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Jessica Michael

Tourism & Recreation


  • Ability to organize and research programs and events with excellent results
  • Organized team member, punctual, self motivated with a positive attitude
  • Quick problem solving and risk management abilities
  • Able to understand and implement proper protocols in relation to the general public
  • Ability to lead and motivate in a positive responsive manner.


  • Public relations
  • Organization
  • Punctuality
  • Positivity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Problemsolving
  • Teamwork
  • Sales techniques
  • Cultural awareness

Work Experience

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

City of Abbotsford

May 2020

  • Instruction of water safety, programs and evaluations
  • Shift lead hand
  • Emergency response
  • Public relations

Lifeguard/Swim Instrutor

District of Mission


  • Responsibility of children/adults in swim lessons
  • Emergency response
  • Public relations

Reception & Cash Handling

Pioneer Chrysler Jeep


  • Cash handling
  • Filing
  • Administration
  • Data Entry


Tourism & Recreation Management Diploma

San Jose State University

Jun 2020

  • Intro to sociology 
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Event planning

High Five Certified

Northeastern University

Inclusion training

University of South Florida

Standard First-Aid + CPR-C

Red Cross


Lifesaving Instructor

LIT Aquatics



The Sky’s No Limit – Girls Can Fly Too

Volunteer Flight Crew

Adaptive Programs at ARC

Volunteer Assistant

Jun 2019

Working with children who have special needs and help assist in structured activity programs

Aboriginal Arts & Culture Day

Volunteer Coordinator

Jun 2019

  • Fundraising
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Liaison with vendors and sponsors
  • Promoting the event through social media


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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The Importance of Tourism & Recreation in Local Economies

Tourism and recreation play a vital role in bolstering local economies, contributing significantly to job creation, infrastructure development, and cultural exchange. As communities embrace the potential of tourism, the demand for skilled professionals in the Tourism & Recreation sector continues to rise. Let’s explore the multifaceted impact of this industry on local economies and the diverse opportunities it offers for professionals in this field.

What Makes a Successful Tourism & Recreation Professional?

Becoming a successful professional in the Tourism & Recreation sector requires a blend of specialized knowledge, interpersonal skills, and a passion for fostering memorable experiences. Let’s delve into the key qualities and expertise that define a competent and effective Tourism & Recreation professional:

  • A comprehensive understanding of local attractions and landmarks, allowing for the seamless guidance of tourists and visitors.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to build rapport with diverse groups of people, enhancing their experience and fostering positive interactions.
  • Expertise in event planning and management, enabling the creation of engaging and successful recreational programs for tourists and local communities alike.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the local culture, history, and traditions, facilitating the provision of authentic and immersive experiences for tourists.
  • Adaptability and problem-solving abilities to handle unforeseen circumstances, ensuring smooth and enjoyable experiences for tourists even during challenging situations.

Developing these skills and qualities is essential for excelling in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of Tourism & Recreation.

The Role of a Tourism & Recreation Professional

The role of a Tourism & Recreation professional is diverse, encompassing various responsibilities that contribute to the enhancement of tourists’ experiences and the promotion of local attractions. Let’s uncover the key duties and tasks that define the role:

  • Guiding tourists through local attractions and providing informative and engaging narratives to enrich their understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the place.
  • Organizing and coordinating recreational events and activities, catering to the diverse preferences and interests of tourists and local residents.
  • Collaborating with local businesses and stakeholders to promote tourism initiatives and develop strategic partnerships that boost the local economy.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of tourists during their visits, implementing necessary measures to mitigate potential risks and create a secure environment for exploration and enjoyment.
  • Conducting research and staying updated with the latest trends in the tourism industry, integrating innovative ideas and practices to enhance tourists’ experiences and stay ahead of the competition.

Each responsibility requires dedication, creativity, and a deep understanding of the local culture and community.

Key Skills for Success in Tourism & Recreation

Success in the field of Tourism & Recreation demands a combination of soft skills and industry-specific expertise. Let’s highlight the essential skills that professionals in this sector should possess:

Soft Skills:

  1. Customer service excellence, ensuring that tourists and visitors receive a memorable and satisfactory experience.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration, fostering a harmonious environment to work effectively with other professionals and stakeholders in the industry.
  3. Time management and organizational skills, allowing for the smooth execution of events and the management of tourist activities.
  4. Cultural sensitivity and empathy, enabling the establishment of meaningful connections with tourists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  5. Adaptability and flexibility, enabling quick adjustments to cater to the changing needs and preferences of tourists.

Hard Skills:

  1. Proficiency in local language(s) and dialects, facilitating effective communication with tourists and providing accurate information about local attractions.
  2. Knowledge of hospitality management software, aiding in the efficient organization and management of tourist bookings and recreational events.
  3. Expertise in tour planning and logistics, ensuring seamless and well-coordinated travel experiences for tourists.
  4. Marketing and promotional skills, enabling effective promotion of local attractions and tourism initiatives to attract a broader audience.
  5. First aid and emergency response training, ensuring prompt and effective action during unforeseen incidents to maintain tourists’ safety and well-being.

Each skill is a crucial element in delivering exceptional experiences and fostering the growth of the local tourism industry.

Common Challenges in the Tourism & Recreation Sector

Despite the numerous opportunities in the Tourism & Recreation sector, professionals often encounter certain challenges that require resilience and innovative problem-solving. Let’s explore some of the common challenges faced by professionals in this field:

  • Seasonal fluctuations in tourist activity, leading to periods of high demand and low demand, which can affect business stability and revenue.
  • Intense competition from neighboring destinations, requiring continuous efforts to differentiate and promote unique offerings to attract tourists.
  • Ensuring sustainable tourism practices that prioritize environmental conservation and minimize the negative impact on local ecosystems and communities.
  • Adapting to the rapidly evolving technology landscape to integrate digital solutions that enhance the overall tourist experience and streamline operational processes.
  • Managing customer expectations and addressing complaints effectively to maintain a positive reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Successfully navigating these challenges demands proactive measures, strategic planning, and a strong commitment to delivering exceptional services and experiences to tourists.

Creating an Impressive Tourism & Recreation CV

Your CV is a crucial tool in presenting your skills and experiences to potential employers in the Tourism & Recreation sector. Here are some tips to create an impressive CV that highlights your strengths and capabilities effectively:

  • Emphasize your experience in handling diverse groups of tourists, showcasing instances where you successfully managed complex situations and provided exceptional customer service.
  • Highlight your contributions to the promotion of local attractions and events, demonstrating your ability to drive tourism initiatives and contribute to the growth of the local economy.
  • Include specific metrics and data to quantify your achievements, providing concrete evidence of the positive impact you have made in your previous roles.
  • Tailor your CV to align with the specific requirements of the job, emphasizing your relevant skills and experiences that directly contribute to the success of the role you are applying for.
  • Ensure that your CV is well-structured and easy to read, using clear and concise language to effectively communicate your professional journey and accomplishments.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling CV that highlights your unique value as a skilled professional in the Tourism & Recreation sector.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Career in Tourism & Recreation

Embarking on a career in the dynamic and rewarding field of Tourism & Recreation offers you the opportunity to contribute to the growth of local economies while fostering memorable experiences for tourists and visitors. With the right blend of skills, knowledge, and a passion for creating exceptional experiences, you can make a significant impact in this vibrant industry. Craft your CV with care, highlighting your unique strengths and experiences, and be prepared to seize exciting opportunities that come your way in the world of Tourism & Recreation.

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