Marketing Intern Resume Sample 2

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Christa Edward

Marketing Intern




I am looking to gain experience and learn in a professional environment, while contributing with my work to fulfill the objectives of the institution. I am interested in being part of an environment where I can learn and experience the development of teamwork and group cooperation while learning major concepts that will help me professionally in the long run. I think that this opportunity will help me foster skills such as organization, responsibility and cooperation in the field of work and in personal training, while also having the opportunity to learn and visualize myself career wise in the Marketing area.



  • Computer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Leadership
  • Persuasive
  • Strong work ethic
  • Organisation, prioritising, and multi-tasking
  • Commercial awareness


Work Experience


Administrative Assistant

Incor Groups



  • Receive, order, register, classify and dispatch the correspondence that enters or is generated in the work unit, in accordance with the established system.
  • Data entry, such as: letters, graphics, certifications, trades, reports and other documents.
  • Perform internal carrying of documents to different areas and record what was delivered in a book.
  • Organize, combine, locate, disaggregate and archive office documents and various files.
  • Keep the unit file organized and updated.
  • Attending the public in person and via telephone offering information according to established guidelines.




High School Degree

San Jose State University

Jun 2018


Marketing (B.S)

Northeastern University






JK International Bank

Project participant

Oct 2016


  • Had the opportunity of gaining knowledge about a bank’s economic departments and how they work.
  • Developed skills of participation and teamwork.
  • Had the opportunity of learning the Organization and business structure of a company and how they manage their assets.

Citi Bank

Project participant

Mar 2017


  • Enjoyed the privilege of learning how to work together with different people.
  • Worked in an ambiance of leadership and collective investigation.
  • Acquired knowledge about about significant energy saving and how it impacts the environment.
  • Promoted values like companionship and patience.



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

How to Write Marketing Intern Resume

You’re just out of college or looking for a new job. You’re trying to decide what you want to do next and what kind of experience you need in order to take the next step in your career. and planning entry into the marketing field as an inter

Writing a resume is not as difficult as you think if you follow some simple rules. First of all, always use Headline 1 to introduce your best qualification (I.e. the one that makes a positive impression on employers), and call it out in the resume title.

You must also highlight your relevant experience, skills, and major accomplishments. This is probably the one of most important sections of your resume.

Marketing Internship:

An internship is a short period of work experience, usually in a professional or academic field, integrated into an academic curriculum. Students are expected to apply theoretical concepts learned from classes and other activities to internships for an extended period of time in order to gain experience relevant to the field. Most internships require the completion of a college pre-requisite course in their department. However, recent changes in labor laws have made the term “internship” more controversial because it often implies training or experience gained by performing routine work.

Marketing Job description:

Marketing is responsible for the success or failure of a business or organization. Without marketing, even the most successful products would not have any sales. Marketing covers everything from advertising to sales, and while the two are related, they are different. Marketing is focused on building awareness of a product or service. Sales is focused on closing a sale with a customer, either directly or indirectly through retail channels such as department stores and specialty shops.

Marketing Roles & Responsibilities:

While marketing is a very broad role, it has several different job descriptions. It is generally understood that at least some of the roles and responsibilities of the marketing department are developing and implementing marketing strategy; developing products and services; creating campaigns and promotions; selling to target markets (i.e., advertising to potential customers); maintaining customer loyalty through customer satisfaction and renewals; surveying market needs, finding opportunities, and investigating market changes; analyzing competition, and others.

How to Make a Great Resume With No Experience:

Getting a Resume for a Marketing Internship is the first step in the job application process. A resume is generally a summary of your personal information, education, and work experience.

Resume Writing Tips to Consider:

“I am a marketing student who has lots of internship experience but not much relevant job experience. How do I put together an effective resume?” If you are struggling to write an effective resume that highlights your skills and prior experience for the Marketing Internship position you have been offered, there are practical steps you can take to improve it effectively and efficiently. You can also use these tips for any other type of internship or full-time job application.

5 Best Marketing Intern Resume Tips to Consider:

1. Review the job description carefully and extract the tasks you will be performing:

The very first thing you need to do when creating a resume is to review the posting carefully and extract the main tasks performed by a marketing intern. These responsibilities will form your general resume structure.

The ability to quickly spot main responsibilities in a job posting provides you with an edge over other candidates because most applicants will only read the first 2-3 sentences of the job post and then just send in their resumes.

2. Identify the jobs you have experience in and then focus your resume on positions that match those tasks:

The next step in creating a marketing internship resume is to identify jobs with similar tasks. A good way of doing this is by looking at a list of possible job functions on the organization’s website or job posting and ticking off all the jobs that you have experience in. This will show the hiring manager you understand what they are looking for and give more credibility to your application than just applying to any entry-level position offered.

3. Focus on experience and responsibilities rather than job titles:

Focus your resume for a marketing internship on experience and responsibilities rather than job titles. Use action verbs to describe your duties in order to show a sense of initiative and accomplishment. Remember that the hiring manager is looking for someone who can get things done; he/she does not want to read about traditional office tasks such as “typed” or “answered phone calls”.

4. Make use of bullet points:

A marketing internship resume should use bullet points instead of paragraphs when describing qualifications, skills, and achievements. Bullet points can be very effective in getting key points across without taking up too much space or overwhelming the reader with text.

5. Use a ‘Resume Profile’ to summarize your key strengths:

A Resume Profile is a simple and effective way of showing an employer what makes you stand out from other candidates. The profile can be used to show where you are special, e.g. your study focus, previous experience, extra-curricular activities, or awards that might give you an edge over the rest of the candidates.

What Skills Do You Need for Marketing?

To create an internship resume that says exactly what they want to hear, you need to be a jack of all trades but master of none. The problem is that it is better to concentrate on those things in which you are most knowledgeable.

No matter how good you are at one skill, demonstrate your skills in a way that demonstrates the benefit to the organization and how they can benefit from your work.

Top 5 Skills Required for Marketing Intern:

  1. Communication skills: Good communication skills will ensure that you understand what your employer needs each day and also get back to them on time with a solution that will meet their needs, or explain what has happened if something isn’t going as planned.
  2. Client-facing skills: Working with clients is an integral part of any business. A company that does not interact with clients is in danger of losing out on a lot of business.
  3. Creativity skills: Companies want people who are creative in the way they approach tasks and problems, as well as thinking outside the box to come up with new ideas. You don’t have to be an artist, and you don’t even need to have a degree in marketing. Creativity can be learned and cultivated.
  4. Business skills: The last thing most employers want is a department full of creative geniuses; they need people who are good at getting things done, ensuring targets are met, and helping clients get solutions that work for them.
  5. Problem-solving skills: When a problem occurs, it’s up to you to come up with a solution. If the business needs to save money on postage, it’s up to you to find an alternative and make that happen.

What Experience Do You Need for Marketing?

Some employers prefer candidates who have had at least one internship in their degree, but there is no strict rule on this and exceptions are common. Most employers want candidates who have the right experience for the role and have proven themselves in previous jobs, so if you can give evidence of this it will go a long way towards getting the job.

Final Conclusion:

No matter how good you are at one skill, demonstrate your skills in a way that demonstrates the benefit to the organization and how they can benefit from your work. If you would like help compiling a marketing internship resume, check out our Marketing Intern Resume Sample.

By using our resume builder and by following the guidance given above, you can create a resume that will show exactly what you have to offer, and help you land your first internship.