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Are you a Project Manager or IT & Business Strategy and looking for a more challenging job? We have good news, use our professional Project Manager Resume example. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job. Find more resume samples.

Project Manager Resume Sample


James Fisher


A professional account leader and project manager with over 12 years of solid experience in BPM, ECM and PMO processes, supported by a PMP certification and a SCRUM daily-basis performance. Specialized in corporate reorganizations, business processes, business modeling & re-engineering, workflow implementation expertise, M&A and IT projects’ management, both in banking and utility industries.



  • Project management
  • Agile/Scrum specialist
  • Team leadership
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Customer-focused
  • High capabilities managing workload
  • Cross-cultural communication abilities
  • Stakeholders negotiation
  • Lean IT expertise
  • Plan, time and budget management
  • Dynamic and proactive
  • Capacity for working in a multicultural team environment
  • Detail-oriented and organized



 Advisor Project Management
IBM Technology – CA Nov 2019 – Present

  • Leads customer engagement to ensure that it meets all scope, time, budget and quality expectations, through planning, controlling and managing complex and multiple region projects.
  • Manages corporate, customer and third-party vendor efforts to plan, sell and implement solutions to customer problems.
  • Responsible for business as well as team management.
  • Managed implementation of new technological improvements resulting in increased efficiency.


Senior Project Manager
Neustar Consulting, L.A Feb 2017 – Oct 2019

Management of multiple on-going digital transformation programmes in Financial Services and Utilities sectors, leading onsite and distributed cross-border IT teams; Implementation of digital solutions on Client’s premises, delivery of BPO services software and advisory with solid expertise in process optimization and advisory; Efficient management of project teams, schedule, scope, quality, budget and risk; Projects financial, operational and HR planning and control;

Responsible for internal and external customer satisfaction;  Preparation and presentation of project progress reports and steerings


Project Manager – M&A Development Specialist General Electric,
NewYork – Feb 2015 – Feb 2017

  • Manage the implementation of strategic business plans, with special focus on assets divestment processes;
  • Provide operational, financial and strategic wisdom to the Board in accordance with the company’s strategy;
  • Network with all relevant stakeholders and supportive contact and consultancy for senior management in the implementation of strategic transformation projects;
  • Manage strategic and re-engineering projects within the company so to optimize structures, resources and procedures.


Project Manager – International Operations & IT Fannie Mae,
NewYork – US Nov 2013 – Feb 2015

  • Co-responsible for the implementation of strategic international projects at Group Novo Banco, ensuring the development and sustained growth of its subsidiary in Macau, with a special focus in:
  • Management, conception and implementation of new business lines (such as,
  • POS, Cards, HomeBanking and Investment Banking), processes, IT software and organizational restructuring;
  • Conduct Macau’s financial activity, ensuring the provision of the services and financial resources necessary to achieve current and future business objectives;
  • Provided leadership and support for the IT department.
  • Managed the implementation of new technological improvements resulting in increased efficiency.


Operations & IT Business Specialist
Wells Fargo, L.A – US – Apr 2008 – Nov 2013

  • Development, and management of operational processes and core IT application’s in order to increase and achieve back-office efficiency
  • Financial and operational planning and control, ensuring quantitative data’s preparation and reporting, concerning the performance and control of the processes and activity developed
  • Implementation and coordination of continuous improvement and BPM processes: Account Opening Workflow, document digitization, and management software solution to relieve the validation of customers documents in account opening processes
  • Corporate Credit Workflow, a fully online platform to support the creation, approval and formalization process of bank’s corporate credit proposals Corporate Actions module, a cost-effective solution for the automation of all operative functions related with stock splits, dividends, m&a and rights issue’s events


Tax Advisor – Sep 2006 – Mar 2008
Deloitte & Associados, NewYork – US

Development of tax advisory tasks, such as due diligence, corporate tax returns statement’s revision, redefinition of corporate internal/external business’s operation in the best tax scope scenario and compliance regulations, on Tax – Technology, Media and Communications team. Main focus:

Corporate & property tax and International double-taxation  Group optimization structures and M&A due diligence processes



BSc in Business Administration – Sep 2001 – Jan 2006
Nova School of Business and Economics
Expertise in Business strategy, Finance, and Marketing

Erasmus Exchange Program – Aug 2004 – Dec 2004
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – Universiteit of Maastricht



