Operations Manager Resume

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Operations Manager Resume Example

Operations Manager


A resourceful, well organized, result-driven, and hardworking person with a proven track record of reducing costs and increasing the company’s competitive advantage by delivering the best quality at best value and terms from suppliers. Established successful supplier’s relationship and partnership to maximize profitability by meeting set sales targets. Looking to secure the role of Procurement Executive in an organization that would make use of existing expertise and skills to achieve professional developments and business stability.


Work Experience 

Procurement & Operations Manager
MC World Limited

  • Manage and coordinate procurement agents, buyers or purchasing agents, as well as working on the most complex purchases for the company.
  • Ensures the organization secures the best deals for products and services it purchases.
  • Prepare purchase order, requisition orders in order to verify accuracy, terminology and specifications.
  • Respond to customer and supply inquiries about order status, changes and cancellation.
  • Evaluate and buy products for companies to resell to customers. Monitoring the quality, quantity, cost, and efficiency of movement and storage of goods.
  • Maintain and review all records of purchased goods, including their costs, deliveries, and inventories.
  • Identify new suppliers agree on terms and negotiate supply agreements where appropriate, including discount structures and volume rebates.
  • Continually improve purchasing methods and drive down external spending.
  • Work with the Finance and Audit to develop and oversee an annual operating budget with expenditures incurred.
  • Prepares, verify, and processes contracts with private, public, and corporate vendors.
  • Coordinates staff and ensures all activities in the procurement department run as scheduled

Customer Service Personnel/Help Desk Specialist
MC World Limited

  • Respond and solve customer complaints.
  • Provide friendly, courteous and effective services to clients via calls and emails.
  • Attract potential customers by answering questions, suggesting information about other IT related products and services.
  • Maintaining appropriate stock levels for sales.
  • Provide reports by collecting and analyzing customer details.
  • Use of Sage one accounting software to record stock and print invoices.

Marketing Executive/Customer Relation Officer
Wincore Limited

  • Managed client database.
  • Handled and swiftly resolved customers compliant in a professional and effective manner.
  • Generates sales leads, expanding operations to handle heavier client load, staying in touch with customers to access their satisfaction and get their ideas on how to improve services.
  • Enhance the products, services, and client base of the organization.
  • Successfully increased departmental client base by over 70% through direct marketing initiative.
  • Daily database update in production.

Admin Officer & Customer Relation Officer
Boise Technologies Limited

  • Coordinate administrative tasks, such as personnel, budget, and record management control.
  • Responsible for the procurement of supplies; maintenance of inventory records; including supervision of staff performing these functions.
  • Performed Customer Service Operations, general computer operations & data analysis


B.Sc. Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

NIT Computer Science
New York University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Operations Manager Resume with Writing Guide

A business consultant is a person who provides advice and guidance on how to best navigate the complex world of running a business.

This might not seem like it would be that difficult, given that the job description entails giving advice on how to succeed at what you do. However, with the changing dynamics in an ever-evolving business landscape, consultants are constantly learning new skills and techniques in order to help their clients better deal with any new obstacles.

As business consultants, we are helping create a better future. Our clients are our future bosses, and if we can give them the tools they need to succeed in their roles, then we have done our jobs well.

Our guides can help you with writing a resume and writing a cover letter that will allow you to stand out among other candidates.

Operations Manager Resume Writing Guide:

Resume Objective or Resume Summary

Depending on the type of resume you’re writing, this section will be different. For an Operations Manager resume, you need to have a strong Summary at the top of your resume in order to draw in potential employers. The summary should solidify why you are the perfect candidate for the job and serve as an overview of what is listed in your experience section.


If you’re trying to break into the field of operations, then your resume is a crucial tool. Most employers won’t take the time or risk to meet with overqualified candidates, so it’s up to you to grab their attention and convince them that you are the best person for the job.

In this section, you should include everything you have done in the past. The more work you have done, the better! If your experience section is lacking, or has outdated information, then it could show that your resume has not been updated as often as others. This may make it seem like your career is stagnant and not moving forward.


In this section, you can include education up to the highest degree you received. For example, if you have an MBA in Business Management and also an AA in Business, you would list your MBA. If you don’t have a degree related to your desired career path, then it’s advisable to leave this section out. However, if you do hold a relevant degree or certification, then it will help differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Special Skills

This section is for the specific skills that you have acquired prior to your targeted job. If you’re applying to be a project manager, then you can include some of the skills that make you a good fit for the position. But don’t list every skill that you have! As a business consultant, it’s highly likely that we hold many qualifications or certifications related to our area of expertise. So just list the three most impressive credentials you have. You can list more on your cover letter or in an interview if needed.

Work Experience

If you’re applying to a position that requires hands-on experience, then this section is where it will be listed. If you are lacking work experience, then we advise that you include an internship on your resume so that it balances out the number of years and so they can see that you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Special Skills

Again, if you have skills that are important for the position you’re applying to, then list them in this section. For example, if you’re applying to be a project manager, then it’s imperative that you list your ability to work on multiple projects at once and your ability to manage time.

