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Eric Edward

Technical Program Manager


A seasoned Program manager with over 12 plus years of experience in the Retail, Distribution, Communication, Healthcare and Banking industries, managing various aspects of business operations, product development, and client relations for EMENA, APAC and NA regions. Proven self-starter with the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and demonstrated ability to learn new concepts quickly and complete multiple and diverse assignments with the highest quality and accuracy,solid interpersonal communication skills superior written communication skills, and unquestioned ability to handle highly confidential material.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Agile and Lean methodologies
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Team Management
  • Microsoft Tools
  • Headcount analysis & Production planning and control
  • Resource & Capacity Management
  • Performance management & analysis on capacity utilization/utilization management
  • Attrition Management
  • Transition management
  • Client Management
  • Program Management
  • Talent Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Process Improvement
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Management Support
  • Performance Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Project Management
  • JIRA and ServiceNow

Work Experience

Program Manager – Operations |Delivery



  • Led and managed the transition of 5 large-scale projects from different clients, involving over 200 resources and spanning across multiple locations and time zones.
  • Created and maintained the transition knowledge base, including project plans, risk registers, issue logs, status reports, and lessons learned.

  • Executed the transition timeline, resource allocation and budget, ensuring that the projects were delivered on time, within scope and budget.

  • Coordinated and controlled the implementation of the transition tracks/areas, such as process mapping, training, testing, and go-live.

  • Prepared and executed parallel run and ramp-up plans, ensuring smooth handover and stabilization of the services.

  • Maintained client relationships and pro-actively interacted with client stakeholders on all transition-related activities, ensuring timely and accurate updates.
  • Supported the Transition Manager in providing inputs for periodic reports and MIS for the respective tracks/areas, summarizing the progress, risks, issues, and achievements.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring their needs and expectations are met throughout the program lifecycle.

Key achievements:

  • Delivered a flagship product that increased customer satisfaction by 25% and generated over $10 million in revenue in the first 6 months of launch.
  • Reduced project costs by 15% and improved efficiency by 20% by implementing a new project management tool and process.

Program Manager | SOLUTIONS | DELIVERY


May 2023

  • Supported the Transition Manager in planning and executing the transition of 3 medium-sized projects from different clients, involving over 100 resources and spanning across multiple locations.
  •  Assisted in creating and updating the transition knowledge base, such as project plans, risk registers, issue logs, status reports, and lessons learned.
  • Monitored and tracked the transition timeline, resource allocation and budget, reporting any deviations or issues to the Transition Manager.
  • Collaborated and coordinated with the transition teams and stakeholders, such as process owners, trainers, testers, and service managers.
  • Participated and contributed to the transition implementation activities, such as process mapping, training, testing, and go-live.
  • Followed and adhered to the transition methodology across all dimensions and processes, ensuring quality and consistency. Identified and suggested areas of process improvement and new business. opportunities during the transitions, providing feedback and recommendations

Key achievements:

  • Launched a new feature that enhanced user experience and increased conversion rate by 10%.
  • Achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating and a 90% on-time delivery rate for all projects.

Assistant Delivery Manager



  • Analyzed operational processes and workflows, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Conducted time and motion studies to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training manuals to ensure consistent and efficient execution of tasks.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement process improvements, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Monitored and evaluated key performance indicators (KPIs), providing insights to drive decision-making and continuous improvement.
  • The Resource Deployment Manager coordinates interviews and selection processes for new hires.



Northeastern University

Apr 2002


Arizona State University

Jun 2005


HR & RM Tool Implementation

Program Manager


  • Demonstrated proficiency in using Project Management Tools such as Trello and Atlassian Jira to plan execute and monitor complex Projects involving multiple stakeholders and resources.
  • Monitored and reported on the performance, utilization, and availability of resources across projects and programs, using data analysis and visualization tools
  • Contributed to the development and improvement of resource management processes, policies, and standards within the organization

My Staffing Advisor Tool

Program Manager

Dec 2016

My Staffing Advisor (MySA) is a cognitive application facilitating project based staffing. The application is an extension of IBM Professional Marketplace. The application is currently available to GBS (Consulting) and Security employees. It is available in both a web browser version you can access from any computer or a mobile app which you can take with you anywhere.


Program Manager

Dec 2021


  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • German

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  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
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Exploring the Role of a Technical Program Manager

As the technology landscape continues to advance, the role of a Technical Program Manager has become increasingly vital in organizations worldwide. This position requires a unique blend of technical prowess and managerial finesse to navigate complex projects successfully. In this article, we will delve into the multifaceted responsibilities, job requirements, and essential skills that define the role of a Technical Program Manager.

What Does It Take to Be a Technical Program Manager?

Stepping into the shoes of a Technical Program Manager involves meeting a set of stringent requirements and gaining diverse experiences. Let’s explore the prerequisites needed to embrace this role:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, showcasing a solid foundation in the technical domain.
  • Extensive experience in project or program management, demonstrating a track record of successfully leading complex technical initiatives.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills, honed through practical experiences and possibly complemented by relevant certifications.
  • Proficiency in project management tools and methodologies, ensuring effective planning, execution, and delivery of projects.
  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, crucial for navigating challenges and making informed decisions in dynamic environments.
  • Adaptability to rapidly evolving technologies and industry trends, staying ahead in the fast-paced tech landscape.

Obtaining additional certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) can significantly enhance your profile in the competitive job market.

