Senior Software Engineer Resume Sample

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Senior Software Engineer Resume Sample

Senior Software Engineer


A highly motivated and passionate engineer who has 3+ years of work experience with a B.Sc. focused in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering from The German University in Cairo. Seeking an opportunity for the fulfillment of my passion for software engineering at a well-established organization through an ongoing career.


Work Experience 

Software Engineer
Orchtech Egypt

Responsible for the development process of an HR System based on SaaS(software as a service) architecture which is implemented using Ruby On Rails framework. Creating forms and extending them using the nested forms technique. Optimizing performance of several API end-points. Building the front-end views using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. Managing background jobs using Sidekiq. Dockerizing the application. Maintaining the admin dashboard used by our human resources agents and adding new features to it.

Purchasing Desk Manager
Elvesapp, Inc.

Operations Quality and Productivity
Responsible of communicating company goals, safety practices, and deadlines with designated teams, motivating team members and assessing their performance, spotting inconsistencies in the purchasing process and suggests improvements, acting immediately and handling issues in person if an agent ran into difficulty, monitoring and checking everyday agents output, taking care of scheduling and ensures full compliance with it(arrivals and the beginning of a shift, swaps, breaks, days off log…), and at last handling VIP clients and coaching potential agents to handle them down the line.

Responsible for preparing the training needs and assessments of the agents, running the job training for new agents or new business or modified operational process and running of the coaching and calibration sessions for the team in conjunction with the QA team.

Responsible for submitting full reports about the agent’s performances, pointing out agents who are not fulfilling the role and proposes solutions so that the decision by the department head can be taken.

Operations Supervisor
Elvesapp, Inc.

Responsible of developing a well-designed and motivating evaluation program in order to assure fair monitoring of the team performance and report on metrics, creation of training materials, spotting training needs and providing coaching, also ensuring all new hires receive high-quality orientation and on-boarding experiences in order to maintain a high employee performance level. Motivating team members in addition to monitoring and assessing their performance and evaluations.


Bachelor Degree
The University of Texas at Dallas

Studied Engineering and Material Science.

Bachelor Project
University of Pennsylvania

Finished Bachelor project; Simulation of electric field optical sensor.
Grade: A+

Embedded Systems Diploma
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Finished a diploma in C programming concepts and automotive protocols at which we built drivers for the MCAL layer and some of the HAL layer essential hardware additives, also I have introduced the architecture of the micro-controller and the real-time operating systems(RTOS).

The training kit included the ATMega32 microcontroller.

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp
Udemy Online Course

Finished a beginner’s full-stack Bootcamp specializing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front end, SQL, and Ruby in the backend also I used Ruby on Rails framework to develop and deploy web applications.

After the learning phase, I used a lot of Ruby-based technologies to deploy some pet projects.


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines