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Justin Marsh

Head of Sales




Over 15 years of experience in sales and key account management for high profile online travel and e-commerce companies.

Results driven sales and key account management leader generating millions of dollars in revenue and maximizing profitability for industry leading companies. Drives and implements strategies across multiple roles in the technology, media, and travel industry. Matrix collaboration with product, engineering, operations, finance, marketing and legal. Driven achiever known for building, motivating, and leading powerful teams.



  • Tourism & Online Travel
  • Sales Leadership
  • Key Account Management
  • New Business Development
  • Team Building
  • Team Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Business Analysis
  • Organic Gardening
  • Permaculture


Work Experience


Group Head of Sales




  • Manage and grow high performance Sales & Key Account Management Team of Meta Search and Digital Advertising Programs.
  • Responsible for biggest global client portfolio, including global OTA accounts such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, as well as regional EMEA OTA accounts and tour operators.
  • Devise solutions based selling balanced approach to what is right for the client and the business. Develop new products in cooperation with international cross-functional teams (product, engineering, analytics/data science, operations, legal, finance).
  • Planned and executed, as key member of selected team, sales reorganization involving 300+ employees (2019).

Senior Manager, Key Accounts

JK Solutions

Dec 2016


  • Managed global key account and biggest book of business for Meta Search Programs at TripAdvisor with more than $300m annual revenue and double-digit growth YoY.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams (product, analytics, data science, engineering, finance, marketing and legal) to develop optimization strategies, new products and solutions for my client.
  • Monitored and advised client on market and competitor movement.

Senior Client Marketing Manager


Jul 2010


Digital River offers SaaS commerce, payments and digital marketing services. They are the leading global provider of Commerce-as-a-Service solutions, supporting a best-in-class shopper experience across all devices and complete order management.

  • Managed and developed the online business for key accounts in the software and consumer electronic industry. Delivered 43% YoY revenue growth and client satisfaction score of 95%.
  • Worked with SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Email Marketing teams to drive traffic to the online store.
  • Optimized online shopper experience and store design through rigorous, methodical program of site optimization, testing (including A/B, MVT) and understanding of behavioural patterns.
  • Managed interdepartmental and global teams to ensure smooth, accurate delivery of projects.

Project Manager –White Label


Jul 2007


  • Led the set-up and launch of
    WooCommerce white label solution in the German market.
  • Prospected, negotiated with and onboarded new partners. Launched 30+ new partners and grew
    WooCommerce Germany bookings by 100%. Managed partner relationships and optimized their campaigns.




Masters in Business Administration

San Jose State University

Sep 2002


Diploma in Marketing

Northeastern University

Sep 2001


Bachelors in Accounts

Arizona State University

Mar 2000





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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What Should Be Included In A Head of Sales Resume?

When writing a resume for a Head of Sales position, it’s important to make sure that all relevant information is included. A Head of Sales is a top executive position, so the resume should reflect the level of professionalism expected. The following are some of the key points to consider when crafting a Head of Sales resume.

First, make sure to include a concise summary that quickly and effectively communicates your skills and experience. This is the first thing the recruiter will read, and it should be clear and compelling. Additionally, be sure to list your most impressive professional accomplishments. This will give the recruiter an idea of the level of success you can bring to the company.

Next, make sure to include any relevant education and certifications. This will give the recruiter a better understanding of your abilities and qualifications. Additionally, include a list of any previous sales positions and the successes you experienced. This will give a clear overview of your sales experience and will allow the recruiter to compare your accomplishments.

Finally, include any soft skills or related experience that can be useful in a Head of Sales role. This could include management experience, customer service skills, or any other relevant skills that could be beneficial. This will give the recruiter an idea of the kind of leader you are, and the kind of success you can bring to the company.

By including these key elements in your Head of Sales resume, you can ensure that the recruiter has all the relevant information to make an informed decision about your candidacy.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Head of Sales?

When it comes to applying for a position as Head of Sales, you need to make sure that your resume is tailored to the job in order to demonstrate your skills and experience in the best possible light. One of the ways to do this is to focus on the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the role. When creating your resume, it is important to think about the skills you have that will be beneficial for the Head of Sales position you are applying for.

Some of the most important skills to highlight on your resume for a Head of Sales position include leadership and management, communication, negotiation, problem solving, customer service, and sales experience. You should try to focus on these skills and include them in your resume.

Leadership and management skills are important for a Head of Sales position as you will need to lead a team of sales professionals and ensure they are working together effectively. You should demonstrate your ability to lead, motivate and inspire your team to reach their goals.

Good communication skills are also essential for a Head of Sales position. You will need to be able to effectively communicate with your team and customers in order to build relationships and make sales.

Negotiation skills are also important for a Head of Sales position. You will need to be able to effectively negotiate with customers in order to close deals and secure sales.