Professional Project Management (PPM) Project Management Institute
License – 234324234



Agile Project Management and Coaching of LinkedIn Learning
Oct 2016 – Oct 2016

PMP® Complete Certification ICAFI – NewYork
Apr 2016 – May 2016

Microsoft Project 2007 Project Management Net Graph Institute
Sep 2012 – Sep 2012

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Project Manager Resume with Writing Guide

If you are looking to enter the workforce as a Project Manager or want to apply for your dream job, you will want to make sure that your resume is in tip-top shape. A well-written resume goes a long way in the job search game and can actually increase your chances of getting an interview. A resume is a one-page document that provides an overview of your employment history, education, skills, and experience.

Project Manager Resume Writing Guide:

In today’s job market, employers are looking for professionals that demonstrate expertise in a particular field. They are also looking for professionals who can work under pressure and meet deadlines. Your resume is the place to show off your professional qualifications and experience. Make sure to include all relevant professional experience, including internships and work experience while in school. Include your hours on the job, and list the names of any supervisors that may have noticed your skills.

There are plenty of online resources you can use to help you develop a successful resume, such as Microsoft Word’s resume builder or Take advantage of these resources; however, remember that sometimes you don’t need a fancy program to get started with a resume. You can start by taking your past experiences and skills and creating sections that reflect those things in your past work and experiences. This allows you to highlight your most relevant skills and experience in an organized manner.

You may want to include a history of employment and education on your resume. In some cases, this may not be necessary. It is more important to focus on the skills you have acquired over the years than just listing your work history chronologically.

When it comes time to tailor your resume for a specific position, it is time to remove unnecessary work history or educational information and expand on sections that best reflect the position you are seeking. The goal of your resume is to get noticed, so you should tailor it to highlight the skills and experience that will best attract those who are hiring.

If possible, take the time to look for specific job postings and tailor your resume specifically for that position. Since the job posting may have been up for a long time, it may be outdated. By tailoring it to the position you are seeking, you can improve your chances of getting hired or get a better understanding of the job requirements.

To write the perfect Project Manager resume, you must provide a snapshot of your professional accomplishments, skills, and relevant work or volunteer experience. Your resume should include the information that will help you be noticed as a highly qualified candidate. It should show employers your passion for your field of work as well as provide detailed examples of skills and abilities needed for the job.

If you have any additional skills or special training in related areas, feel free to mention these skills and experiences on your resume.

Project Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures that all projects are on track according to the plan
  2. Manages and leads the team to meet deadlines and goals
  3. Communicates with clients, staff, and vendors to build strong relationships
  4. Develops project plans and oversees the completion of tasks
  5. Assists with the analysis of project objectives and identifying risks
  6. Maintains accurate project records for future reference
  7. Ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  8. Ensures that all resources are utilized to the best of their abilities
  9. Assesses and implements new technology to improve efficiency and performance
  10. Tracks all budget expenditures
  11. Ensures that projects are conducted in compliance with procedures, policies, and regulations Project Manager Skills

Top 10 Must-have Project Manager Skills:

