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Human Resources Professional Resume Example with purpose and main focus is to gain experience, this resume is good for someone who wants something job related. This resume offers experience in a variety of Human Resources field such as Human Resources Business Partner, Human Resources Coordinator.

Experienced in Management Reviews, Client Support, Business Partnerships, and General HR.
This job provide overall coordination for the HR operations of the organization.


Richard Tim

Human Resource Professional


A Human Resource Professional with 6+years of experience in sectors namely – Generic Pharmaceuticals, Critical Care Injectables, Medical Devices and FMCG. A speaker, counsellor and consultant.


  • SAP – Success Factor
  • SAP – Field Glass
  • eCATS – Candidate Application Tracking System
  • Workday
  • Canva
  • MS Excel, word
  • Power Point Presentation
  • MS Visio

Work Experience

HRBP – North

Zydus Wellness Ltd

  • Partnering with Sales Managers of 4 businesses namely CPD, NL, Key Accounts & Modern Trade of North India.
  • Counselling and consulting with suggestions and support to field & branch employees during organizational integration.
  • Handling operating strength of north team and branch.
  • Handling Talent acquisition of positions starting from SO, ASM and RSM levels.
  • Planning and monitoring joining and onboarding of the new joinee.
  • Drive the Induction process in the region for new joinees and ensureing thorough readiness of new joinees for role delivery.
  • Ensuring timely execution of changed policies or procedures at branch level.
  • Ensuring exit formalities to carry out seamlessly at branch.
  • Taking exit feedback and maintaining the records.
  • Handling grievances & concerns related to PF, mediclaim, leaves, expense claiming and others, of field employees.
  • Ensuring employee engagement activities like birthday celebrations, festivals celebrations.
  • Process owner of SHIKHAR program – PGDBA program for sales professional in collaboration with Symbiosis Distance Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Deputy Manager

Zydus Wellness Ltd.

Sep 2019
  • Handled Talent acquisition of domestic business of CPD and NL at Pan India level.
  • Worked on Talent Retention thoroughly with the help of counselling and consultation.
  • Coordinated in employee life cycle mainly confirmation and appraisal.
  • Planned field induction, onboarding and took feedbacks.
  • Revamped organizational introduction induction PPT for New Joinee.
  • Took exit interviews and feedbacks.
  • Prepared and doing exit analysis monthly.
  • Handled Talent Management – LEAP program for field staff.
  • Involved in Strategic hiring for head office.
  • Prepared monthly Hiring, induction, operating strengths report of zones.

Assistant Manager

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Apr 2018
  • Did Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Talent Retention of 3 divisions namely Oncocare, Estomag and Evanext.
  • Handled onboarding and employee life cycle of field staff.
  • Handled employee grievances and IR issues of field staff.
  • Did Induction and coordination in promotional programs.
  • Did manpower analysis and budget reviews.
  • Documentation of all the induction programs, training programs and employee services of 3 divisions.

Pharma Recruiter

Collabera Services Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 2018
  • Did hiring, joining and onboarding coordination of clients like Medtronic,Abbott & GE for USA business.
  • Worked on SAP Field Glass portal.
  • Maintainted documentation of onboarding and hiring track.

Business HR – Executive

Claris Injectables Ltd

Oct 2016
  • Partnered with business and line manager in integrations and policy executions.
  • Handled R & R and Employee engagement activities for domestic business team like Online Puzzle competition and other activities.
  • Handled TA of domestic business at PAN india level with the help of Domestic Job Portals like & & Social Media portals like Linkedin & Facebook.
  • Handled Induction and refresher training of domestic business team.
  • Worked on Mediclaim project with a well-known Insurance company for domestic business team.
  • Handled general grievances & queries like leaves, bank account, email Id generation, salary issue etc.
  • Did field visits across India for Recruitment, TNI and On-field evaluation.

HR Officer

Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Feb 2015
  • Handled entire Talent Acquisition part of various functions in API manufacturing facility.
  • Conducted Walk-ins for bulk hiring and campus hiring.
  • Counselled and consulted workers of a dissolved union.
  • Monitored House Keeping contract teams and security teams.
  • Started & handled Employee Engagement activities like Quiz competitions, festival decoration & competitions during Safety week or Environment Day.
  • Handled queries and concerns of employees’ mediclaims.
  • Worked and prepared reports like Attrition, Man Power planning, E & I analysis and various other analysis related to HR functions.
  • Revised and modified SOPs of HR department.
  • Handled Auditory documents related to HR department.
  • Appeared and attended FDA audits as well as Internal Audits also.


Masters in Social Work

San Jose State University

Apr 2013

Studied HR, IR and social work subjects, also worked as student social worker in four settings namely – Rural, Urban, Health and Industry

Bachelors in Commerce

Northeastern University

Apr 2011

Specialization in HR


SAP – Success Factor @ Sun Pharmaceutical

Executor and monitor

Dec 2014

Implemented, trained and coordinated in SAP – Success Factor in Plant.


