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Christa Harry

Landscape Architect




I am a Passionate landscape Architect with three Years Experience in both Design and Build and in Specifically Landscape Architecture, Construction and Urban Planning(Sustainable transport Planning). I am currently working with NY Initiative, Retrofitting streets and Open spaces in Nairobi. In addition to this, the role of intentional design in sustainable transport planning and strengthening community involvement in safeguarding public open spaces is what I am most passionate about.



  • Drafting Softwares( ArchiCAD, AutoCAD)
  • 3D Visualization Softwares(Sketchup, 3Ds Max)
  • Rendering Softwares(Lumion, Vray)
  • Management and Presentation Softwares(Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite)
  • Research Tools and Methodologies
  • Mapping Softwares(ArcGIS , QGIS)
  • Project Management(Project workplans, Budgets , Fundraising and Reports)
  • Community Engagement
  • Effective Time Management
  • Good team Player


Work Experience


Project /Research Assistant

Safer Nairobi Initiative/NCCG



During my current work with Nairobi County’s Safer Nairobi Initiative, I have contributed in Research and Sustainable planning for streets and Open spaces in Nairobi. In addition to this, the role of intentional design in sustainable transport planning and strengthening community involvement in safeguarding public open spaces is what I am most passionate about.

Volunteer and Treasurer , Nipe Sauti Africa.

Nipe Sauti Africa



At Nipe sauti Africa, i leverage my varied expertise as well as my strong leadership, time management,Fundraising and interpersonal skills to make an immediate and positive impact in the society. Through this i have contributed to making an impact in but not limited to :- Mentoring students, Constructing classrooms in Resource deficient areas, Volunteers works at Cancer centers and Hospitals .

Freelance Landscape Architect and Entrepreneur

Self Employed

Mar 2018


Through this experience, i have gained experience at:- Management of Private Projects from Inception to Completion, Client management and Business and finance management, which have been instrumental in my career growth.

Site Co-coordinator and Landscape Architect

DesignCon. Ltd

Dec 2016


During my work at Design Con. Ltd, i gained experience at Construction Project management in the following areas:-

  • Oversaw employee attendance record, handled payroll and ordered new materials for sites.
  • Kept sites compliant with NCA Compliance.
  • Read plans and blueprints and communicated to workers.
  • Served as point of contact for clients to deliver information on work progress and resolve on-site technical problems.
  • Attended on-site meetings with subcontractors and clients per month.
  • Managed subcontractor personnel activity and team resources to meet all project requirements.
  • Implemented safety procedures and verified workers wore proper safety attire to limit injuries and prevent accidents.
  • Communicated daily with vendors to keep project fully operational.
  • Scheduled labor, ordered materials and coordinated with other contractors to complete projects.
  • Coordinated crew and subcontractor work activities and materials acquisition and maintenance.
  • Handled all issues with relative ease by implementing best practices and applying critical thinking skills to find best solutions.

Landscape Design and Installation Coordinator

TransAfrica Landscapes Ltd.

Aug 2016


During my working with this upcoming Company,i gained great experience at managing a Landscape Architecture Design Start-up.

My roles included:

  • Created and implemented variety of landscaping designs based on residential and commercial customer specifications, climate, location and budget.
  • Provided follow-up appointments with clients to ensure that finished projects met expectations.
  • Mentored newly hired employees and contractors in various landscaping tasks and equipment including irrigation systems, shrubbery, and horticulture.
  • Calculated volume take-off and cost estimates for small to large landscape, irrigation and hardscape projects.
  • Worked closely with clients in materials and plantings selection and made suggestions on best options for environment.
  • Prepared documentation for various regulatory approvals.
  • Kept project on schedule and within budget while serving as project leader.



Sep 2015


This Opportunity provided a Learning Opportunity in Landscape Design , Construction and Maintenance, Better Mastery of Design Softwares as well as Team work.




Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

San Jose State University

Nov 2016


  • Graduated with First Class Hons
  • Thesis: Transformation of waste for Recreation.
  • Graduated in Top of 2016 Landscape Architecture Class
  • Member of Architectural students association
  • Awarded Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic excellence

Certificate Architectural Softwares

Northeastern University

Nov 2017


Graduated with a Distinction in Auto Cad drafting and 3DS Max Modeling and Rendering

Certificate in Defensive Driving

Arizona State University

Aug 2013


Graduated with a Class E Driving License

Certificate in Computer Packages

University of South Florida

Mar 2012


Awarded a Certificate in Computer Packages

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Sacred Heart Roret Girls Secondary School

Nov 2011


  • Graduated in Top of Class a grade of A-(79 Points)
  • Elected Vice Chairperson of the Math and Science Club
  • Member of the YCS and Math and Science Club
  • Graduated cum laude in Roret Division.

