Fresher Resume Example

Are you a Fresher and looking for a professional career? We have good news for you! use our professional Fresher Student Resume Sample. You don’t have to start writing from scratch. Just click “Edit Resume” and modify it with your details. Update the template fonts and colors have the best chance of landing your dream job. Find more resume samples.

Fresher Resume Sample

Neil Sebastian
Final Year Graduate


A final year graduate who is passionate about learning and seeking corporate experience to imply the skills learned through educational knowledge and to improvise the skills into expertise goals. Young and matured individual with developed skills and personal attributes that will support the transition from education to full-time employment.


Work Experience 

Feeding Team

Volunteered in Resala Charity Organization

French Reading Challenge

Participated in the French Reading Challenge held by Da`La Morana Foundation


High School
Genius Language School

Professional Qualifications

  • Beginner User of Design Softwares
  • Participated in Leadership Academy Workshops and Personality and Self Development Workshops
  • Intermediate Level Student at the French Institution in Egypt ( Institut Français en Egypte )


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Fresher Resume with Writing Guide

While the need for a career change is becoming increasingly common, the process of finding work once you graduate can be tricky and intimidating. If you’re interested in exploring industries outside of your current field, it’s important to make a noticeable first impression when applying for jobs. Your resume should reflect your skills and experience; however, if you’ve never worked in most of these fields before, there may be obstacles standing between you and an interview. Don’t lose hope! With a little help and some research, you can write the perfect resume.


In order to write an effective resume, you need to think about and define all of your relevant skills and experiences. This is where it is helpful to have an understanding of the job description and research the types of resumes that are used in the industry. For example, if you are a fashion design major who intends to work in the fashion industry, you should familiarize yourself with the most common job titles that are used in this field. In addition, if you have internship experience related to the industry or interests in social media marketing, press releases or event planning, you may want to include this on your resume. The last thing you want is a potential employer to think that your resume is vague and doesn’t include specifics on what it is that you do!

Be clear and concise

You may have many years of experience, but if you’re not able to convey exactly what you do in a few sentences, it will be difficult for employers to view your resume without being distracted by all of the details. Keep your information relevant and concise. Include only necessary information that will allow employers to identify what it is that you do, and limit yourself to using lists if necessary.

Think like an employer

If you’re able to think like an employer, you may be able to come up with a more creative approach to your resume. Employers are looking for candidates that are qualified enough to hold the position or have several years of experience in the same field; however, you can help them by highlighting your most relevant skills and experiences. For example, if a job title is listed as a required field, you can highlight those skills that will make you more desirable than other candidates who don’t have this title listed on their resume.

Fresher Resume Writing Guide:

  1. Use simple language and short sentences.
  2. Use action verbs in your resume’s bullet points.
  3. Refer to what industry employers are looking for; their needs will vary drastically from industry to industry, depending on the position they are hiring for. Looking at job listings is a great way to get ideas and inspiration on how to write your resume.
  4. Make links between your achievements, your skills and the requirements of the job you are applying for (as based on the job listing).
  5. Be concise and don’t include unnecessary information.
  6. Keep the resume short.
  7. Review your resume before submitting it to make sure it contains all the essential information and is presented neatly.
  8. Anticipate what your interviewer wants to hear from you, this will help you properly tailor the content of your resume to them, or explain any gaps in your experience that you didn’t mention earlier so that you can highlight them at a later date.
  9. Feel free to “Read between the lines” of your resume; you are telling a story about yourself here, and that story should be told in an interesting fashion. The purpose of a resume is to provide the reader with facts about you, interpreted through the lens of your personality.
  10. Get some feedback from people you trust before sending it out.

Fresher Resume Format:

There are no strict rules for writing the perfect resume. You can choose to go for a chronological, functional, or combination format based on your preference and needs. Understanding the purpose of your resume is essential to writing the perfect format. For example, if you are applying for jobs online and not using a recruiter, then you will want to have some sort of structure that highlights your skills and experience. In this case, a combination resume might work best.

Fresher Resume Length:

A good rule of thumb is to keep your resume under one page unless you have a great deal of experience. For example, an art teacher with 2 years of teaching experience should have the length at around 4-5 pages. If you are applying for a job that requires an engineering degree, then be sure to include that on your resume as well. It is important to give employers as much information as possible about your qualifications and how well you will be able to perform in the position of choice.

Fresher Resume Keywords/Job Title:

A good approach to writing a resume is to think of keywords, like job titles, that will catch an employer’s eye. Try finding keywords that are commonly used for your desired position and try using them in the beginning or middle of your resume. For example, if you are applying for a job as an assistant manager at a retailer like Walmart, you could use Walmart as one of the job titles and features on your resume.

Fresher Resume Structure:

A good structure for resumes is to start out with an objective section that highlights the job you are applying for; where you are applying from and where you will be going after the job is filled. Then continue with your education section and have a final summary of your qualifications. Make sure to include a list of the skills and traits that will make you a great candidate for the position and any additional information in case employers would like more details about how they can contact you.

Fresher Resume Samples:

If you are not sure what your resume should look like or if you need some ideas for an effective template, then look no further than these examples of great resumes, with accompanying tips and advice from industry professionals.

Fresher Resume Objective Statement: To be part of a successful team and gain experience in the customer service industry. My goal is to advance my career and help the company grow through my efforts in the sales department.

Fresher Education:

Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology
Teaching Experience: 5 years of primary grades at an elementary school with over 200 students.
Specialties/Skills: I am able to manage a team, listen to individual student needs, and set up classroom displays.

Fresher Professional Experience:

I currently work as a sales associate at my local gas station. My job requires me to be an active listener, respond to customer inquiries, and set up promotions. I am diligent in my work and have received many compliments for my hard work.

Fresher Resume Skills & Abilities:

I am able to multi-task, communicate with a diverse customer base, and solve problems effectively. I am able to lead a team in a small business and work independently for my own benefit.

Fresher Resume Job Descriptions:

Sales Associate: This role requires someone who is responsible for leading a team of team members to sell hot and cold beverage products on the sales floor. Sales associates also interact with customers about their product needs, taking time to explain different types of coffee and tea options, as well as water as an alternative. While an employee is working in this position, they will also be expected to sell extra products like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Fresher Resume Format:

For a Fresher’s resume, I would recommend going for a combination of the two: functional and chronological. It is important to be able to show your skills and knowledge while at the same time being able to show where you have worked and what you have done. This is best done by creating two different sections on your resume. The first section would highlight your skills, education, and other relevant information like certifications or competitions.

Fresher Cover Letter:

The cover letter is what you include with the proper application. While it’s not necessary to include it in a resume, it may be beneficial to send it in as this can help you build rapport with the employer. This is also a good way of making sure employers know about your unique qualities and why they should consider taking you on as an employee. Your cover letter should highlight these qualities, and discuss what type of position you are interested in and why you would make the best candidate for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep it short, keep it sweet.
  • Keep your resume focused on your skills and experience.
  • Keyword-heavy resumes are not effective in attracting employers
  • Your resume should be easy to skim through