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Jessica Tim

Registered nurse




I’m a Registered nurse with over 4 years experience, currently working for Uni Care Hospital as a Vaccination Site Manager at Roodeport Town Hall.

I am a quick learner and a good team member who is able to interact with others, highly self motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated, i also have good communication skills. I don’t know everything but I am willing to learn and accept corrections in a positive way.

I am currently seeking a role that will enable me to use my skills whilst mainting a work life balance and believe i will be able to achieve that at your company.



  • Contemporary clinical knowledge in dementia care, wound care, and other aspects of resident/patient care
  • Fully aware of importance of maintaining a strong culture that values safety
  • Fully aware of and committed to quality imperatives in health/aged care
  • Sound financial management skills
  • Highly developed Human Recourse skills
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Well developed communication skills
  • Ability to manage change (make things happen)


Work Experience


Professional Nurse

Uni Care Hospital

Feb 2020


  • Comprehensive patient care.
  • Report writing.
  • Comprehensive nursing care according to health needs of patients.
  • Assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning and implementation of nursing care.
  • Stock ordering and control
  • Delegation and supervision of junior nurses
  • Audit of patient’s records
  • Prevention of cross infection and adhering to aseptic techniques.
  • Prevention of medico-legal hazards.
  • Administering medications according to patient care
  • Advocating for the patients

Professional Nurse

City of Johannesburg (Region C) PHC Mobile 1

Aug 2020


  • Rendering comprehensive and integrated primary healthcare services at a mobile clinic
  • Assessing, diagnosing, treating and referring to the higher healthcare institution
  • Participating in identification, design and delivery of health awareness campaign at the mobile clinic and community level
  • Conduct specific administrative processes and procedures at the primary healthcare
  • Screening, Identify suspects, and testing of Covid-19

Professional Nurse

Department of Correctional Service

Apr 2021


  • Screening, Identify suspects, and testing of Covid-19
  • Rendering comprehensive patient care to confirmed Covid-19 positive inmate.
  • Report writing of the prognosis of Covid-19 patients.
  • Assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning and implementation of nursing care.
  • Stock ordering and control on the Isolation site
  • Prevention of cross infection by isolating Covid-19 positive inmates and wearing of PPE
  • Prevention of medico-legal hazards.
  • Administering medications according to patient care
  • Advocating for the inmates with regards to their health needs.
  • Rendering comprehensive and integrated primary healthcare services at the prison clinic
  • Assessing, diagnosing, treating and referring to the higher healthcare institution

Site Manager

COJ (Region C) – Vaccination Site



  • Overall supervision of Vaccination process
  • Reporting of daily attendance of fellow employees at the site
  • Registration and vaccination of clients against Covid-19
  • Compiling and submitting daily vaccination stats
  • Monitoring and management of reported side effects from the vaccines




General Nurse training

San Jose State University

Feb 1980


Oncology Nursing Certificate

Northeastern University

Apr 1985


Advance Certificate Management

Arizona State University

Mar 1995





  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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What Should Be Included In A Registered Nurse Resume?

The Resume of a Registered Nurse is an essential document that serves as a valuable tool when applying for positions. It is important to ensure that the Resume includes all the relevant information and is tailored to the specific position you are interested in. A well-crafted Registered Nurse Resume should include the following elements:

  • Professional Summary: A well-written Professional Summary should be the first thing employers will see when they open the Resume. The goal of the Professional Summary is to give employers a brief overview of the candidate’s qualifications, experience and career goals.
  • Education: Registered Nurses must possess a valid nursing license to practice. Additionally, a Registered Nurse should include the educational qualifications they have obtained, such as a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or higher.
  • Skills: Registered Nurses should include a comprehensive list of their clinical skills, such as medical terminology, patient assessment, and administering medications. Additionally, they should list any administrative or managerial skills they possess, such as leadership skills or the ability to work in a team-based environment.
  • Work Experience: A Registered Nurse Resume should include a detailed list of professional experience, including any roles they have held at health care facilities or hospitals. Each role should be detailed so employers can get a clear picture of the candidate’s clinical experience.
  • Certifications: Registered Nurses must possess a valid nursing license, which must be up-to-date. Additionally, they should also list any certifications or professional licenses they have earned.
  • Awards and Honors: Any awards or recognition a Registered Nurse has received should be listed in the Resume. This could include awards from professional organizations or recognition from employers .
  • Technical Skills: Registered Nurses should list any technical skills they possess, such as experience with specific medical software or equipment.
  • Volunteering: Registered Nurses should list any volunteer work they have done, such as nursing assistance in underserved communities or providing free health care services.
  • Professional Organizations: Listing membership in professional organizations, such as the American Nurses Association, can demonstrate commitment to the nursing profession.

What Skills Should I Put On My Resume For Registered Nurse?

When writing a resume for a Registered Nurse position, it is important to showcase the skills and experience that make you a great candidate for the job. While some skills may be specific to the nursing field, such as knowledge of medications, treatments, and medical technology, there are also many more general skills that are necessary for any successful nurse.

