Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume

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Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume Example

Transfer Pricing Consultant


Enthusiastic Consultant eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of research and analysis and training in finance and accounting field. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in a management consulting industry.


Work Experience 

Transfer Pricing Associate

  • Performs and drafts economic analyses that includes the necessary financial information by applying basic accounting principles, financial/transactional data concepts, and standard data sources.
  • Prepares client research, meeting agendas and key discussion topic for client interviews.
  • Prepares basic transfer pricing documentation based on relevant economic and accounting principles and their interplay with Transfer Pricing rules.
  • Researched latest market trends to provide current knowledge to clients.]
  • Resolved any issues and problems arising during project execution.
  • Developed strategic component development plans to support future projects.

Business Services Intern
Allen & Overy

  • Collected, arranged and input information into database system.
  • Handle vendor invoices and request for payment.
  • Assist with archiving and storage management.
  • Improving administrative processes.
  • Completing special projects as needed and other duties assigned.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
The University of Texas at Dallas

  • Graduated First Class with Honours
  • Graduated in Top 10% of Class
  • Received Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Partake in Accounting society in University.

Associate Degree in Business Administration
Columbia University

  • Graduated with a 3.96 GPA.
  • Awarded with Academic Excellence Scholarship.


  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Chines

Career Expert Tips:

  • Always make sure you choose the perfect resume format to suit your professional experience.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a resume in a way that highlights your competencies.
  • Check the expert curated popular good CV and resume examples

Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume with Writing Guide

Hello, would you like to learn how to write the perfect Transfer Pricing Consultant resume? Check out this article! We have a step-by-step guide for resumes and cover letters tailored just for you, as well as tips from industry professionals that will help highlight your skills and experience in a way that will get you noticed.

What is a Transfer Pricing Consultant?

A Transfer Pricing Consultant recommends the prices of products and services that are traded between associated enterprises. A large part of any consulting firm’s business comes from the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries. Although external forces such as government regulation can have adverse effects in the long run, many experts feel that the transfer pricing market is still in its infancy, with a lot of room for growth.

Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume with Writing Guide:

  1. Name your resume file “Name Resume.doc” to help you remember the name of the document.
  2. Use Word’s resume template and create a visually appealing page that highlights relevant skills and experience.
  3. Include your most important skills, achievements and awards to catch employers’ attention.
  4. Use action verbs to illustrate how you improved the company and made a difference, e.g “Streamlined operations”, “Quadrupled total assets”
  5. In a separate paragraph, mention additional skills that are important or relevant but were not listed above.
  6. Note that not everyone gets to finish their resume, because it is very common for companies to cut short when choosing their candidates. You should make sure that you have covered all your bases.
  7. Make sure it is “flowing” and interesting, without too many empty spaces or gaps, e.g., white space.
  8. If applicable, note the number of years of experience you have in your field and if you are a recent graduate or not
  9. Visualize yourself working in the company you are applying to.
  10. Note that it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of resumes, so you will need to demonstrate something special about yourself and show what makes you unique.
  11. You can include additional contact information at the end of your resume if desired, e.g., phone number/email address or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume:

  1. Expertise in Transfer Pricing including applying benchmarking techniques to pricing-based agreements, including pricing models and pricing methodologies.
  2. Expertise in one or more of the following areas, including experience in one or more of the following:
    a. Developing transfer pricing models for multinational organizations with operations worldwide;
    b. Analysis of key transaction costs applicable to the particular industry, jurisdiction, or other factors;
  3. Demonstrated proficiency with transfer pricing applications.
  4. Expertise in applying transfer pricing methodologies for global organizations including multiple jurisdictions.
  5. Demonstrated expertise in negotiation of Transfer Pricing Agreements with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax administration authorities.
  6. Extensive experience in transfer pricing audits, including the coordination of audits involving multiple jurisdictions, as well as coordination with internal audit and audit committee auditors’ work; and/or
  7. Extensive experience in developing and implementing internal controls over related party transactions and ensuring compliance with tax regulatory authorities.

Top 10 Must-have Transfer Pricing Consultant Skills:

  1. Manage Cost and Pricing.
  2. Develop Metrics.
  3. Calculate Credits or Debits to the Income Statement
  4. Create financial statements in SI units/country of operation
  5. Define the Payment Terms
  6. Calculate Durable Operating Costs
  7. Set up Derivative Pricing Study
  8. Prepare numerous types of quote templates
  9. Plan and Implement a Global Tax Strategy
  10. Review internal methodologies

Tips to write a Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume Summary:

  1. Customize your resume for every job application
  2. Do not limit yourself to a single format
  3. Include a cover letter with your resume rather than an objective
  4. Make sure relevant skills, knowledge, and experience are highlighted on the first page of your resume
  5. Delete irrelevant and unrelated information from the resume: delete the entire section if necessary
  6. Be careful how you format information on your resume; choose vertical formatting to create a compact, readable document (see sample template below)
  7. State the value you bring to a company instead of a job description
  8. Do not include salary requirements
  9. Use action words and avoid words like “responsible for” or “duties included”
  10. Proofread your resume before you send it out
  11. Use a few, strong examples of achievements in every section
  12. Use active verbs and avoid time-specific pronouns like “this,” “that,” “these,” etc.

How to write a Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume with No experience:

  1. Every transfer pricing practitioner should have a resume. A Transfer Pricing Consultant Resume is a professional resume, perhaps for the first time ever. It should be your introduction to employers and clients. As such, it must be custom designed to be effective in the transfer pricing world. Below are some helpful tips:
  2. Each section of your resume should speak to a specific skill or experience you have [e.g. auditing, tax, or consulting experience]. Each section should be written as if it is a paragraph. For instance, if you worked at an auditing firm, you would write the title of your section like “Audits.” [e.g. “Consulted with an international accounting firm on the assessment of a multinational’s transaction with its U.S.-based subsidiary.”]. You can use the “skill” header to underline each skill that you can use in the body of your resume.
  3. Keep Your Paragraphs Long
    Creating a “balance” between your skills sections and the personal section of your resume is important. You want to give the employer a clear sense of who you are and what you can contribute when they view your resume. A good rule of thumb, once you have listed all the skills that you have gained during your career in transfer pricing, is to make each skill about one paragraph each (i.e., six paragraphs instead of four).
  4. Do Not List Too Many Hobbies
    You may want to include various hobbies that you have in the job section, but avoid including any hobbies or interests in the skill section. If you list a hobby that relates to transfer pricing, then employers will ask why you are interested in transfer pricing and will assume that you are curious. Instead, list hobbies or interests that relate to more general skills such as “computer skills,” “writing,” “speaking,” “socializing,” or others.

How to write a Transfer Pricing Consultant Cover Letter:

  1. Introduce yourself in the proper business form
  2. Offer a brief summary of your career history [include highlights]
  3. With employer’s permission (read: please confirm!), include accomplishments from your last position
  4. Provide 5 to 10 more recent accomplishments that are directly related to your transfer pricing/international consulting experience [new responsibilities, new clients, etc.]
  5. Invite questions; be prepared with insights and thoughts for any ethical issues or questions that employers may have about the practice of transfer pricing
  6. In conclusion, explain how your transfer pricing/international consulting experience fits with your transfer pricing/international consulting education, skills and experience
  7. Close with a nice touch

Key Takeaways:

  • Could be considered the most important element in an IT consultant resume.
  • The best way to demonstrate your transfer pricing experience and expertise is through concise and well-written narrative references.
  • Your references have to be experts in your field, but not so much on transfer pricing.
  • Your references should be able to verify that you are experienced in the methodologies and methodologies of transfer pricing and its associated methods.
  • If your references are not experts in transfer pricing, then only include them with the term “associate” or “transfer consultant”.
  • Your purpose is described very clearly as either transfer pricing or IT consulting within the resume.