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Justin Brandon

Project Manager




6+ years of experience managing, organizing and operating shifts, teams and projects. Having BA in Cultural History and Anthropology allows me to work in multicultural environments and quickly connect with people with any background. Looking to work together with teams having a strong working culture and best professionals in their field to improve my entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial knowledge and experience as a manager for achieving great while leading projects.



  • Observation
  • Adaptability
  • Patience
  • Commitment
  • Coordination


Work Experience


Assistant Manager (Restaurant/Bar/VIP)

core Restaurant – Toronto

Sep 2015


Assisted restaurant owners to prepare and reopen the restaurant for new summer season, installed and equipped bar and floor working stations. Trained serving staff consisting of 6 people and managed kitchen, bar and floor areas during scheduled shifts.

  • Handled reservations, VIP arrivals and makes certain that guest’s needs for special requests are met, ensured proper food and beverages quality and presentation at all times.
  • Assisted Restaurant Manager with daily operations, formulated work schedules, ordered inventory.

During the summer Sensus restaurant became well known in the resort for its food quality and exceptional attention to the customer.

Assistant Manager (Restaurant/VIP/Events)

Fusion 9 Restaurant – New York

Jun 2016


Managed working team totaling up to 15 people per shift, while serving customers, controlling floor coverage and ensuring food and beverages quality.

  • Was responsible for all reservations, banquets, events and VIP’s during shifts and prepared the restaurant for scheduled events, ensuring all performers needs are fulfilled.

Together with Restaurant Manager created and organized restaurants Sunday brunch, which soon became one the most popular in the city guaranteeing full occupancy during the event.

Branch Manager (Sales/Business Development)

MK – Import and distribution of construction

Mar 2019


  • Established and developed UK Planet representative office in Ho Chi Minh City which operations covered South of Vietnam. Created the structure of the branch by hiring administrative, warehouse and sales staff totaling 12 people.
  • Managed branch daily activities by planning and preparing work schedules and assigning associates to specific duties. Provided technical and sales training for branch members improving their performance and advance their abilities as well as supporting them in closing deals.
  • Prepared sales and inventory reports for CEO and together constantly discussed and researched new business development and optimization opportunities in the region.




Cultural History and Anthropology

San Jose State University



Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis

Northeastern University






  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Project Manager Resume Writing Guide & Tips

This post is about how to write a resume for an IT project manager position. It includes pointers on what should be included in your resume and what not to include.

Have you ever wanted to make a resume that catches the eye of your boss? Well, then read on because I am going to teach you how to write an IT Project Manager resume that will instantly make you stand out among other candidates.

Here are some resume writing tips for IT project managers:

Resume objective statement:

  • The objective statement is the first thing an employer will see. If you have one, make it count! It is best to use a one or two-sentence summary of what you are looking for in your career, and how you plan to achieve it.
  • Make it clear about what kind of work environment you’re looking for. For example, if you only want a job with a certain company then mention that! There’s no harm in being honest.

Name/Contact information: 

  • Your contact information should be easy to locate on your page (your name and phone number).


  • Highlight your technical skills by listing the courses you took in the order of importance including the dates of those courses. This shows that you’re an effective learner and can make use of your degree.
  • This is where you can include your technical certifications, languages, and acronyms that show how good a developer you are.

Work History: 

  • The goal is to have a work history that’s not too long in terms of the number of hours worked, but more importantly, not too short by virtue of it being incomplete! Here is the ideal range for each type of position: IT Project Manager: 1-year minimum; 3 years recommended.
  • Your objective should be in a clear and succinct fashion. For example, “Developed a streamlined database system that allowed the management team to negotiate jobs more efficiently” is better than “Developed system for database management”.
  • No matter what industry you’re looking for, your resume must have a certain amount of credits. This does NOT mean that you should pad out your experience by taking courses, taking on projects just for the sake of having experience, or by working an extra job here and there. Take it seriously.