Responsibilities of a Technical Program Manager

The role of a Technical Program Manager is a mosaic of diverse responsibilities, combining technical expertise with strategic vision. Let’s unravel the core duties that define this role:

  • Leading and managing complex technical projects, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and timelines.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, fostering communication and synergy among different departments.
  • Developing project plans, outlining tasks, timelines, and resource requirements for successful project execution.
  • Mitigating risks and resolving issues promptly, ensuring projects stay on track and meet predefined objectives.
  • Providing strategic direction, aligning projects with the overall organizational strategy for sustained success.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, safeguarding the integrity and security of project outcomes.
  • Mentoring and guiding team members, fostering a collaborative and innovative work culture.

Each responsibility brings its own set of challenges and learning opportunities, contributing to your growth as a Technical Program Manager.

Crafting a Compelling Technical Program Manager CV

Your CV is a pivotal tool in showcasing your skills and experiences as a Technical Program Manager. Here are some tips to create a CV that stands out in the competitive job market:

  • Highlight your leadership experiences, emphasizing successful project outcomes and team achievements.
  • Detail specific projects you have managed, showcasing your ability to navigate challenges and deliver results.
  • Quantify your achievements with metrics, providing tangible evidence of your impact on project success.
  • List relevant certifications and training, demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
  • Customize your CV for each application, aligning it with the specific requirements of the role.

Your CV is not just a document; it is a narrative of your journey as a Technical Program Manager, showcasing your ability to lead, innovate, and deliver results.

Technical Program Manager CV Summary Examples

Your CV summary is the opening statement of your professional story, setting the tone for what follows. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • “Results-driven Technical Program Manager with over a decade of experience, adept at leading cross-functional teams and delivering complex projects on time and within budget.”
  • “Strategic and visionary Technical Program Manager with a proven track record in driving innovation and achieving organizational objectives through effective project management.”
  • “Experienced Technical Program Manager with expertise in agile methodologies, known for successfully navigating challenges and ensuring the seamless delivery of technical projects.”

Your CV summary is your opportunity to make a strong first impression, conveying your unique value as a Technical Program Manager.

Building Your Experience Section as a Technical Program Manager

The experience section of your CV is the core narrative of your professional journey. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • “Led a cross-functional team in the implementation of a critical software upgrade, resulting in a 15% improvement in system efficiency.”
  • “Managed a portfolio of complex technical projects, consistently delivering on time and exceeding client expectations.”
  • “Introduced agile methodologies, leading to a 30% reduction in project delivery time and increased team collaboration.”

Each experience is a chapter in your career story, highlighting your contributions, challenges overcome, and successes achieved as a Technical Program Manager.

Education Section for Your Technical Program Manager CV

Your educational background is the foundation upon which your career stands. Showcase your academic milestones in your CV:

  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering, XYZ University, 2017.
  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, ABC University, 2014.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, Project Management Institute, 2018.

Each educational qualification is a stepping stone, underscoring your commitment to excellence in your Technical Program Manager role.

Essential Skills for a Technical Program Manager

Your skill set is your arsenal, equipped with tools developed over the years. Here are the essential skills for a successful Technical Program Manager:

Soft Skills:

  1. Leadership and team management, guiding teams to success.
  2. Effective communication, conveying ideas and building strong relationships.
  3. Strategic thinking, making informed decisions for project success.
  4. Problem-solving abilities, finding solutions in challenging situations.
  5. Adaptability, navigating changing scenarios in the dynamic tech landscape.

Hard Skills:

  1. Proficiency in project management tools, ensuring effective planning and execution.
  2. Knowledge of agile methodologies, driving efficiency in project delivery.
  3. Technical expertise in relevant domains, providing insights for successful project outcomes.
  4. Risk management, mitigating challenges and ensuring project success.
  5. Strategic planning, aligning projects with organizational objectives for sustained success.

Each skill is a tool, contributing to your effectiveness as a Technical Program Manager.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Technical Program Manager CV

Avoiding common pitfalls in your CV is essential for making a strong impression. Here are the mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Avoid a generic approach; tailor your CV for each application to highlight your fit for the specific role.
  • Go beyond listing duties; showcase your achievements and the impact you’ve had on projects.
  • Don’t neglect the importance of a cover letter; use it as an opportunity to connect personally with potential employers.
  • Balance technical language; ensure your CV remains accessible to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Thoroughly proofread your CV to maintain a polished and professional image.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you craft a compelling CV that truly reflects your capabilities as a Technical Program Manager.

Key Takeaways for Your Technical Program Manager CV

As we conclude this comprehensive guide, remember these key points for crafting an effective Technical Program Manager CV:

  • Highlight your leadership journey, emphasizing successful project outcomes and team achievements.
  • Showcase your technical proficiency, detailing your ability to navigate challenges and deliver results.
  • Describe the strategic initiatives you’ve led, painting a picture of your visionary approach to program management.
  • Include a section on continuous learning, demonstrating your commitment through relevant certifications and courses.

Finally, feel free to utilize resources like AI Resume Builder, Resume Design, Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Resume Skills, Resume Help, Resume Synonyms, and Job Responsibilities to create a standout application and prepare for the Technical Program Manager job interview.

Armed with these insights and tips, you are now ready to craft a CV that is a true reflection of your journey, your skills, and your aspirations. Remember, your CV is not just a document; it is a canvas where you paint your career story, a story of growth, learning, and successful program management. Best of luck!