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Victor Nathan

Kitchen and Food Steward




I am a qualified cook who is looking for a full-time job in order to enhance my skills and gain
more experience and knowledge.



  • Good Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Friendly personality
  • Quick in problem solving
  • Critical thinking


Work Experience


Pass/Food preparation worker

Lupo Trattoria, Halkida (Greece)

Mar 2020


Italian restaurant,Food preparation worker before running the pass.

Pantry Cook / Food preparation worker

Amaronda Resort And Spa Eretria, Eretria (Greece)

Oct 2019


Cold Kitchen : I start as food preparation worker but it took me less than two months to be the Pantry Cook.I was making cold appetizers ,salads,vinaigrettes and dips.Preparing the cold buffet for dinner.also i was running snack orders like salads, sandwiches and burgers.

Hot kitchen : After cold kitchen sift I used to help hot kitchen with meat, poultry and fish preparations.

Warehouse worker

Unilever logistics AE, Schimatari (Greece)

Oct 2018


Food warehouse.I pick ticket orders from warehouse staff and management and physically pulls inventory from the shelves to ensure accurate delivery of warehouse products. Also packs orders, including shrink wrapping contents onto pallets, and loads them on trucks.




Kitchen and Food Steward (Chef)

San Jose State University

May 2019


I have learned professional cooking techniques and methods .Food Knowledge,
hygiene & quality control.Supplies and equipment control.The basic skills covered in the course were:
chopping and blanching vegetables, butchering a whole chicken, making basic stocks,doughs,
making mother sauces, correctly cooking eggs, rice and pasta.

Unified Senior High School

Northeastern University

Jun 2006





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Food Steward Resume?

When writing your resume as a Food Steward, it’s important to include all relevant experience and qualifications that make you the ideal candidate for the position. To stand out from other applicants, be sure to emphasize your unique skills and qualifications that are applicable to the job you’re applying for.

Begin your Food Steward resume with a professional summary that highlights your experience in the food service industry. Include any applicable certifications, awards, and experience that demonstrate your expertise in the field. Be sure to also emphasize your ability to meet customer needs and ensure food safety.

In the body of your resume, include past positions that relate to the Food Steward position. Detail your responsibilities and roles in each job, emphasizing your successes. Be sure to note any awards or recognition you may have received for your work and any leadership positions you may have held.

Include any relevant skills that may make you a desirable candidate, such as knowledge of food safety regulations, customer service experience, and strong communication skills. Include any courses or education related to food service, as well as any certifications you may have.

Finally, don’t forget to list any relevant volunteer experience you’ve had. Any volunteer experience that highlights your ability to take initiative and work in a team environment can make a great addition to your resume.

By highlighting your experience, qualifications, and skills, you can create a Food Steward resume that stands out from other applicants. Make sure to emphasize all the ways you can contribute to the job and provide great customer service. With the right resume and qualifications, you can be the perfect candidate for the Food Steward position.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Food Steward?

When crafting your Food Steward resume, it is important to include the right skills in order to stand out to potential employers. As a Food Steward, you are responsible for providing excellent customer service and ensuring that the restaurant meets all health and safety standards. Therefore, you should highlight on your resume your skills in customer service, food safety, and the ability to multitask.

Customer service is a key skill for Food Steward. You should emphasize your ability to provide excellent customer service to all guests. Describe any prior experience you have had with customer service and include any relevant certifications that demonstrate your understanding of customer service principles.

Food safety is another important skill to include on your Food Steward resume. Be sure to include certifications in food safety that you may have earned and any experience you have in ensuring food safety standards. Additionally, you should highlight any prior experience you have had in working in a commercial kitchen.

Finally, you should emphasize the ability to multitask, as Food Stewards are responsible for a variety of tasks including taking orders, serving food, stocking supplies, and cleaning up after guests. Describe any prior experience you have had in multitasking and include any relevant certifications that show your understanding of multitasking.

By emphasizing these key skills on your Food Steward resume, you can demonstrate your value to potential employers and stand out from other applicants. Showing that you have the right skills and experience to be an effective Food Steward will help you land the job.

What Is The Job Description Of The Food Steward?

The job description of a food steward is to take care of the day-to-day operations related to food and beverage preparation, presentation, and service. The food steward’s main duties are to prepare and serve food, as well as manage the dining room. They must adhere to health and safety regulations, as well as regulations set forth by local, state, and federal health departments.