  1. Supplies and Materials Manager
    A crucial part of project management is managing the budget, which can be a very expensive part of any project. It’s important to know exactly what supplies we need before we go on with our project. The supplies and materials manager is responsible for assigning materials tasks and making sure that all materials are in order. They must also know the deadline for receiving all materials so that they can outsource them if necessary, or simply remind the clients or other suppliers to speed up their delivery.
  2. Planner
    This is not one of the typical project manager skills but it is an important part of any project. Planning at the early stages can prevent us from getting into trouble later in the project, so a good planner should be able to plan the work tasks. They should also be knowledgeable of all the legal requirements for their area or country and make sure that they comply with it to avoid problems later.
  3. Facilitator
    This skill has made professionals like project managers and business analysts one of the most in-demand workers in the industry. In order to ensure that a project sticks to its schedule, precision is needed. A facilitator should be able to get their team together and make sure they are working on the right tasks at the right time.
  4. Budget Manager
    Another important task of project managers is ensuring that the project stays within its budget. In order to do so, we need to be able to control all expenses and look for ways to keep costs low. It’s always good to know where we are going with our budget before it gets out of control.
  5. Decision-Maker
    This is the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently based on information that we have available at the moment. An effective project manager must be able to analyze a problem and come up with the exact solution within a short time frame. It is also crucial to have the ability to make decisions in a large group and not get tied up in details or lose sight of the main goal, which is to move on with the project.
  6. Motivator
    The best motivators in the industry are the project managers. They need to know how to motivate their team so that they will get the job done. It is crucial to foster a good environment in order to prevent people from getting burned out or losing focus on their goals. A good motivator can also keep people from quitting if they start having doubts about the work they do, as well as positive thinking, which is a vital skill for anyone in charge of an important project.
  7. Planner/Organizer
    This is the ability to organize and plan projects, especially complex ones. We need to make sure that everything is in order before we start working on it. Make sure that we are doing the right amount of work, and at the right time. It’s also important to keep ourselves updated on any changes that can affect our timeline or work processes so that we do not miss them.
  8. Communication and Conflict Specialist
    We need to be able to communicate clearly with our team, clients, and other people involved in the project. Clear communication will prevent misunderstandings and problems while working on a project. We also need to be able to deal with conflicts regarding the project, whether it is an interpersonal conflict or a conflict with the client or other parties involved.
  9. Scheduler/Planner
    This is the skill of planning tasks at the early stages of our project so that we can run things smoothly without a hitch later on. It is very important to plan the work schedule as early as possible so we can keep our deadlines and make sure that all tasks are on track.
  10. Co-ordinator
    A good coordinator is able to communicate with everyone involved in a project in order to ensure that things go smoothly and without delays. The coordinator needs to be able to handle disputes, conflicts, and disruptions while at work.

Tips to write a Project Manager Resume Summary:

A Project Manager resume summary should highlight your experience in the field. You should list top skills and abilities that employers look for in a Project Manager, such as time management, communication, assessment, and monitoring.


  1. Give a summary description of your role as the Project Manager. For example, communicate with project team members, lead and manage efforts, review scope requirements, schedule meetings, identify risks and recommend steps.
  2. In addition to the table of content section of an employee resume or CV , you can include a project manager summary section.
  3. Have all relevant information about your role listed in one place so you can easily find it when you’re applying for jobs.
  4. Use keywords when listing your skills and abilities. You can also use action verbs to talk about what you did in a particular situation, such as solved problems, met deadlines, and reduced costs.
  5. A Project Manager resume is the place to list your education and training. Focus on certifications first , then academic degrees , then work experience .
  6. Don’t leave any gaps when listing your employment history .

How to write a Project Manager Resume with No experience:

  1. Keep your resume to one page (A4) in length. Don’t pad it out unnecessarily. Some resumes are a page long, others are two pages long and many more go into three pages.
    If you need to make your resume two pages then break it up into two separate resumes, each with one page of information and a cover letter as well.
  2. Use standard font size 12 point for your resume and one or two fonts at the top of the first page (A4). Use standard font size 11 point for your resume down the rest of the page.
  3. Don’t go over two pages for no reason and don’t include too much information which is irrelevant to the job role you are applying for.
  4. Use bold font just at the top of your resume, under your name and where relevant, but don’t over do it as it makes you look too salesy and not professional.
  5. Use a bullet point list for your job roles and responsibilities (including the outcomes you achieved) without any additional information.
  6. Include your education, diplomas and skills underneath, using short bullet points with numbers for each years qualification or skill level.
  7. Underneath this should be your actual work experience (include the dates as well). If you have no work experience or no relevant skills then start working on a job role where you can gain these skill sets and experiences first before applying for project manager positions.

How to write a Project Manager Cover Letter:

A Project Manager cover letter provides an excellent way to introduce yourself and may help you get your foot in the door if you are applying for a vacant position.

To write a Project Manager cover letter, start with a short summary, then follow it up with one or two paragraphs of information that describes your qualifications and experience.

Be sure to highlight all of your relevant skills and experience in the cover letter. This includes your education and professional skills such as previous experience (including internships), technical certifications, and licenses. The more relevant information you include in your cover letter, the more likely you are to get consideration for a position you may otherwise be overqualified for.

If you are applying for a Project Manager position that requires management experience, you may want to mention some of the responsibilities related to your previous management experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be afraid to make your resume more “you.”
  • Tailor your resume for each job.
  • Get the word out about your skills and achievements.
  • Consider resume writing classes in advance of an interview to make sure you’re ready.