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James Kevin

Functional Management


5+ years of experience in Functional Management. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel andPowerpoint. Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to perform well with in a team.

Work Experience

Front Desk Associate

Action Property Management

  • Represent Action Property Management and the association by greeting residents, guests, and other visitors at the Front Desk in a welcoming and professional manner.
  • Document reports of disturbances that occur; evaluate the situation and contact the proper authority (i.e. Police, Fire Department, Management) to resolve the problem.
  • Note accurately any issues or information throughout the work shift in the Daily Activity Report; read the pass-on log and read any e-mails for information pertinent to Front Desk; communicate effectively with co-workers to assure a smooth transition of shifts. • Perform parcel check ins.

Operations Supervisor

CVS Pharmacy

Nov 2018
  • Effectively communicate information both to and from store management and crews
  • Handle all customer relations issues in accordance with company policy

    and promote a positive shopping experience for all CVS customers

    ·Provide colleagues personalized customer service feedback and coaching (E.g., myImpact coaching; myCustomer feedback; personal observations)

  • Support the planning, execute the display and maintenance of off-shelf merchandise

Assistant Manager

Walgreens Inc.

Nov 2015
  • Performs and supervises merchandising by planning and ensuring the implementation, sets, resets and revisions of basic department and end stands, display tables, and promotional space, using multiple discount pricing, signs, advertising, promotional items, seasonality, etc.
  • Ensures compliance with all corporate policies, applicable employment laws, and is consistently fair in the treatment of all team members.Training and Personal Development
  • Communicates regularly with team members through one-on-one discussions, group meetings, soliciting input, answering questions, and ensuring communication is open between management and non-management team members.


General Curriculum

San Jose State University

Jun 2000


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Functional Management Resume?

When creating a functional management resume, there are several important aspects to consider. As a management professional, you will want to include your qualifications, working experiences, and career goals. These components should be highlighted in a way that showcases your leadership abilities and sets you apart from the competition.

Your resume should begin with your contact information, followed by a summary of your experience and qualifications. This section should include the duration of your management experience and the positions you have held. You can also mention any awards or accolades you have received, such as the Manager of the Year Award.

The next section should focus on your management experience, with details about the job responsibilities you have had and the results you have achieved. This is the opportunity to showcase your skills and successes in a concise and clear way. You should also include any relevant certifications or licenses that demonstrate your professional proficiency.

The final section should focus on your career objectives and skills. Here, you should include your long-term vision and goals, as well as any specializations or areas of expertise. Make sure to highlight your communication and problem-solving skills, as these are essential for any successful managerial role.

By following these guidelines, you can create an effective and impactful functional management resume. With the right details and a clear focus on your qualifications and experiences, you can create a resume that stands out from the competition and sets you up for success.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Functional Management?

When it comes to applying for a functional management role, your resume should be a reflection of the wide range of skills required to succeed in this position. As the job duties of a functional manager involve overseeing multiple departments and supervising multiple teams, you must demonstrate your ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

It is important to highlight your technical, interpersonal and managerial skills on your resume. Demonstrating your ability to handle complex tasks, such as budgeting, resource allocation, and strategic planning, as well as your experience in leading teams, developing policies and procedures, and overseeing projects is essential.

Your resume should also show that you have strong problem-solving and communication skills. Detail your experience in dealing with customer complaints, resolving conflicts and providing guidance to staff. Showcase your ability to manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously across multiple departments.

It is also important to show that you have the ability to work with diverse groups of people. Demonstrate your understanding of different cultural backgrounds and ability to be open-minded and understanding. Highlight your experience in working with cross-functional teams, developing and maintaining relationships and providing direction and support to staff in a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Finally, highlight your experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve organizational goals. Detail your ability to create and manage budgets, develop and monitor performance metrics, and measure results. Showcase your knowledge of industry trends, best practices, and techniques in managing the operations of an organization.

What Is The Job Description Of The Functional Management?

