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Christa Kevin

Food Technologist


Innovative Food Technologist offering three years of positive industry experience. Produces prototypes, conducts routine food samplings, and introduces product improvements. Well-versed in quality monitoring and food product formulation to drive company sales and customer satisfaction. Energetic and hardworking professional with expertise in food processing, production and quality control.


  • Sensory testing
  • New product formulation
  • Quality control
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Interprets and synthesizes analytical data
  • Positive and can work independently

Work Experience

R&D Executive

AIA Group


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  • Developing new produ”

    • Developing new product ideas and recipes for new beverages products.
    • Modifying and improving existing recipes.
    • Liaising with marketing and production staff.
    • Preparing products costing based on raw materials and manufacturing costs.
    • Testing and approved incoming raw ingredients.
    • Testing and examining pre-mixed sample for production.
    • Performed Brix, pH, moisture and water activity for pre-mixed sample

Research Assistant

AIMST University

Mar 2017

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  • Isolation and identi”

    • Isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi.
    • Characterization of microorganism.
    • Handling composting process for empty fruit bunches of oil palm.
    • Involve in purchasing and dealing with suppliers.
    • Planned, modified, and executed research techniques, procedures and tests.
    • Validated incoming data to check information accuracy and integrity while independently locating and correcting concerns.
    • Prepared materials for reports, presentations and submission to peer-reviewed journal publications.

Business Development Executive

Top Glove Corporation Berhad

Dec 2011

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    • Working out the human and material resources needed.
    • Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed.
    • Working with managers to implement the company’s policies and goals.
    • Plan, perform and contribute to project related scientific/technical activities.
    • Deal with suppliers.


Expatriate Advisory Sdn Bhd

Feb 2011

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  • Communication (prese”

    • Communication (presentation, negotiation and business writing).
    • Technical (patent/ intellectual property management, clinical research, good regulatory practices including good regulatory practices, good clinical practices and good laboratory practices).
    • Entrepreneurship/ business (business strategy, financial management, marketing management and project management)


Master of Science in Food Science

San Jose State University


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  • Food Safety Manageme”

    • Food Safety Management
    • Food Packaging
    • Advanced Food Microbiology
    • Experimental Techniques In Food Science
    • Current Techniques In Food Microbiology

Bachelor Degree of Science in Genetics

Northeastern University


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  • Principal of Genetic”

    • Principal of Genetics, Microbial Genetics, Fungus Genetics
    • Human and Medical Genetics, Developmental Genetics
    • Biochemistry, Fundamental of Microbiology,
    • Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics
    • Scientific Communication

Life Science

Arizona State University



  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Effective Guide to Write a Food Technologist Resume

Many people often get frustrated when they are looking for a job in the food field and they find that the jobs they have on their resumes aren’t quite enough. Having a bad resume isn’t going to keep you from getting hired; what’s more, it can make you waste precious time trying to find the perfect one. That being said, your first step should always be updating your resume.

If you’re looking for a way to make it stand out.

It is important to know that the way your resume looks is just as important as its content. You want to make sure that it has an easy-to-read and appealing design. This can be done with the right use of fonts, spacing, and organization. Find your perfect way to lay out your resume.

When searching for a job, you may find yourself trying to find the perfect food technologist resume. To write a food technologist resume you have to pay attention to what the job description says and how it differentiates itself from other food industry-related jobs. There are jobs open in almost every industry that you can apply for and here is some advice on finding a great one.

Food Technologist Job Description:

Food Technologists are technicians who specialize in the production of food or use equipment to process and preserve food. Technologists perform the bulk of their job duties in factories, manufacturing facilities, research institutes, and agribusinesses. Food Technologists work with ingredients such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, butter, vegetables, fruits and grains. Some Food Technologist jobs are related to the food packaging industry and may include labeling machines that stamp products with custom-designed labels.

