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James Marsh

Technical Odoo Developer


I am a Technical Odoo Developer who has 1 year and 6 months of experience in the Human Resources Management System project using the Odoo Framework. Have knowledge of Python Programming (Odoo), Business Analysis, HR Management, Payroll Management, and HR System Consultants

Work Experience

Technical Odoo Developer

James Integration Solutions


Job Position in here is Lead of Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS & Payroll Systems.

Whats project implementation in Client?

  • Jame Nusantara (Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS + Mobile Apps Integration)
  • PT. Ravs Multi Solusindo (Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS + CRM)
  • RS. / Hospital Hasna Medika (Technical Odoo Developer and Functional Implementor for HRMS + Payroll + Grading Systems)
  • PT. Syndra Technology (Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS + Payroll Systems)
  • RS. / Hospital Idiao (Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS + Payroll + Grading Systems)
  • PT. Krialen Rakateknik (Technical Odoo Developer for HRMS + Expense + Payroll Systems)

Laboratory Assistant

University of Gunadarma

Jan 2019

Job Description :

  • Lecture Module Field Programmable Gate Array (VHDL, Verilog).
  • Lecture Module Basic Computer Network (Cisco, Windows Server, WSN).
  • Lecture Module Advanced Computer Network (Linux, Mikrotik).
  • Lecture Module Mobile Computing Software (Android Studio, Java, XML).


Computer System

San Jose State University

Oct 2018

Diploma In Computer Science

Northeastern University

May 2016


Implementation Human Resources Management System & Development

Technical Odoo Developer and Functional Implementor

Jul 2019


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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