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE)

Kitengela Academy

Nov 2007


  • Graduated with 348 Marks out of the Possible 500 Marks
  • Member of the Wildlife and Scouts Club
  • Awarded Most Outstanding girl.

Lower-Upper Primary Education

Mwangaza Academy

Dec 2003


Lower Primary Education

Cheptikit Academy

Dec 2001


Lower Primary education

Seanin Primary School

Dec 2000





Placemaking Week 2020

Support Organizer



Organizing Placemaking week Event at Short Street Nairobi which will be an extension of Luthuli Avenue.

NY Project: Bike and Walk Trails

Landscape Architect and Researcher



Mapping out existing NMT facilities in Nairobi and Developing a City Wide Network of Walking and biking trails and support Infrastructure in collaboration with Critical Mass ,UNHabitat Urban Mobility Unit and other partners.

Revitalization of Luthuli avenue and Placemaking week 2019

Project/ Research Assistant



The project sought to demonstrate the benefits and potential for walkability and bikeability in Nairobi, the relevance of creative methods in understanding the most pressing mobility challenges and the role of intentional design in getting people to walk and linger in downtown Nairobi.

Kerarapon Residential Landscape Installation

Landscape Architect and Sub-Contractor

Oct 2019


Designed and Installed Residential Landscape.

Athi River Commuter Railway Station

Landscape Architect

Aug 2018


Supported the Nairobi County Government, Transport Unit in retrofitting the Old Kenya Commuter Railway Station.

Syokimau Residential Homes

Site supervisor and Landscape architect

Dec 2016


Supervised Implemention of 4 No. Residential Homes in the Syokimau Area, Mombasa Road, Kenya.

Kenya DCI Frontage

Landscape Designer and Implementation co-ordinator

Aug 2016


Retroffited the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Frontage.

Oilibya Petrol Station Landscaping

Landscape Designer

Aug 2018


Re-envisioned two Oilibya Petrol Station Landscapes.

Zamani Business Park

Landscape Design Support Intern

Aug 2014




  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Landscape Architect Resume?

When it comes to crafting a standout landscape architect resume, it’s important to include the right terms and information to ensure you stand out among the competition. A well-written resume should include details that are specific to the job you’re applying for.

When writing your Landscape Architect resume, you should include a summary statement, a list of your skills and qualifications, a list of your education credentials, and a list of your relevant work experience. You should also detail any awards and recognition you may have received for your work in the field.

In the summary statement, you should provide an overview of your qualifications and accomplishments as a landscape architect. This could include any certifications or licenses you may have in the field, such as LEED or Landscape Architecture Certification. You should also give a brief overview of your experience and the types of projects you’ve completed.

Your skills and qualifications section should include any software or technical skills you have that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. This could include AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, or 3D Modeling software. You should also include any other skills you have that make you a qualified candidate, such as project management, cost estimation, or research.

In the education credentials section, you should include any degrees or certifications you may have in the field. This could include a degree in Landscape Architecture, or any other related degrees or certifications. You should also include any educational institutions you have attended and any relevant courses you may have taken.

Finally, you should include a list of relevant work experience and types of projects you have completed. This could include the design of a public park or a residential landscape, or the renovations of an existing garden. You should also list any relevant work experience, such as working in a nursery or landscaping company. If you have any publications or presentations you’ve given, you should also include these in this section. Additionally, you should list any skills or specialties, such as project management, cost estimation, or research, that you may have in the field.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect resume should demonstrate a range of skills that demonstrate an ability to design, plan, and manage complex projects. When looking for jobs in this field, your resume should include a unique blend of technical, artistic, and managerial skills.

In terms of technical skills, emphasis should be placed on your ability to use CAD software, GIS mapping, and other computer-aided design systems. You should also include your ability to read and interpret topographical maps and blueprints. In addition, you should highlight your knowledge of plants, soil, and water management.

You should also demonstrate your artistic abilities on your landscape architect resume. This includes your ability to create sketches, drawings, and models of potential designs. Of course, you should describe your familiarity with landscaping techniques, such as terracing, rock gardening, and water features.

Finally, you should emphasize your managerial and organizational skills. These include your ability to manage multiple projects, coordinate with contractors and other relevant parties, and adhere to specific budgets and time frames. Additionally, you should showcase your ability to work with clients and other stakeholders to develop a design that meets their needs.