Food Technologist Job Responsibilities:

  • Plan, recommend, and implement plans for the preservation and processing of food
  • Convert raw materials into final packaged products
  • Plan, develop and implement systems for establishing production schedules
  • Evaluate quality control procedures to ensure that packaging meets government standards
  • Work with safety personnel to set up and implement safe work practices and procedures within facilities
  • Conduct research on food preservation techniques, conduct scientific experiments in the laboratory, or collect data for laboratory studies
  • Use machine vision systems when inspecting packaged products for missing ingredients, label discrepancies or quality problems.
  • Maintain production records and perform flow analysis
  • Maintain the food inventory, equipment, and facilities in a clean, organized, and safe manner
  • Prepare and present test results or findings at appropriate meetings, conferences, or seminars
  • Perform the material transfer or material control required for packaging (excluding those done by employees)

Tip to Write a Food Technologist Resume Objective:

It is important that you state your objective in a clear, concise manner. Nevertheless, you should always remember to express this clearly on the resume itself. Afood technologist resume objective [direct quotation]. Avoid overly formal language and be personal with your objective statement; know your audience (i.e., an editor or hiring manager) and speak their language (i.e. “I am a self-motivated, enthusiastic Food Technologist with experience in quality assurance. ”). Remember, companies want to know what the job seeker can do for them – not the other way around.

Tip to Write a Food Technologist Resume Summary:

A good summary will include a brief description of yourself (your skills, your job history, your educational history and anything else that is relevant). This should be no more than two paragraphs but it should be concise.

Example summary:
“I am a self-motivated, very organized, detail-oriented Food Technologist with excellent organizational skills, who possesses the ability to multi-task and work independently and as part of a team. I possess excellent time-management skills, have a proven history of consistently meeting deadlines.”

“I have experience working in a variety of positions within the Food Technology industry, including quality assurance and management. My educational history includes a bachelor’s degree in Food Technology with an emphasis in Quality Assurance and Statistics, as well as several food safety and quality-related certificates.”

“My current responsibilities include performing quality control inspections in a 3-shift food production environment and training new employees. I am willing to relocate to either North America or South America – whichever company would offer the best opportunities and growth.”

Tip to Write a Food Technologist Resume Work Experience:

This is what will set you apart from everyone else. It is absolutely crucial that you format this section correctly. The format for writing a food technologist resume should include the Name of employer, location, duration, contact information, and job title. This should always be the first part of your food technologist resume and it should be formatted exactly like this.

Employers want to know how long you have been in the field and what your level of experience is. The description should include what your responsibilities were, your tasks and accomplishments (both big and small). If possible, try to quantify your accomplishments – don’t just say things like “raised funds for many new programs” instead say “raised $500,000 for new programs.” Stay focused on relevant work history.

Top 20 Food Technologist Skills:

  1. Safety Standards
  2. Food Safety
  3. Food Preparation
  4. Food Quality Assurance
  5. Research Skills
  6. Food Production Processes
  7. Food Preparation Equipment Operational Procedures
  8. Inventory Control/Management
  9. Laboratory Equipment Usage/Safety Procedures
  10. Quality Control/Assurance Techniques12.
  11. Laboratory Equipment
  12. Kitchen Safety
  13. Nutrition
  14. Food Budget Administration
  15. Food Production and Service Minimum Standards
  16. Recordkeeping
  17. Leadership Abilities
  18. Safety and Security Procedures
  19. Laboratory Equipment Usage and Maintenance
  20. Design and Development of Food Products

Tips to Write a Food Technologist Cover Letter:

  • You do not need a Food Technologist Cover Letter, but it’s a good idea to give one to any employer who requests one.
  • The Food Technologist Cover Letter should say something like how much you enjoy making and eating pizza and other yummy foods.
  • Put your name and contact information in the top right corner of the Food Technologist Cover Letter.
  • It might be nice to put your resume on the first page of the Food Technologist Cover Letter.
  • A good Food Technologist Cover Letter should not just say “Dear Chairman/Dear Mr. Chairman” but add something other than “I’m a Food Technologist/I’m a Food Scientist”.
  • If your resume is too long for the Food Technologist Cover Letter, put the information about the job that you are applying for near the end of the letter.
  • Be concise. Nobody wants to read a Food Technologist Cover Letter that is 2 pages long.
  • When describing your career goals, be sure to mention specific types of foods that you would like to work with.
  • Be specific about what you have worked on in every job.


We hope the above resume writing guide will help you better understand how to write a Food Technologist resume. Feel free to user our resume sample and edit with our free resume builder. All the best for your job search.