Senior Merchandiser Supervisor Resume

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Senior Merchandiser Supervisor Resume Sample

Harris Hudson
Senior Merchandiser Supervisor


Experienced in managing buying activities to leverage sales excitement towards brands and products by the strategic approach in boosting exposure, productive relationship, profitability, and growth as envisioned.


Work Experience

Senior Merchandiser – Mobile Phone Category
Sam’s Digital Mart

  • Initiate and maintain relationships with brands and key personnel to support partnerships and collaborations.
  • Develop a strategic approach in monthly planning and directed implementation related to sales and promotion.
  • Engage with the marketing department to analyze pricing and exposure on products and brands targeting profitability and sustainable growth of sales.
  • Maintaining inventory levels based on seasonal changes, business needs, and trends.
  • Overseeing and coordinate with cross-functional departments in managing projects related to the back-end system and supply chain methods.


Brand Promotion
Brand Exclusive Product Deals

​​​​​​Engaging in a fruitful partnership with brands to sell one type of smartphone exclusively in JD.ID platform. This partnership will give an equal benefit for both sides; exclusive marketing assets, sales growth, and particular pricing are easy to control. As a senior merchandiser, I have full responsibility in planning the marketing and sales strategy, negotiating the pricing and quantity of the goods, and executing the exclusive partnerships.

Prepaid & Postpaid Bundling Promotion
Telco Partnership Program

Exploring a different way on how to grow the mobile phone and telecommunications industry. Having partnerships with major telecommunications company on growing the awareness and sales of the prepaid and postpaid SIM cards in online market. The impact of this partnerships are very beneficial for both sides. Awareness of customer on buying prepaid and postpaid SIM cards in online market are having a huge increase in line with the sales. As a senior merchandiser I take a big part of the partnerships in terms of planning the marketing and selling strategy, negotiating the pricing of prepaid and postpaid simcards and communicating with the partners.

Exchange Old Phone to Buy New Phone
Online Trade-In Program

Exploring options on how to enhance sales and customer options to buy new launch products. Having a collaboration with one of the major companies in the trade-in industry in order to give customers the opportunity to exchange their old phone in order to buy the new launch product at a cheaper price. Not only it benefits the customer sides where it will increase the customer satisfaction and experience, but it is also will benefit both parties where the awareness of the trade-in program online and the sales of the new launch product will increase. As a senior merchandiser, I take full responsibility for setting up all the initial processes, negotiating the old phone pricing, and managing this online trade-in program to be executed accordingly.

Extra Gadget Protection for Accidental or Liquid damage
Gadget Protection Partnership Program

In a mission to deliver the message to the customers where buying smartphones in online is safe. Cooperating with a very insightful and flourished insurance tech company in order to give more customer satisfaction and security we provide additional gadget protection for accidental and liquid damage when customers buy their mobile phone on our platform. Not only it benefits the customer it also gives a huge impact on the increment of customer satisfaction and security when they buy a mobile phone in JD.ID. As a senior merchandiser, I am in charge of planning the marketing strategy and setting up the pricing strategy for the program to be executed accordingly.


Diploma of Commerce
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Advance Diploma of Commerce
San Jose State University

Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting
New York Institute of Technology


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Merchandiser Supervisor Resume Writing Guide & Tips

Are you looking for ways to create your own merchandiser supervisor resume? If so, this article will provide you with advice and tips on how to write the perfect one. Don’t forget to follow these steps and include these points in your resume:

  • Add in a list of previous responsibilities
  • Highlight achievements
  • Emphasize your critical thinking skills
  • Include education sections for entry-level positions.

When writing a retail supervisor’s resume, there are many considerations that need to be made. What you say and don’t say on your resume can make the difference between a callback or rejection. With a little bit of research and planning, writing an effective retail supervisor resume is certainly possible!

For a retail employer, every applicant presents an opportunity to make money. However, when it comes to hiring the best of the best, the right choice hinges on individual skills and abilities. The best way to market yourself is to give employers all of the information they need upfront so they don’t have to ask for it later.

How to write a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

Here are the steps to creating a winning resume. With this complete guide and tips, you’ll be able to showcase your skills and experience in a way that will get you noticed. Follow these tips to learn how to write the perfect Merchandiser Supervisor Resume!

1. Contact Information for Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

A resume is always a good idea. It helps you stand out from the pack of other applicants and demonstrates that you’re interested in the job. Also, if you know someone who works for the company (e.g. a friend of a friend) put that person’s name on your resume because they will be able to give you an insider’s perspective on what they’re looking for.

2. Summary for Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

Focus on your experience, not your education. Keep it short and sweet. Include only the experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for (i.e. highlighting your skills).

3. Qualifications for Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

Here is where you can include skill sets or competencies that make you a perfect fit for the position, such as computer skills, language skills or special certifications that apply to the job.

4. Work Experience in Your Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

The most important part of a resume, your experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. List your current or most recent job first and list lesser-known positions after, as well as volunteer work and internships. Keep your format similar to the examples below:

5. Education on a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

If you are able to get a degree or certification related to your job that is not listed elsewhere on your resume, list it here.

