales Trainings

University of South Florida


CEB’s “The Challenger Sale”

Internal at Crossinx





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Account Manager Resume?

Writing a great Account Manager resume is an important step in your job search journey. When writing your resume, be sure to include all relevant experiences, skills, education and achievements that demonstrate your ability to handle the responsibilities of the position. The key areas that should be included in an Account Manager resume are job experience, educational qualifications, and key skills.

When it comes to job experience, it is important to clearly present your experience in managing accounts and working with customers. Provide details of the types of clients you have worked with, the projects you have handled, and any successes you achieved.

When it comes to educational qualifications, it is important to clearly highlight any relevant qualifications. This could include a degree in business, marketing, accounting or finance. You should also include any additional qualifications such as a certificate in customer service, project management or sales.

Finally, it is important to showcase the key skills you have relevant to the role of Account Manager. Be sure to highlight your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, technical knowledge and ability to meet deadlines. Additionally, emphasize any customer service, sales or marketing experience you may have.

By including these key areas in your Account Manager resume, you will be sure to make a strong impression with potential employers . Make sure you provide specific examples of your work experience, any courses or training you have attend- ed, and any awards or recognition that you have achieved. Doing so will demonstrate how you can effectively contribute to the organization in the role of Account Manager.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Account Manager?

When crafting a resume for an Account Manager role, it is important to include the right skills that will make you competitive in the job market. Having the right skills on your resume will make it easier for employers to identify you as a great candidate for the position. Some of the skills that you should consider putting on your resume include:

Business Acumen: An Account Manager should have a strong understanding of all aspects of the business they are working with, including marketing, finance, and operations. They also need to be able to show a good understanding of the company’s goals and objectives.

Analytical Skills: An Account Manager needs to be able to quickly analyze data and come up with strategies to increase profits. They also need to be able to create reports that are easy to understand and can be used for decision-making.

Project Management: Account Managers need to be able to manage projects from start to finish. This includes setting goals, organizing resources, and tracking progress.

Communication Skills: Account Managers need to be able to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. They should be able to clearly communicate ideas and provide feedback in a timely manner.

Negotiation Skills: Account Managers should have excellent negotiation skills in order to close deals and maximize profits. They need to be able to effectively negotiate terms and pricing in order to ensure the best outcome for the company.

Leadership: Account Managers should be able to lead teams and motivate them to achieve their goals. They also need to be able to handle difficult situations and make important decisions.

These are just some of the skills that you should consider putting on your resume for an Account Manager role . Being able to demonstrate these skills in an interview can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting the job.

What Is The Job Description Of The Account Manager?

The role of an Account Manager encompasses a multitude of responsibilities. The primary focus is to ensure the customer’s satisfaction in the products and services they are receiving. This can include sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and even account administration. Account Managers must be able to manage customer relationships, maintain customer loyalty, and develop new business opportunities.

Account Managers must possess excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. They need to be able to multi-task and work both independently and as part of a team. Prior experience in sales, marketing, customer service, and/or project management is a plus, but not required.

The Account Manager will be responsible for meeting set goals and targets, while maintaining customer relationships and exploring new business opportunities. In addition, they must be able to create innovative strategies, build lasting relationships with clients, and oversee customer projects. This role also involves providing customer service support, preparing reports and presentations, and tracking the progress of customer projects. Account Managers must have excellent multitasking and communication skills in order to effectively manage their customers.

Overall, the Account Manager is responsible for maintaining customer loyalty and relationships, while seeking out new business opportunities. They must be able to think outside of the box and develop creative strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. These professionals must be excellent problem solvers, communicators, and multitaskers in order to be successful in the role.

What Is A Good Objective For A Account Manager Resume?

A well-crafted objective is an important part of an effective account manager resume. It should highlight the skills and experience that make you suitable for the role and capture the attention of the hiring manager. When writing your objective for an account manager resume, it’s important to include information about experience, results, and personal strengths.

Your objective should include any experience you have in sales, customer service, or marketing, as well as any industry-specific knowledge. It should also emphasize your ability to handle customer relationships, manage accounts, and meet sales targets. Additionally, you may want to include any positive results you have achieved in the past, such as increased sales or customer satisfaction.

You should also include a few of your personal strengths in your objective. This should include qualities that make you an effective account manager, such as strong communication skills, problem-solving ability, and a customer-oriented mindset. Finally, make sure that your objective is clear and concise; a well-written objective should be no more than a few sentences long.

By using a compelling, results-focused objective on your account manager resume, you can ensure that your resume will capture the attention of the hiring manager and show them why you are the best candidate for the job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Account Manager?

The career prospects for an Account Manager are incredibly promising. With the growth of the global economy and the need for businesses to expand their customer base, the demand for experienced Account Managers is expected to rise. Account Managers are responsible for managing a large portfolio of accounts, ensuring customer satisfaction and providing customer service. This role requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to manage multiple projects with accuracy and efficiency.

An Account Manager is expected to have a strong understanding of the company’s products, services, and industry. They must be able to build relationships with customers and understand their needs and expectations. An Account Manager is also expected to be able to identify new opportunities for the company and develop strategies to acquire new customers. Furthermore, Account Managers must be well-versed in utilizing the latest technologies and tools for data analysis, market research, and customer segmentation.

As the Account Manager role becomes more in-demand, the salary and benefits associated with the position are increasing as well. As a result, many companies are now offering competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages to attract and retain top talent. With the right qualifications and experience, an Account Manager can earn a very attractive salary and be in a position to take advantage of the many opportunities available.

Overall, an Account Manager is a highly sought-after role and the career prospects are incredibly promising. With the right qualifications and experience, an Account Manager can expect to enjoy a long and successful career in this field. As Account Managers continue to become more in-demand, the need for experienced and qualified professionals will only grow.

Key Takeaways for an Account Manager resume

An Account Manager is a critical role for any organization, as they are responsible for managing relationships with clients and ensuring customer satisfaction. As such, it is essential to have a well-crafted Account Manager resume that captures your qualifications, experience, and accomplishments in order to stand out from the competition. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when creating an Account Manager resume:

Highlight Your Relevant Experience: Focus on any relevant experience you have in sales, customer service, and account management that demonstrate your ability to handle customer relationships and provide a high level of customer satisfaction. Emphasize any successes you have had in the past such as increased sales or customer loyalty.

Outline Your Technical Skills: Make sure to include any technical skills that you possess related to account management and customer service, such as working with customer relationship management (CRM) software, developing customer strategies, or working with financial systems.

Demonstrate Your Communication Skills: Your resume should showcase your communication and interpersonal skills required to successfully handle customer relationships. Make sure to highlight any customer service or sales-related experience you have, such as managing customer inquiries, resolving customer service issues, or handling customer complaints.

Provide Examples of Your Problem-Solving Skills: Showcase your problem-solving skills by providing examples of how you have successfully addressed customer issues or led projects to improve customer service.

By following these tips, you can create a strong resume that shows potential employers that you are an experienced and qualified Account Manager.