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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How to write a Human Resources Resume?

A resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your skills, experience, and qualifications to an employer who has not met you in person yet. Writing an effective resume that catches the employer’s attention can be difficult without a step-by-step guide or professional help.

To make this challenge a bit easier, we created this HR Resume Guide for writing the perfect Human Resources Resume.

This guide offers tips, tricks, and strategies on using professional resume titles, formatting resumes to match hiring standards and industry guidelines, and avoid common resume mistakes.

Guide to writing the perfect Human Resources Resume:

Step 1: Create a resume that matches your qualifications and focuses on your skills and experience.

Including all of your years of work experience or expertise is not the right choice. Keep this in mind when you are writing your resume: What exactly are you getting out of this job? What do you want from the employer? Why should he/she choose you? Focus on answering those questions before writing your resume.

Step 2: Customize Your Resume. Using a guide such as this helps avoid common resume mistakes.

If you’ve ever looked through a bunch of resumes at the hiring stage, you’ve probably noticed that most of them look dull. People often focus too much on credentials and not enough on what they actually have to offer.

People who are trying to land a job are likely doing so because they need to get one. Employers typically look at many different resources when hiring for a position. Check out the section entitled “Resume Tips” below for more useful information on writing a great Human Resources Resume.

Step 3: Showcase Your Skills and Experience in a Way That Will Catch a Potential Employer’s Eye.

Does your resume include the most relevant skills and experience? If you created a custom resume to match your qualifications then this is an area that is easy to mess up. The best resumes focus on the skills and experience necessary for the job you are applying for.

Step 4: Writing your resume follows these steps and can be broken down into three main sections:

Contact Info, Summary, and Professional Experience. Contact information should include your name, e-mail address, address, phone number(s), and preferred method of contact (phone or email). You should also consider including a link to your LinkedIn profile. A summary section is often also included in Human Resources Resume writing. The summary section focuses on the skills and experience you want to highlight in your resume. You should also include any relevant education and certifications, as well as your other work experience. A professional experience section is where you can focus on the skills that are most relevant to the specific job position for which you are applying. Be sure to highlight all of the job responsibilities, skills that were used, and results produced — this is often where recruiters look first.

Tips to write a Human Resources Resume Summary:

  • Write about your experience and achievements in a clear and concise way that highlights the value you can bring to an employer.
  • Use action verbs to make your resume stand out. Instead of stating your job title, use words that describe your actions to get an employer’s attention.
  • Consider adding a cover letter to help attract the attention of employers with your glowing personality.
  • Use action verbs to describe your experience and skills.
  • Use active voice to include a story that makes your resume stand out from all the others.
  • Use passive verbs or conjunction that is complimentary when writing about your experience and skills.
  • Be sure to include all of the needed information, as well as the date of the job that you are seeking a position with.

Summary example:
“Since graduating with a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of New York, I have done many volunteer activities for various organizations and charities. In addition to my work at school, I have been a professional speaker, consultant to several major corporations on human resources issues, and authors of several books including “Teenage Teens: The Key to Success,” “The Power of Positive Thinking,” and “Understanding Your Teenage Daughter.”

Education & Training:
“Graduated from the University of New York with a Doctorate in Social Work.”

Tips to write a Human Resources Resume with no experience:

  1. Make sure your resume is targeted for the job you are applying for. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have a different resume for each job you are applying for. At the same time, it also needs to be pertinent enough that appropriate jobs can contact you if they like what they see on your resume.
  2. Use a clear and easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana in 10-12 point size.
  3. Use bullets and numbered (bullet points) as much as possible to highlight your experience, skills and abilities.
  4. Use a one-page resume but if you have a lot of experience, use two pages.
  5. Include your Social Security no., driver’s license or other government ID no., educational background and training (if any), awards and achievements, references (if any). Include contact information for all of these regardless of whether they are in one reference or multiple references section.

Tips to write a Human Resources Resume Cover Letter:

A cover letter is an optional written account intended to introduce yourself and your qualifications for the job. The short account can be presented along with your resume, or it can be presented as a stand-alone document. The best cover letters combine professionalism with a personal touch.

Highlight your skills and experience while referencing the employer’s needs and mission statement. You can also use your cover letter to talk about how you learned of their opening and why you’re qualified to fill the position.* Give examples of what you’ve accomplished in previous positions, including specific results. Be sure to keep the tone professional, emphasizing your enthusiasm for the employer’s business and how you can contribute.

Proofread your letter carefully. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Do not use slang or informal language or colloquial terms. Professional correspondence requires formal writing. Make a list of accomplishments in your career and education that can be verified by others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customize your resume for each job you want.
  • Use a professional, simple and legible font such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Keep the layout clean, simple, and uncluttered.
  • Use bullet points to make your resume easier to read.
  • Include relevant keywords in your resume.