6. Skills and Competencies on a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

List your skills or competencies that are relevant to the job you are applying for – if they aren’t listed on the company’s website, then list them here. For example, if you have experience with Microsoft Word, it’s relevant experience for the role of Merchandiser Supervisor.

7. Professional Skills in Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

Use ”keywords” to help your resume pop up in a search engine, such as ”Merchandiser Supervisor”. This is an attention-grabbing way of getting the employer’s attention.

8. Associated Skills for Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

When you match keywords with skills and competencies, you will be able to create an associated skills section that highlights all of the different skills and experiences that you have that are relevant to the job.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

  • To pick, pack and ship the product
  • purchasing the products from wholesalers, manufacturers or distributors
  • To have an inventory in your shop
  • Taking care of the warehouse location and equipment
  • Receiving customer orders via telephone, fax or email from customers around the country: [your location will be listed on your resume]
  • Handling of customer complaints
  • Completing all documents, such as invoices, receipts and packing slips
  • Order adjustments: changes, additions or cancellations [the date the adjustment occurred] [invoices for each order] [purchases on the invoice]
  • Budgeting for supplies and warehouse equipment: materials and purchased goods inventory
  • Creating or processing invoices for the products in your shop.

Top 15 Must-have Merchandiser Supervisor Skills:

  1. Managing multiple store locations
  2. Effectively communicating with customers, retail staff, and vendors to make profitable merchandise orders
  3. Articulating the Merchandiser Supervisor’s role as a team member
  4. Maintaining a quality merchandise store environment with effective inventory management practices
  5. Working on the floor of a retail location to identify merchandise needs, and placing orders for merchandising needs
  6. Developing organizational skills to effectively manage multiple task-oriented responsibilities within the Merchandiser Supervisor position
  7. Coding merchandise to organize, stock, and sell merchandise
  8. Merchandising products to increase sales
  9. Organizing and tracking expenses within the retail store
  10. Accurately calculating sales quota, profit margins, etc…
  11.  Communicating with store employees and the retail supervisor in terms of merchandising goals
  12. Communicating with other managers in terms of merchandising goals and strategies for the next fiscal year
  13. Communicating with vendors and suppliers to place merchandise orders
  14. Monitoring and analyzing sales trends to make the most profitable merchandise decisions for an organization.
  15. Communicating with supporting staff in order to enact the Merchandiser Supervisor’s vision for the retail store

Tips to write a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume Summary:

While the requirements for resumes are not universal, there are some general suggestions for writing a resume summary, which follows.

Keep the summary short—no more than four sentences.

Briefly list your most outstanding qualifications as they relate to the position to which you are applying. State any special skills you have that might set you apart from other applicants, such as leadership qualities or proficiency with a particular software program. Also, include your career goals and the reason that you want to work for this company in particular.

Focus on specific accomplishments, not just job titles. Include a brief description of your responsibilities in each job you’ve held up to this point and what you’ve learned from them.

Apply the TJD format, described earlier in this chapter, to the top section of your resume. Use your experience to develop detailed descriptions of specific duties you performed for each job that is listed. Discuss how these duties helped you develop new skills or perform additional tasks and then build on those skills and experiences for jobs where you are describing different duties.

How to write a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume with No experience:

  • It’s easy to write your own resume if you know how!
  • Examples of Merchandiser Supervisor Resumes with no experience which was stylish, well-structured, and effective.
  • List the key skills you would like to highlight, but NOT include them in the resume as it is more important that you highlight them in a cover letter.
  • Make sure to write a strong email including a call-to-action as well as a clear objective.
  • Write a resume that is short, sharp, and snappy.
  • Include high impact statements to showcase your skills and experience
  • Ensure you include all relevant experience, internships, and employment that are close to your desired role.

How to write a Merchandiser Supervisor Cover Letter:

  • Do not use a generic cover letter. Address it to an individual and specify the name of the person who will be hired
  • Use relevant examples from your experience to highlight your skills
  • Create a personal touch by starting with a formal greeting and ending by expressing appreciation for their time
  • In the body of your letter, be sure to explain why you think you are suitable for the role
  • Give specific examples and provide details to prove your point

How to write a Merchandiser Supervisor Resume:

  • Use strong action verbs at the start of each sentence to showcase your achievements
  • Use bullet points rather than paragraphs where possible
  • Be clear and concise; focus on selling yourself rather than just listing the facts. Mention exactly what you can offer specifically to this company.
  • Make it clear you are looking for work by including relevant keywords (such as “looking for a new challenge,” “seeking new opportunities” etc.) – this will increase your chances of being found by an employer’s search engine
  • Do not include any personal details such as marital status, religion, race, or age
  • Don’t forget to include all relevant employment history from previous jobs

Key Takeaways:

  • Resume writing is a critical first step in getting a Merchandiser Supervisor job. Create your resume using our resume builder and get started!
  • Be sure to include key phrases that relate directly to the Merchandiser Supervisor job description.
  • Learn how to create a great cover letter that will wow employers.
  • A resume builder is a software program or online service designed to help individuals develop a professional resume. These programs will provide you with the skills and templates, and then teach you how to create a resume that does just that – builds your resume!…