For starters, it is important to highlight your ability to communicate and interact with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals. You should also demonstrate your ability to work efficiently and effectively with a team, which includes displaying your ability to work well under pressure. Additionally, you should showcase your organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as your ability to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the healthcare industry.

Finally, it is important to demonstrate your dedication to continuing education. This means highlighting any certifications or special training you have completed, such as specialized courses in medical technologies or advanced nursing care. Showing that you are always looking to improve your skills is a key attribute for any successful Registered Nurse.

What Is The Job Description Of The Registered Nurse?

A Registered Nurse (RN) is a professional healthcare practitioner responsible for providing direct and/or indirect patient care. The job description of an RN includes assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other medical facilities. They provide emotional support, promote health care, and work with other healthcare professionals to develop treatment plans. RNs must have a deep understanding of biology, anatomy, and medical procedures, and must be able to accurately record a patient’s health history in order to diagnose and treat effectively.

RNs must be able to respond quickly to emergencies and changes in a patient’s condition, and must be knowledgeable about medications, wound care, and infection control. They must maintain accurate records regarding patient care and must be committed to providing quality care as well as meeting legal and ethical standards. An RN’s job may also include education and training of patients, families, and healthcare staff, as well as research and data analysis. RNs must adhere to the standards set forth by their employer, the state board of nursing, and the governing body of their respective practice.

What Is A Good Objective For A Registered Nurse Resume?

When it comes to writing a resume for a Registered Nurse position, having a strong objective statement is a must. A well-crafted objective statement for a Registered Nurse resume should be concise and focused, highlighting why you are the best candidate for the job. It should also be tailored to the specific position you are applying for and should include key skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate.

When writing an objective statement for a Registered Nurse resume, it is important to keep in mind that the employer is looking for a qualified candidate who can demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job successfully. Your objective statement should reflect why you are the right candidate for the job and should be specific enough to separate you from other applicants. It is also important to avoid vague statements and to focus on the specific job requirements.

For example, a Registered Nurse resume might include an objective statement such as, “I am an experienced Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience in providing compassionate and professional care to patients. I am well-versed in medical terminology and practices, and I am committed to delivering quality care to all patients.”

By including information in your objective statement that speaks directly to the job requirements, you can demonstrate to the employer how you are the ideal candidate for the position. A well-crafted objective statement is a great way to make sure that your Registered Nurse resume stands out from the competition.

What Are The Career Prospects In The Registered Nurse?

A career as a registered nurse (RN) offers many potential opportunities for advancement, including higher salaries and more job security. Registered Nurses are in high demand due to their essential role in the healthcare industry. They provide direct care to patients, including administering medications, performing procedures, and monitoring and recording their health status. Additionally, they often assist doctors in diagnosing and treating illnesses and diseases.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the number of Registered Nurses in the United States will increase by 15 percent through 2026, which is faster than the average growth rate of all other occupations. This anticipated increase is due to an aging population, as well as advances in healthcare technology and treatments.

Registered nurses can find employment opportunities in various settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, public health departments, physician’s offices, and private practices. Employment prospects also depend on the individual’s location and experience. Those with advanced degrees and specialized certifications may be sought after for more specialized positions.

In addition to the various employment opportunities, registered nurses also enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for a registered nurse in 2019 was $73,300. Additionally, many employers offer generous health and retirement plans, as well as paid time off and other benefits.

The career prospects for Registered Nurses are strong and the outlook for future job prospects is good. With the right education and experience, registered nurses can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career with potential for advancement. With the right credentials, the road to success in the field of registered nursing can be a rewarding one indeed.

Key Takeaways for an Registered Nurse resume

For registered nurses looking to create a resume that stands out, there are several key takeaways worth considering. First, be sure to include your relevant experience and certifications. Highlight any specialized skills, such as the ability to work in an operating room or in a critical care unit. You should also illustrate your accomplishments and areas where you have been successful. For example, if you have been awarded honors or if you have been able to successfully care for a challenging patient, this should be noted. In addition, discuss any challenges you have faced in the past and how you overcame them.

Another takeaway to consider is to tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. Make sure it reflects the experience and qualifications that the employer is looking for. You should also format your resume in a way that is easy to read and understand. For example, make sure it is broken up into logical sections and that it is organized in chronological order. Additionally, focus on quantifiable achievements, such as the number of patients you have cared for, or the number of hours you have worked in a particular unit.

A Registered Nurse Resume should provide a detailed list of educational qualifications, including any degree or courses they have completed. They should also list any specialized education or certifications they have acquired. Work Experience, all relevant work experience should be included in a Registered Nurse Resume. This should include a list of duties, job titles, and places of employment, as well as the dates of employment for each job listed.

Education: Registered Nurses should include a list of any academic degrees they have earned, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Master of Science in Nursing. Continuing Education, nurses should list any continuing education courses they have taken, such as seminars or certification programs. Publications, nurses can list any academic papers or articles they have written and published in professional journals or magazines.

Finally, you should proofread your resume for any typos or errors. It is important to present yourself in the best possible light and to make sure your resume conveys that you are an organized and competent professional. Taking the time to review your work and make sure it is error-free will help you stand out from the competition and make a strong impression on potential employers.