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Strategic Partnerships Resume Sample

Brian Christopher
Strategic Partnerships


A public policy enthusiast who is currently delivering strong and effective partnerships management to create momentum with external stakeholders and to achieve policy impact & improve health and well-being.

With a growing passion for the technology sector, I am developing my leadership skills to be part of a collaborative and matrix environment. A firm believer of authenticity and ownership in leadership values.


Work Experience 

Head of Strategic Partnerships
Hongkong Median Development

  • Lead & develop UNITE’s policy processes in terms of design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. As head of UNITE’s policy processes, I coordinate UNITE’s global policy response to promote policy-change upon the biggest global health priorities
  • As responsible for UNITE’s network of 115 members of parliament across 55 countries, I advised UNITE’s policy-makers and mobilized them towards current evidence-based policies to promote policy-change and political impact
  • Build effective partnership opportunities with different stakeholders from the UN System (UNAIDS, WHO), academic and research institutes (CEPI, ISGLobal), policy development (UNITAID, G20 HDP) and advocacy & community-based organizations (Médecins Sans Frontières) generating policy insights and momentum
  • Represent UNITE on internal and external fora to follow current policy trends, present the institution’s policy position and maintain collaborative relationships with UNITE’s portfolio of partners

Partnerships Executive – Business Development
Japan Share Holdings

  • Pipeline Management of clients & business leads with an exceptional sense of prioritisation and urgency both in pre-sales and follow-up of the client’s projects
  • Responsible for market structure research & translation in ‘focus points’ for clients; Identification of shared areas of interest between European & African markets
  • Surpassed trimester targets of 25,000 USD in contracts with multiple industries

Project Management Officer
Markentosh Bose LLC

  • Assist and coordinate small and medium workstreams to prepare the organization of the 5th Edition of the event & support its implementation with high-level speakers
  • Evaluation, identification, and preparation of policy and topics of interest to co-develop position paper, official program, and dissemination


The University of Texas at Dallas

BA International Relations
Northeastern University


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Strategic Partnerships Resume with Writing Guide

Are you an aspiring strategic partner or writer with dreams of landing a job in the thriving and competitive world of strategy? Well, there’s no better place to get started than this! In today’s guide, we’re going to walk you through everything from polishing your resume and cover letter to crafting compelling interviews and identifying industry contacts. You’ll be confident in your abilities before you’ve even landed that first interview!

Strategic Partnerships Resume Writing Guide:

  1. Resume Basics

Resume basics include the basic requirements of an in-demand professional. These include extensive work experience and solid educational background. Just remember that these are the bare minimum required. To stand out from other applicants, you’ll need to invest in your professional development with advanced courses and certifications (more on this below).

  1. Cover Letter Basics

A cover letter is a personalized introduction that presents your core qualifications and gets you into the interview. It will often be the first time you meet with hiring managers. Make a good impression with this important opportunity!

  1. Career Briefing

Career briefing refers to the process of taking your background information and discussing it with hiring managers. It is a chance for you to focus on the experiences and skills you have that align with their needs. You can learn about different positions in the company without revealing all your information right away.

  1. Research

Your resume won’t be of any use to employers if they don’t have any information about you. Research includes a wide range of activities that may include research on the company itself, job postings, salary surveys, and community members who have worked at the company before.

  1. Connecting with Industry

Once you’ve honed your skills, it’s time to connect with industry professionals and the employers that are looking for strategic partnerships. There are a number of ways to do this – including community writing groups, forums like Craigslist, and networking at conferences.