The food steward should be knowledgeable in all aspects of food handling, from the kitchen to the dining room. This includes preparing ingredients, measuring and mixing ingredients, cooking, serving, and cleaning up. They must be aware of food safety regulations and follow them when preparing and serving food. In addition, they must ensure that food is properly stored and handled according to regulations.

Food stewards must also be knowledgeable in restaurant etiquette and customer service. They must be able to interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner. They must be able to take orders, answer questions about menu items, and ensure that guests have a pleasant dining experience.

The food steward must also be organized and able to manage their time efficiently. They must be able to set up and break down the dining room quickly and efficiently, and maintain the cleanliness of the dining area. They must also be able to work with other staff members and coordinate tasks to ensure that food is served in a timely manner.

Finally, the food steward must have a strong work ethic and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. They must be able to handle pressure and remain calm in stressful situations. They must also be dependable, honest, and take initiative in order to ensure that the restaurant runs effi iciently.

What Is A Good Objective For A Food Steward Resume?

When creating a food steward resume, it’s important to have a strong objective statement that tells potential employers why you are the right candidate for the job. The objective statement should be clear and concise, providing information on your qualifications and experience.

A good objective statement for a food steward resume should include your experience working in a restaurant setting. This includes any customer service or food safety training you may have received. Also, include a brief description of the duties you performed in a previous role and how your skills and knowledge would be beneficial to the new job. It’s important to make sure that your resume objective statement is tailored to the job you are applying for, focusing on how you can help the employer.

Your resume objective statement should also show that you are passionate about food and customer service and are determined to provide excellent service. Showing that you have a good understanding of food safety protocols and regulations is also beneficial. Showing the employer that you have the ability to work efficiently, multitask and handle difficult customers is also a plus.

Finally, your objective statement should explain why you are the best choice for the job. Emphasize any special skills or qualifications you have that make you the ideal candidate for the position. By taking the time to create a strong and unique objective statement, you will be setting yourself apart from other applicants and putting yourself in the best position to land the job.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Food Steward?

Food stewards are responsible for providing a safe and sanitary environment in a restaurant setting. They are responsible for cleaning up after meals, ensuring all food items are properly stored and labeled, and disposing of garbage in a responsible and timely manner. Food stewards also help to prepare meals, serve meals, and serve beverages to customers. In addition, they may be responsible for handling inventory, checking menus and pricing, and assisting with customer service.

The job market for food stewards is fairly strong, with many restaurants and other food service establishments hiring these professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that food stewards typically earn an average annual salary of about $26,000, with the potential for higher earnings in certain areas. In addition to a strong salary, food stewards can enjoy a variety of benefits such as insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time.

Food stewards who are interested in furthering their careers can pursue additional education and training. Many schools offer courses on food safety, sanitation, and customer service that can help food stewards stay up to date on the latest industry standards. In addition, food stewards can take courses in food preparation, cooking, and nutrition, which can help them become even more valuable in the food service industry. With additional education and training, food stewards can become more marketable in the job market and can potentially increase their earning potential.

Key Takeaways for an Food Steward resume

As a Food Steward, you have an important role in the hospitality industry. You are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food served in a restaurant, cafeteria, or any other food service establishment. As such, your resume should accurately reflect your wide range of skills and experience as a Food Steward.

There are certain key takeaways when it comes to writing a Food Steward resume. First, you should have a good understanding of the various food safety and quality regulations. You should be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of food safety and quality standards, as well as a solid understanding of kitchen operations. Additionally, you should be able to show your experience in managing a kitchen staff and creating an efficient food service environment.

Your resume should also emphasize your ability to work within tight deadlines and ensure food quality. You should be able to communicate effectively and demonstrate your ability to work with different types of people. Furthermore, your resume should include any customer service experience you may have as a Food Steward, as well as any certifications or awards you have received.

Finally, it is important to highlight any special skills you may have such as HACCP certification, knowledge of foreign cuisines, or food safety certification. These specializations can help to set you apart from other applicants and give you a competitive edge.

By emphasizing these key takeaways, you can ensure that your Food Steward resume is as effective as possible in helping you secure a position. With the right combination of knowledge, experience, and specializations, you can be sure to make an impact on any hiring manager.