Functional management is a vital role in any business organization, often overseeing the operations and strategies of a company. It involves the coordination and implementation of strategies and activities that are necessary for the success of the organization. The job description for a functional manager includes a variety of duties and responsibilities, depending on the organization and the size of the team. Some of the main responsibilities of a functional manager include overseeing the development and implementation of new strategies, policy changes, and processes; providing guidance and support to team members; and working with other departments to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met. Additionally, a functional manager may also be responsible for managing budgets, evaluating and reporting on performance, and communicating with external stakeholders.

Functional management is a demanding role that requires excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. To be successful in this role, you must be able to develop effective strategies, delegate tasks and resources, and ensure that deadlines and goals are met. Additionally, you must be able to work well with other departments, recognize and reward employees for their work, and motivate and influence them to perform at their best.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in functional management, it is essential that you have an excellent resume to showcase your skills and experience. Crafting a functional management resume can be tricky, but with the right strategies and resources, you can create a document that will make a powerful first impression.

What Is A Good Objective For A Functional Management Resume?

When writing a resume for a functional management job, it is important to include an effective objective statement. This statement should be tailored to the position and should explain why the candidate is the best fit for the job. A good objective for a functional management resume should demonstrate the applicant’s organizational, problem-solving, and leadership skills. In addition, it should also show how the individual can use their knowledge and expertise to benefit the company.

It is important for functional management resumes to demonstrate the ability to think strategically and make decisions quickly. A good objective should also highlight the applicant’s superior communication and interpersonal skills. These skills will be invaluable to the position, as functional managers must be able to effectively interact with both subordinates and superiors. Furthermore, the objective should show how the candidate is able to remain focused and organized while managing a variety of tasks.

Finally, the objective should demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to the organization. This is especially important for functional management positions, as the successful candidate will be expected to take on a leadership role within the company. By outlining the applicant’s desire to help the company succeed and make a positive contribution, it will show that they are a valuable asset to the organization.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Functional Management?

Functional management is a rapidly growing field with many opportunities available for those looking to break into the field. With the right qualifications and experience, it can be a rewarding career path with plenty of room for advancement. The functional manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of an organization and ensuring that processes are running at an efficient and effective level. This involves managing people, budgeting, making sure deadlines are met, and setting goals to help the organization reach its goals.

Functional management is a great field for those who are organized and have great communication and problem-solving skills. It requires a high level of management skills and knowledge of business processes. A functional manager must be able to develop strategies to achieve goals and be comfortable working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Those with a degree in management, business, or a related field are well-positioned to pursue a career in functional management. Many organizations prefer candidates who have experience working in a particular field and can demonstrate their understanding of the industry. Having a portfolio of successful projects that you have managed is also beneficial to potential employers.

Functional management is a rewarding career path that can provide job security, excellent salary potential, and the opportunity to help organizations achieve their goals. If you have the right qualifications and experience, there are plenty of opportunities available in this field. With the right approach and dedication, you can have a successful and rewarding career in functional management.

Key Takeaways for an Functional Management resume

Having a Functional Management resume is an important part of applying for a job in such a field. A Functional Management resume should provide potential employers with a comprehensive overview of an applicant’s relevant experience and skills. There are a few key takeaways to consider when writing a Functional Management resume.

  • First, the resume should focus on accomplishments rather than duties. While it is important to list one’s job duties and responsibilities, it is best to also mention any successes or achievements related to the position. For example, if the applicant was responsible for a successful project, that information should be included in the resume.
  • Second, it is important to include specific details and metrics to back up any accomplishments. This can be done by providing data on how the project was implemented or how the applicant solved a problem. This will give the employer a better understanding of the applicant’s capabilities and the level of success they can bring to the job.
  • Third, the resume should be tailored to the specific job. By including relevant keywords and job responsibilities, the applicant can show that they are familiar with the industry and the specific job they are applying for.
  • Finally, the resume should be concise and organized. The employer should be able to quickly skim through the resume to get a clear understanding of the applicant’s experience and skills. It is important to focus on the most relevant information and leave out unnecessary details.

By following these key takeaways, an applicant can create an effective Functional Management resume that will help them stand out from the competition. An effective resume can be the difference between gaining an interview or not. Therefore, it is important to take the time to create a well-crafted Functional Management resume that showcases the applicant’s skills and experience.