  1. Developing a Platform

Career planning is the process of evaluating where your career is going and setting goals for yourself.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Strategic Partnerships Resume:

  1. Work with your Manager to determine your company’s requirements for a Strategic Partnerships Resume template.
  2. Complete the strategic partnership resume template to meet the Company’s needs.
  3. Edit and customize the resume to match your field of expertise and skills (see below).
  4. Typos, grammar errors, layout issues are all important mistakes that can affect an applicant’s chance of getting hired for a role in IT / Information Technology management positions. If you have no experience in business you will not be considered for a strategic partnerships job.
  5. Sort out the work history mistakes in your IT resume (e.g., present tense, present perfect tense, past tense, or past perfect tense) .
  6. Re-write and revise your resume and cover letter as necessary before submitting it to the hiring manager in order to increase the chance of being contacted for an interview

Top 15 Must-have Strategic Partnerships Skills:

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Strategic Marketing
  3. Solution-Oriented
  4. Market Research
  5. Strategic Planning
  6. Business Plan
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. Strategic Management
  9. Strategic Business Acumen
  10. Forecasting
  11. Decision Making
  12. Negotiation
  13. Prioritization
  14. Team-Building
  15. Leadership

Tips to write a Strategic Partnerships Resume Summary:

  1. Use a real-life example of an investment you made to help grow a business.
  2. Include your educational background and professional development experience.
  3. Make sure you use powerful action verbs in your resume summary statement to show how you contribute to your organization.
  4. Use the right length of cover letter—about one to three paragraphs.
  5. Be just short enough to be read before the decision is made.
  6. Be concise and clear, telling the reader what you will do for them if they hire you.
  7. Biggest mistake: Don’t use a cover letter that is too long–the point should be in the first paragraph; otherwise, it will just be ignored.
  8. Make sure to format your resume correctly in order to attract attention from employers and recruiters.
  9. Look at other resumes for inspiration (but don’t copy!).

How to write a Strategic Partnerships Resume with No experience:

  1. Focus on your communication and information-giving skills. Include the statements: “I am enthusiastic and focused” or “I am thorough.”
  2. Be specific. List skills that are transferable to the company you are applying for. Don’t just say, for example, “I work well with others.” Tell employers about specific situations where you led a team by responding quickly to change.
  3. Make sure your resume contains a cover letter. A cover letter can be a summary of the key points in your resume and expand on why you are qualified for the position you are seeking.
  4. Choose the right words to convey your skills, abilities, and experience by providing descriptive details about the impact you made while at each job.
  5. Just because you don’t have years of experience doesn’t mean you can’t provide something of great value to an employer. Look for ways that you can still add value to an organization, and include those items in your resume.
  6. Know your audience. When writing your resume, target organizations and industries that are most appropriate for you based on the skills and experience you have. Also think about what direction careers are moving, and make sure to include any information you think will be helpful to prospective employers.
  7. When writing a strategic partnerships resume, make sure it is positive and personal by focusing on your successes and accomplishments.

How to write a Strategic Partnerships Cover Letter:

A cover letter is a marketing device for your candidacy once you are an employer. It is not merely a letter of introduction to the person hiring you. A cover letter is your sales document, and the purpose of it should be to impress the reader enough that he or she is going to read your resume and interview you.

What is a cover letter?
A cover letter is a letter that accompanies your resume. It is usually used in response to a job posting or when you are applying for an internship.

Writing a cover letter can be intimidating for some people because they feel they do not have the skills to write well enough or do not know what makes a good cover letter. However, with just the basic tips and some practice, you can master this art form and become excellent at it. Your introductory letter should be short and to the point. Do not go overboard with details; leave plenty of room for specific experience or relevant professional skills. This is another area where you would do a little research on the company that you are applying to and its history before writing your letter. It will help you know what company values the most and what type of person they prefer to hire.

Considerations when writing a cover letter:

Before you start writing, check out different websites on how to write resumes and cover letters. Try to learn the basics of writing resume that will definitely benefit you more, so you will not put a lot of time and effort in vain.

While writing the cover letter, make sure it is not too long and does not take up too much of your space. You do not want to lose sight of what it is you are trying to accomplish at this point. Try to keep your cover letter short and straight to the point because more often than not, hiring managers will skim through it while looking over other applicants’ applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • When writing a Strategic Partnerships Resume, write the perfect resume and get noticed with these tips
  • Use this guide on Strategic Partnerships Resume writing to showcase your skills and experience in a way that will get you noticed.
  • Remember that even though a flawless resume is essential, drive and determination are imperative for landing the job you want
  • Understand how, when, why, and where to make updates to your Strategic Partnerships Resume