Top 5 mistakes to avoid in your IT Project Manager Resume:

We’ve compiled a list of five important mistakes that make up your resume that you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Not structuring your resume properly – When applying for any position in the IT business world, it’s crucial that your resume is well structured and organized. It could be as simple as creating separate sections in order to provide relevant information about who you are and what skills you have listed out on page one; or something more difficult such as ensuring each section has its own header with font styles and size, spacing between lines, etc.
  1. Forgetting to include key information about yourself – When it comes to your resume, you should always include as much relevant information as possible. This includes the career path of your company or department and relevant experience. It’s also important to introduce yourself within the section, stating what other responsibilities you held within the company and why you decided to leave those positions. If there are any accomplishments that go along with these duties, then list them as well. Also, make sure you give a brief summary of your achievements and skills in business areas that were important to the company or department you worked for during that time period.
  1. Lack of professional and technical experience – This is one of the biggest mistakes many people make when they write their resumes. You must include any work experience you had that directly relates to the IT industry. If your job required you to be in a meeting with colleagues or clients, and there was no IT involved, then it simply doesn’t belong on your resume. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a person who holds a title of Information Systems Manager is $88,190 per year. Don’t make the mistake of under or over-qualifying your resume. Keep in mind that you can never explain what your experience was completely based on your title alone, although it is a good place to start.
  1. Listing out work done during school days – If you are a college student or recent graduate and applying through a job placement program, then be sure to list out work experience that relates to your coursework. For example, if you’re applying for an entry-level position in IT that requires computer science courses then any jobs or projects that go along with these courses could be listed out as well.

How to include project manager skills on your resume:

Here we have outlined the most important project manager skills and how best to add them to your resume in a way that reflects your knowledge and experience. It includes advice on communicating, problem-solving, team leadership, analysis, and resource management. It also includes some tips on what an ideal resume should look like in general. 

With so many people now working remotely instead of facing the daily commute into their office jobs, this is one skill set that could pay off with more than just money- you might even get considered for a higher position!

Tips to write project manager skills on a resume:

  1. Communicate – This is the number one skill that people should learn in their job title. People who work remotely, especially with a team, need to be able to communicate effectively and clearly on a day-to-day basis and certainly within a team.
  2. Problem Solving – Just like any other job it’s important that you are a problem solver but in this case, you’re addressing the problems of multiple people over time not just your own personal issue that you want to be solved today.
  3. Team leadership – Working with others is what makes this role so great and there needs to be mentoring for new employees especially in remote teams…..Read more

A project manager is a role in which the employee needs excellent communication skills as he or she will be communicating with everyone from contract workers to executives in order to accomplish their goals.

How to Write Project Manager Resume Summary:

A Project Manager resume summary should be a short introduction to your qualifications and experience as a project manager. It shows the company you are applying with what makes you qualified for the position. This will give them a quick glimpse of who you are before they dig deeper into your resume.

The following tips can help you create an effective PM resume summary: 

  • Summarize your education and any other relevant training or certifications that show off your skills as a project manager 
  • Explain why it is relevant to this particular job opening 

Create one introductory sentence that summarizes all of these points clearly in just one or two sentences.

Many resume examples that you can view online (like the one on 123Resumes) help to show you how they have done their PM resume summary. Click here to see an example of a great PM resume summary.

These are three important aspects when writing your PM resume summary: those represent the three types of people that will be reading it — the recruiter, the person who will review your resume, and the person who will decide whether or not you are fit for this position and hire you for it. The first two have their attention caught by numbers; the third wants to know what sets you apart from everyone else.

Do not ever include items that do not accurately represent who you are as an individual. If you graduated from college, do not list the number of hours. List the school and degree earned.

As a Project Manager, your resume should include:

  •  An overview of your skillset includes all of the professional experience that you have interpreted into your job description. This can also be identified as a summary or experience section. It is an opportunity for you to highlight some of the unique value that you have to offer this role over other candidates.
  • It is helpful to categorize each job and even further within those categories to show clear growth in your position overtime or on the same role at multiple companies if applicable.
  • This is one in the resume that is often overlooked. It will not make it to the recruiter or hiring manager, but it will help them better understand your skills and experience all in one place.

To make sure that the information in this section reflects the actual skills that you can show someone looking at your resume, go back and edit and re-edit your resume. Make sure that each skill is included in this section. If you have skills on a whiteboard, take a picture of those and use those to include with your resume.