Operations Manager Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the daily operations of the company.
  • Manages a team of employees to ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner.
  • Meets with clients to discuss needs, timelines, and expectations for successful operation and maximum productivity.
  • Acts as liaison between clients and employees to resolve any problems that may arise during operations.
  • Implements systems and procedures to ensure the efficiency of operations, including software programs or updating current methods for handling data entry or recording expenses, etc.
  • Assists in training new employees to ensure that they understand job requirements and are able to work as a team with other employees.
  • Manages files and records including making backup copies of important documents in order to prevent loss or damage to files or records.
  • Liaises with third-party contractors, consultants, or providers on behalf of the company as may be necessary from time to time.
  • Ensures that clients are kept informed of new products and services, changes in company policies, and offers discounts and new promotions on the company’s products or services.
  • Monitors financial performance of operations in order to identify areas where costs can be reduced or revenues increased.
  • Analyzes online feedback from clients and/or resellers regarding products or services to ensure that they are meeting customer needs and expectations.

Top 10 Must-have Operations Manager Skills:

  1. Problem Solving Skills:
    Problem-solving skills are essential for a successful operations manager. Ensuring that your team is running smoothly and efficiently takes a unique skillset of seasoned problem-solving. In the same way, every situation can be different, each company has its own unique challenges to address. Your ability to become an expert in problem-solving may lead to you becoming a leader in your field.
  2. Management Skills:
    As a manager, you are responsible for making tough decisions. Not only will you have to determine how best to meet your company’s goals, but will also have the power to hire and fire. This requires solid business skills that enable you to make sound decisions.
  3. Leadership Skills:
    For a successful operations manager, it is important that they understand their role in the company and know how they fit into the overall leadership structure. A good leader sets expectations and makes sure everyone is on board with those plans. You must be capable of maintaining a strong leadership position in order to lead your team to new heights.
  4. Communication Skills:
    Communication skills are important for any job, but especially when you are running an entire business or department. As an operations manager, you will need to communicate with employees, clients, and vendors on a daily basis. You will need to develop strong communication skills if you want to be effective in your role as an operations manager.
  5. Business Skills:
    As an operations manager, you will have to oversee the business aspects of your department. This means that you need excellent business skills such as communication, writing, and problem-solving. With a solid understanding of business skills, you can promote your department’s goals effectively in order to lead your team to success.
  6. Negotiation Skills:
    In today’s overcrowded job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. This means that you must have negotiation skills to get the best possible deal for your company. As an operations manager, you will often need to negotiate salaries with employees or vendors.
  7. Employees Management Skills:
    As an operations manager, your employee’s performance will be your number one priority. They are the backbone of your entire department and will be essential in all decisions that are being made. As a team, you must focus on maintaining a strong relationship with all of your employees both online and face-to-face.
  8. Customer Service Skills:
    As an operations manager, it is essential that you are customer-service focused. You will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service to your clients and employees. Business leaders must learn how to engage with customers as this is a huge opportunity for customer retention.
  9. Legal Skills:
    As a business leader, you will need legal knowledge to manage your company’s legal situation effectively and efficiently. An operations manager may be required to handle some legal aspects of the business as a team leader.
  10. Business Management Skills:
    Operations managers require a unique skill set that includes both business and people skills. These skills are all necessary for success in this position. So if you are considering becoming an operations manager, it is important that you can demonstrate your ability to balance both business and people skills in order to do your job most effectively.

Tips to write an Operations Manager Resume Summary:

  • Get the job you really want by following the steps that successful Operations Managers take. 2. Decide on a Career.
  • Research your Operations, Management, and Management Consultant Resume and be prepared for the interview.
  • Use our step-by-step guide to outline your achievements and skills in a resume format that will impress employers?
  • Tailor tips to help you write an Operations Manager Resume for the kind of work environment you want.?
  • Use the time you invest and the information from our resume writing guide to get that job interview!

How to write an Operations Manager Resume with No experience:

  1. Highlight your Key Achievements: Systems of success, People-oriented, Analytical mind to structure data for analysis and decision making,
  2. Show what previous jobs you’ve had.
  3. Also mention why you want the job in the first sentence of your resume which is called a “hook”
  4. Then list your achievements and qualifications in any order you feel comfortable with
  5. List your education at the end of the resume.
  6. End with some relevant and recent information such as the most significant accomplishment or achievement of your career.
  7. In a good resume, one page is enough
  8. Do not overstretch your resume for 1 page; it will be perceived as a sloppy or ‘bad’ resume

How to write an Operations Manager Cover Letter:

  1. It’s always good to include the following information on your Operations Manager Resume:
  2. Use words, grammar and punctuation to communicate effectively with the hiring manager.
  3. Keep your Operations Manager Cover Letter brief and to the point.
  4. This is not an opportunity for you to tell the story of your accomplishments in an overly detailed manner that could be confusing, boring or cause the hiring manager to lose interest.
  5. At the end of your Operations Manager Cover Letter, include an appropriate Signature Line.
  6. Include a clear and specific reference to the position you are applying for as well as the company name.
  7. Use of a comma between city/state is optional in this instance; use a period instead to show consistency with your resume.
  8. Use of formal business salutation (e.g., “Dear Mr., Ms.”) is optional in this instance; use a more personal salutation (e.g. “Dear Ms. Kowalski”) to show familiarity.
  9. Use of a comma between the street address and the ZIP code is optional; use a period instead to show consistency with your resume.
  10. Use of dashes between the phone number and extension is optional in this instance; use periods instead to show consistency with your resume.
  11. Use of first or full name (e.g., “John Doe”) is optional in this instance; use a more formal salutation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Never use the resume as a personal document. Unless you have something to hide.
  • A resume is like a self-marketing book of your abilities and accomplishments in the job industry.
  • Make it simple, spelling and grammar mistakes can bring down your score easily
  • Never give your name as an example of skills or accomplishments in the resume
  • Use headings and subheadings to separate each section of your resume
  • Use bullet points instead of bulleted lists for key qualities and experiences in resume