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Christa Watson

Senior Admin & HR


Senior Admin: Results-driven and detail-oriented Senior Admin with over 10 years of experience streamlining operations and enhancing efficiencies in fast-paced environments. Proven expertise in managing complex administrative tasks, analyzing data, and developing effective processes. Strong interpersonal and communication skills ensure seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams to achieve organizational objectives.

HR: Dedicated and strategic HR professional with a solid background in talent acquisition, employee relations, and performance management. Proven track record in developing and implementing HR policies, procedures, and initiatives to foster a positive and productive work environment. Skilled in coaching and advising management on HR best practices. Strong communication and problem-solving abilities contribute to successful HR outcomes.


  • HR Systems (ERP)
  • MS Office Suite

Work Experience

Senior Admin & HR

Al Amal Travels


  • Recruitment
  • Strategy and Transformation Policy and Procedure formulation On-boarding programs
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Employee and Industrial Relations

Senior Admin & HR

Gulf Star Group

Jan 2019

Gulf Star is one leading group of companies with diversified business divisions established in 1991, Services includes, Hospitality (FMCG), Contracting & Trading, Tours & Travels, Safety, Media & Publishing (BQ Magazine), Freight Forwarding, Coffee Shops (Doha Rocks), Hospitality and Rent-a-Car.

Responsible for:

  • Talent Management
  • Change Management Organization Development Recognition and Reward Leadership Development Succession Planning
  • Develop the Annual Implementation Plan for performance assessments Develop a Human Resource Assessment and Evaluation policy
  • Develop a Recognition and Reward policy and procedure for the Group
  • Responsible for Talent Acquisition across all business units
  • HR Operations support, Implemented a Salary Banding and Grading Structure


Masters in Business Administration (Human Resources)

San Jose State University

Jun 2001


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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Exploring the Role of a Senior Admin & HR Professional

In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, the position of a Senior Admin & HR Professional holds a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organizational machinery. This multifaceted role combines administrative expertise with human resource management, demanding a unique skill set and a strategic approach. Let’s dive into the intricacies of being a Senior Admin & HR Professional, where proficiency in both administration and people management is the key to success.

Key Responsibilities of a Senior Admin & HR Professional

A Senior Admin & HR Professional is entrusted with the responsibility of orchestrating administrative processes while simultaneously managing human resources effectively. This dual role involves a delicate balance between operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. Here are the core responsibilities that define this role:

  • **Administrative Oversight:** Spearheading administrative tasks such as office management, record-keeping, and coordination of day-to-day operations.
  • **Human Resource Management:** Managing the entire spectrum of HR functions, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee relations.
  • **Policy Development:** Formulating and implementing HR policies that align with the organization’s goals while ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • **Conflict Resolution:** Navigating and resolving workplace conflicts, fostering a harmonious work environment.
  • **Training and Development:** Identifying training needs, designing programs, and fostering a culture of continuous learning among employees.
  • **Strategic Planning:** Collaborating with senior management to align HR strategies with overall business objectives, contributing to organizational growth.

Each responsibility requires a unique set of skills, making the Senior Admin & HR Professional a linchpin in the organizational structure.

Qualifications and Skills Required for Senior Admin & HR Role

Embarking on the journey to become a Senior Admin & HR Professional necessitates meeting specific qualifications and honing a diverse skill set. Here are the key requirements for this role:

  • **Educational Background:** A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field, providing a solid foundation for the complexities of this role.
  • **HR Expertise:** In-depth knowledge of human resource principles, labor laws, and best practices, acquired through formal education and hands-on experience.
  • **Administrative Acumen:** Strong administrative skills, including organization, time management, and attention to detail, to handle the operational aspects of the role efficiently.
  • **Communication Skills:** Effective verbal and written communication skills to liaise with employees, management, and external stakeholders.
  • **Problem-Solving:** The ability to navigate complex HR issues and find pragmatic solutions, contributing to a positive workplace culture.
  • **Leadership Qualities:** Demonstrated leadership skills, as the role involves guiding both administrative staff and HR teams towards common objectives.

Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends in HR and administration further enhance the profile of a Senior Admin & HR Professional.