What Is The Job Description Of The Landscape Architect?

As a Landscape Architect, your job is to design outdoor spaces to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You may be working with private clients, government agencies, or corporations to create a variety of projects, such as parks, gardens, golf courses, residential developments, and more. While these projects are often creative in nature, the job of a Landscape Architect also requires an understanding of engineering principles, natural environment laws and regulations, and construction methods.

Your job could include anything from selecting materials to be used for a project, to developing plans for the project and then overseeing its construction. You will also be responsible for meeting with clients and other stakeholders to discuss ideas and present drawings, sketches, and models to illustrate your designs. Additionally, you will need to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in technology, materials, and practices in order to keep up with the changing landscape of the profession.

A successful Landscape Architect needs to have a strong eye for design, an understanding of the environment, and the ability to think critically and solve problems. Excellent communication skills are also essential, as you will need to be able to work with a variety of people throughout the design and construction process. Lastly, a Landscape Architect must be able to collaborate with a team and manage multiple projects at the same time.

What Is A Good Objective For A Landscape Architect Resume?

Having a well-crafted objective is essential on any landscape architect resume. A good objective should be both succinct and informative, to provide a brief but comprehensive overview of your qualifications and career aspirations. Your objective should be tailored to the position you are applying for, as well as showcasing your skill set and experience.

In crafting your objective, focus on the key elements of the role. If you are applying for a position in landscape design, you might mention specific design techniques you are familiar with and how you can use them to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. If you are applying for a position as a project manager, you could highlight your organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently.

In addition, you should also provide a brief insight into your career aspirations. For example, you may indicate that you are looking to take on an advanced role in landscape design by utilizing your expansive knowledge of the industry. This will give the hiring manager an understanding of your longer-term career plans and show them that you are a proactive professional.

A brief but effective objective can be the key to getting your resume noticed by a potential employer. By following the advice above, you can create an objective that stands out from the crowd and puts your best foot forward in the job search.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Landscape Architect?

The career prospects in the field of Landscape Architecture are quite promising. Landscape Architects are in demand to design public parks, gardens, golf courses, and other outdoor spaces. They also play an integral role in the protection of natural resources and the management of urban growth and development. With the rise of eco-tourism and the increasing focus on sustainability, Landscape Architects have an even bigger part to play in preserving our environment.

Landscape Architects have a variety of opportunities to pursue in their field. They can work for firms and government agencies, research institutes, and educational institutions. In the private sector, Landscape Architects may find employment with architects, landscape design firms, or builders. There are also opportunities to specialize in areas such as residential landscape design or urban planning.

Landscape Architects usually have a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, as well as a license from the applicable state board. They must also have experience in the field, as well as a proven track record of successful projects. The most successful Landscape Architects are able to combine their technical skills with a strong sense of creativity and artistry.

Job prospects for Landscape Architects are expected to remain strong in the coming years. With the growth of the eco-tourism industry, there is a greater demand for Landscape Architects who can design and manage sustainable projects. Additionally, as the population continues to expand, cities and towns are looking for Landscape Architects to design urban spaces that balance nature and development.

Overall, the career prospects in the Landscape Architecture field are quite promising. With the right education and experience, Landscape Architects can find plenty of opportunities to explore and make a positive impact on the environment.

Key Takeaways for an Landscape Architect resume

Creating a successful landscape architect resume is essential when applying for a job in this field. A well written resume is key in helping you stand out from the competition, so it is important to understand what to include and what not to include when crafting your document. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind when writing your landscape architect resume.

First, it is important to highlight your design experience and technical knowledge. A landscape architect’s job is to create beautiful outdoor spaces with the help of plants, trees, and other natural elements. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate an understanding of how to use these elements to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces. Be sure to highlight your design portfolio and include details about any project work you have completed.

Additionally, your resume should showcase your software and technical skills. These skills are essential for a landscape architect and can help differentiate you from other candidates. Include details about any software and design tools you have used in the past, as well as a list of any design awards or certifications you may have earned.

Finally, it is important to showcase your leadership, problem-solving and communication skills. As a landscape architect, you must be able to work with a team of individuals and oversee the entire design process, from concept to completion. Include any examples of where you have taken the lead on projects or collaborated with other stakeholders to achieve desired results.

By keeping these key takeaways in mind when writing your landscape architect resume, you can ensure that you stand out from the competition and secure the job you are seeking.