Problem solving skills are also important for a Head of Sales position as you will need to be able to solve complex problems in order to ensure that the sales process goes smoothly.

Customer service skills are also important for a Head of Sales position. You will need to be able to provide excellent customer service in order to build relationships and ensure customer satisfaction .

Finally, it is important for a Head of Sales to have excellent leadership skills. You will need to be able to motivate, inspire, and guide your team to reach their goals. You should be able to make decisions quickly and effectively, and be able to handle difficult situations calmly.

What Is The Job Description Of The Head of Sales?

The Head of Sales is a critical role in any organization. This position is responsible for leading and managing a sales team, setting sales goals and objectives, developing and implementing effective sales strategies, and driving sales performance. The Head of Sales is also responsible for overseeing the sales process, from lead generation to customer acquisition, and developing and maintaining customer relationships.

The Head of Sales is a highly visible role that requires strong organizational and interpersonal skills. As the leader of the sales team, the Head of Sales must be able to motivate, manage, and develop team members, create strategies that increase sales, and manage the budget. Additionally, the Head of Sales must have an in-depth understanding of the market, the industry, and the customers.

The Head of Sales must have excellent communication skills, be able to effectively negotiate, and have the ability to build relationships with clients and vendors. The Head of Sales must possess strong leadership skills, be able to provide guidance to the team, and be able to develop and implement effective sales plans. In addition, the Head of Sales must have the ability to analyze data, identify trends and opportunities, and develop reports to track sales performance.

Overall, the Head of Sales is a highly demanding role that requires a wide range of skills and experience. An effective Head of Sales must be able to lead, manage, motivate, and develop their team, create and execute successful sales strategies, and ensure customer satisfaction. Successful candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of the market, the industry, and the customers, as well as strong communication and organizational skills.

What Is A Good Objective For A Head of Sales Resume?

When crafting a Head of Sales resume, the objective is an important section to consider. A good resume objective should demonstrate the skills and experience you bring to the role, as well as outlining the results you intend to achieve. This section of the resume should be tailored to the specific position, making sure to emphasize the qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the job.

When writing your Head of Sales resume objective, consider the following:

  • Highlight your experience leading successful sales teams: Emphasize important accomplishments from your previous positions that demonstrate your effectiveness in leading sales teams.
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in customer service: Showcase your ability to provide the highest level of customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.
  • Provide examples of your work with sales strategies and KPIs: Demonstrate your knowledge of sales strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs) to show recruiters how you can use them to help the company reach its goals.
  • Showcase your problem-solving abilities: Demonstrate your ability to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Highlight your leadership skills: Showcase your ability to motivate and manage the sales team to maximize their performance and reach their goals.

By emphasizing your relevant qualifications and accomplishments, you can create an effective resume objective to help you stand out from the competition. With a well-crafted resume objective, you can show recruiters that you have the skills and experience needed to succeed as a Head of Sales.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Head of Sales?

The career prospects of the Head of Sales position are excellent. The role of a Head of Sales is an incredibly important one, as they are responsible for a company’s overall sales strategy and its implementation. They are in charge of setting goals, budgeting, and leading a team of sales professionals. In addition, they are responsible for developing relationships with customers and identifying potential new customers.

In terms of job security, the Head of Sales position is highly desirable. This is due to the fact that it is often a sought-after position and can be a great way to progress in a career. There is also the potential for career advancement, as many companies are on the lookout for talented individuals to take on leadership roles.

The compensation for this position can also be quite generous. Depending on the company, the salary and bonus structure can be quite lucrative. Additionally, there are many opportunities for travel and networking that come with the job.

For those interested in a career in the sales field, the Head of Sales position is an excellent option. It offers a great opportunity to make a real difference in a company’s bottom line, while also providing an excellent opportunity for personal and professional development.

Key Takeaways for an Head of Sales resume

Writing a resume for a Head of Sales role can be a daunting task. After all, it’s a highly competitive field and potential employers will want to see your qualifications in order to be considered for the role. That said, there are some key takeaways to consider when writing an effective Head of Sales resume.

Start off by making sure your resume is well organized and easy to read. Include a professional summary at the top of your resume that outlines your experience and other qualifications. Include a section listing your key skills and abilities and highlight any industry-related certifications you may have.

Specify any relevant sales experience you have, including specific job titles and descriptions of the roles. Be sure to include any accomplishments you’ve made in previous roles. This can help potential employers see the direct impact you’ve had on improving sales.

Make sure to include any relevant education and training programs you’ve completed. This can be anything from an MBA program to sales-related certifications. Be sure to include any awards or honors you’ve received as well.

Finally, list any relevant professional affiliations or memberships you may have. This can demonstrate to potential employers your commitment to staying informed and up-to-date on industry trends and developments.

By following these key takeaways, you can create a well-crafted Head of Sales resume that will help you stand out from other applicants. With the right resume, you’ll be one step closer to landing the job of your dreams.