Crafting Your Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

Your Senior Admin & HR Professional resume is your professional narrative, showcasing your journey and the value you bring to the table. Here are some tips to create a compelling resume:

  • **Emphasize Leadership:** Highlight instances where you’ve led teams to success, emphasizing your role in achieving organizational goals.
  • **Quantify Achievements:** Use metrics to quantify your accomplishments, providing a tangible demonstration of your impact.
  • **Tailor Your Resume:** Customize your resume for each application, aligning your skills and experiences with the specific job requirements.
  • **Showcase Training Initiatives:** If you’ve initiated training programs, detail them to highlight your commitment to employee development.

Your resume is your personal marketing tool; make sure it reflects the breadth of your experience and the depth of your contributions.

Senior Admin & HR Professional CV Summary Examples

Your resume summary is the gateway to your professional story, offering a snapshot of your experiences and strengths. Here are some examples to inspire your resume summary:

  • “Dedicated Senior Admin & HR Professional with a proven track record in effective office management and strategic human resource leadership, contributing to organizational success.”
  • “Results-oriented Senior Admin & HR Professional, adept at implementing HR policies and fostering a positive workplace culture, driving employee satisfaction and retention.”
  • “Experienced leader in administrative efficiency and human resource excellence, bringing a unique blend of organizational skills and people management expertise.”

Your resume summary should entice potential employers to delve deeper into your CV, eager to explore the wealth of experience you bring to the table.

Building the Experience Section of Your Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

Your experience section is the narrative of your professional journey, detailing the milestones and successes along the way. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • “Led administrative teams in streamlining office processes, resulting in a 15% increase in operational efficiency over the course of one year.”
  • “Revamped the recruitment process, reducing time-to-fill by 20% and ensuring the acquisition of top talent for key positions.”
  • “Initiated and executed comprehensive employee training programs, contributing to a 30% improvement in overall staff competence.”

Each experience listed should tell a story of challenges overcome, initiatives led, and positive outcomes achieved.

Education Section for Your Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

Your educational background is a testament to your knowledge and commitment to professional growth. Here’s how you can present your educational journey:

  • Master of Business Administration in Human Resources, XYZ University, a comprehensive program that laid the foundation for strategic HR management, 2017.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, ABC University, a solid grounding in business principles, complementing my HR expertise, 2014.
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification, showcasing a commitment to staying current with industry best practices, 2018.

Each educational milestone is a stepping stone, contributing to your expertise in both administration and human resources.

Skills Essential for a Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

Your skill set is your arsenal, equipped with tools honed over the years. Here are the essential skills for a Senior Admin & HR Professional:

Soft Skills:

  1. Leadership and Team Management: Guiding teams towards success through effective leadership.
  2. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Conveying thoughts effectively and building strong relationships.
  3. Problem-Solving Abilities: Finding solutions in challenging HR situations.
  4. Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  5. Adaptability and Resilience: Strength to bounce back and adapt to changing workplace scenarios.

Hard Skills:

  1. HR Expertise: In-depth understanding of human resource principles and best practices.
  2. Administrative Acumen: Strong organizational and time management skills for efficient office management.
  3. Policy Development: Formulating and implementing HR policies aligned with organizational goals.
  4. Conflict Resolution: Navigating and resolving workplace conflicts to maintain a harmonious work environment.
  5. Training and Development: Identifying and addressing training needs, fostering continuous learning.

Each skill is a tool, aiding you in providing exceptional administrative and HR leadership.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting Your Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

Avoiding common pitfalls is crucial when creating your CV. Here are some mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Using a Generic Approach: Tailor your CV for each application to showcase your unique fit for the role.
  • Focusing Solely on Duties: Go beyond listing job duties; highlight your achievements to add depth to your narrative.
  • Underestimating the Cover Letter: The cover letter is an opportunity to connect with potential employers, don’t skip it.
  • Technical Jargon Overload: Balance technical details with clear language to ensure your value is evident to all readers.
  • Neglecting Proofreading: A well-proofread CV enhances your professional image; don’t overlook this step.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you craft a CV that is both authentic and compelling.

Key Takeaways for Your Senior Admin & HR Professional CV

As we conclude this comprehensive guide, remember these key takeaways for creating a standout Senior Admin & HR Professional CV:

  • **Leadership Emphasis:** Showcase your leadership journey, emphasizing milestones achieved and teams led.
  • **Quantify Impact:** Highlight your impact by quantifying achievements, providing tangible evidence of your contributions.
  • **Tailoring is Key:** Customize your CV for each application to align with specific job requirements.
  • **Training Initiatives:** If applicable, showcase any training programs initiated, emphasizing your commitment to employee development.

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